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Can the car diagnostic tool detect mileage correction?

Does the car diagnostic tool detect mileage correction?

If you research the term – “car diagnostic tool” you may be confused by the number of options available and their names. If you have come across such names as a car scanner tool, OBD2 scanner, and many others you will know that they all describe the same tool. Probably you have heard the suggestion […]

German auto parts and country-of-origin effect (COE)

German auto parts

What comes in mind when you think of Germany? You may recall many associations related to this amazing country but the most prominent are “German autos” and “German auto parts”. It is well known for producing exceptional automobiles with extraordinary life expectancy, performance, and comfort. Car parts from Germany may sometimes cost more but the […]

Why do car makers exaggerate performance stats?

Test Car's performance

Despite the growth of ethical concerns, plethora of companies still try to deceive their customers in terms of the product/service they offer to them. Car manufacturers are not exclusion to such unethical behavior. They do claim that they want to be sustainable, but their actions don’t always comply with this statement. Do we have to […]

Pros and Cons of Mileage Correction

Mileage Correction Pros and Cons

Mileage Correction has many names such as: Trip Odometer – Mileage Stopper – Odometer Correction Tool – Odometer stopper – Can Blocker – Odometer Rollback – Odometer Adjustment – Odometer Blocker – Speedometer Calibration tool. Even though the installation and handling processes may differ significantly, they all serve the same purpose. Why do people desire […]

Does Mileage truly reflect the condition of the vehicle?

Does mileage matter? If you have ever considered selling your used car, you will be aware that the mileage of your vehicle considerably affects its cost. It is a widespread belief that before you purchase a second hand car, you have to always check the distance covered. Such behavior is understandable as mileage in most […]

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