Exceeding annual mileage on car insurance

Exceeding annual mileage on car insurance

The annual mileage exceeded on your car insurance?

Sometimes circumstances change and this can mean, among other things, that you drive more or less often. You may have moved and your workplace is around the corner. It may also be that the complete opposite is the case: you have to commute now because the new job is further away from home.

If the annual number of kilometres has been exceeded, then an additional payment can follow with the KFZ insurance.

In the case of car insurance, indicate the annual mileage

When you take out car insurance, you usually have to state the expected annual mileage. This can be 15,000 kilometres per year or 60,000 kilometres.

Normally, the car insurance company does not ask for the number of kilometres driven every year. It becomes difficult when the stated kilometres are exceeded. You may have to make an additional payment.

If you have an accident or more kilometres on the speedometer than stated, it can be particularly expensive. A complete annual premium from the KFZ insurance threatens here as punishment.

What is the reason for this? The following applies to car insurance: The more kilometres you cover, the higher the risk of being involved in an accident. If the number of kilometres has been exceeded, the premium may well increase.

Annual mileage exceeded – what now?

In any case, cheating is not a good solution if the number of kilometres has been exceeded. Quite a few drivers are tempted to reduce their motor vehicle insurance premiums by giving false information. But at the latest after an accident everything can be exposed.

When checking, you can see the actual mileage on the speedometer and the insurer can terminate a dishonest customer in case of hardship.

If you have actually misjudged yourself, the insurance company will understand. One must give only prompt notice. If the number of kilometres changes by 15 percent, you should note your mileage.

Contact your car insurance company by e-mail or call them and indicate the new mileage. You will then receive a letter in which your car insurance company has calculated the new premium for you.

It may also be useful to take stock of the situation in the middle of the year. In a tariff check, check how many kilometres there are on the speedometer. Estimate how many more kilometres could be added.

If you discover that you will already be driving considerably more or less kilometres, it is worth informing your motor vehicle insurance company now.

Car leasing exceeded mileage

In leasing, too, exceeding the mileage is a major issue. Most leasing contracts are concluded on a kilometer basis. The leasing rate is based on the number of kilometres driven.

It can happen that the planned number of kilometres has been exceeded. In this case, the lessee demands financial compensation as the depreciation of the vehicle increases.

However, there is also a certain goodwill here. Almost all lessors usually grant 2,500 kilometres more. If you suspect in advance that you will exceed the agreed number of kilometres, you should seek advice from the dealer.

Manipulation the odometer is not an option. Its forbidden by law and can get you in prision for several years.

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