FERRARI 488 Pista | ODOMETER STOP FILTER – correction – KM Change Adjustment scuderia monza

Ferrarie F8 Tributo 2019

stop a odometer in a FERRARI 488 Pista scuderia with a mileage freezer by superkilometerfilter.

Ferrari Mileage Correction Odometer Adjust

Suitable for: Ferrari 488 GTB – Ferrari 488 Spider – Ferrari 488 Pista – Ferrari 488 Pista Spider genau so auf für den 812 Superfast – 812 GTS – F8 Tributo – F8 Spider – GTC4Lusso – GTC4Lusso T – Portofino – Monza

Ferrari Mileage Correction – Gearbox or TCU mileage must be carried out on all Ferraries models from 2005. The TCU stores miles covered in each gear and must be adjusted to reflect Odometer mileage. If the Mileage are stopped with the device from superkilometerfilter then you don’t need anything like that (Adjust the TCU, Gearbox, Engine control unit and so on) This device simply allows all of the memories to be stopped. The most important argument for this Mileage Freezer is that you can install this device from by yourself and can it remove at any time easily and quickly.

This is the best Odometer Correction Tool FERRARI you drive your Ferrarie it doesn’t count new kilometers/miles and when you enter to the memories with a diagnostic tester you will see the same value like on instrument cluster display.

Cluster Odometer Correction GTC4Lusso – Portofino – Monza – F8 Tributo

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    • Michael says:

      We are the largest specialists in this industry worldwide. We have no tests especially for the Ferrari. Our products are flawless and work perfectly. They either need the module, buy it and trust us. Or unfortunately you have to do without it.

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