How many miles per year is too much?

Excess mileage

Have you ever wondered how many miles is too much? It is always necessary to compare your driving habits with other people. As in some cases, the mileage will portray the condition of the car. However, sometimes it can be a number that solely influences the price of your automobile.

Does the mileage matter?

If you have ever considered buying a second-hand car you will know that mileage is crucial criterion that reflects the car’s condition. Similarly, a plethora of Insurance companies will charge you premium if the distance travelled exceeds certain limits.

On the other hand, this approach neglects the other influential factors that play major role in car’s preservation. For instance, driving habits, the condition of the road system, the number of accidents, and many other factors will influence the life expectancy of your car.

This doesn’t mean that the mileage is not an important criterion, but sometimes it is just a mere number if all the other factors are kept on the optimal levels. The life span information that manufacturers provide in mileage is usually based on the longevity of car’s components. Therefore, if you take care of your automobile appropriately, the distance travelled will not represent its health.

What factors influence the mileage of the car?

If you look at the average mileage statistics around the world, you will notice that this data differs significantly sometimes even within the countries. Several underlying factors that affect the mileage of our automobile. Such factors are location, age, gender, income level, lifestyle, cultural traits, etc.

First and foremost, the location affects significantly the mileage of the car. Nowadays, there are a plethora of people who prefer to live in the countryside or suburbs. Hence, they have to cover a higher distance on a daily basis in order to get to the destination either for work, for amusement, or for any other purposes.

Based on the Federal Highway Administration of the US the age and the gender significantly influence the mileage of the automobile (Table 1). This can be caused by several underlying factors that we have already mentioned above. For instance, the level of income and the lifestyle are highly correlated with these factors and influence the mileage of the car considerably.

AgeMaleFemaleTotal (per year)
16- 198,2066,8737,624 Miles (12,270 Km)
20 – 3417,97612,00415,098 Miles (24,300 Km)
35 – 5418,85811,46415,291 Miles (24,608 Km)
55 – 6415,8597,78011,972 Miles (19,267 Km)
65 +10,3044,7857,646 Miles (12,305 Km)
Average16,55010,14213,476 Miles (21,688 Km)
Table 1

Last but not least, cultural traits significantly influence driving habits. This is noticeable in those countries that promote different means of transportation to preserve nature and to help their inhabitants develop healthy habits.

How many miles is too much?

As we have already mentioned the mileage is significantly affected by multiple factors. Therefore, these stats will be significantly different for various countries. Whether it is solely the area, the driving habits, or any other factors, it is always good to know the limits before you exceed them.

The average mileage of a car per year is 12,400 Miles (20,000 Km) around the world. This estimate is calculated as an average of the stats from all the countries. The range is somewhere between 10,000 – 15,000 Miles with several exceptions around the world.

This data is significantly different in the US as the average distance travelled per year is 15,000 miles (24,000 Km). This is affected by the location, area of the country, lifestyle, income level, and some other factors that put US at the top of the list.

Everything above these limits is usually considered to be too much in terms of mileage. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep mileage bellow 15,000 Miles to be on the safe side in case you consider selling your automobile. Even though it is solely one criterion and doesn’t represent the overall condition of the car, many people mistakenly consider it to be a pivotal factor.

How to avoid high mileage before it is too late?

When it comes to mileage, being proactive always pays off. If you ever had to sell a car, you will know that people believe in these seemingly unnecessary numbers. Therefore, it is always good to take certain measures and avoid being in this circumstance next time. There are several suggestions that you have to take into consideration: estimate your monthly limit and follow it, calibrate speedometer to make it relevant in case of changing tire sizes, and consider moving on to the different locations.

The goal of average mileage that you will set per month will depend on different factors, but you can calculate it easily. By taking into consideration the reported lifespan of your automobile stated by the manufacturer (in miles) and all the other factors that we have already discussed, you can make noticeable savings. You can estimate the monthly goal to avoid paying premium for the insurance and sell your car later.

Changing Tire size significantly affects the mileage and displays the distorted data, which is not even close to reality. Therefore, there are multiple options that you can consider in order to compensate for the modifications that you have made. However, it is highly advisable that every action you take is in line with the law.

Moving to a different location might seem an obvious but unrealistic solution. However, it can lessen the expenses significantly. Average American spends around 4,633 $ per year solely for gasoline. Moreover, insurance prices and maintenance costs are noticeably high for cars that cover huge distances. Moving close to the place where you work or just visit on a daily basis will save you a lot of money.

Does your car perform well for its mileage?

We have mentioned several times that the mileage doesn’t always represent the condition of the automobile. But than what is the best way to check its true performance?

The answer to this question is very simple. There are various ways to check the performance of your car and compare statistics with those stated by the manufacturer. However, what if I tell you that you can check the performance on your own without counting unnecessary miles. Superkilometerfilter offers a wide variety of mileage stopper tools that are plug-and-play modules and require less than half hour to be install. Similarly, you can operate it with simple key combinations while in motion and test the performance of your automobile at your preferred location.


As we have already discussed, the range that your mileage falls in will depend on multiple factors. However, the data that we provided shows average statistics that you can use in order to make sure that your car doesn’t exceed these margins.

The mileage doesn’t really reflect the condition of the car and in most cases, there are several other factors that one has to take into consideration while accessing the longevity of the automobile. To make sure that your vehicle is in good health, you can always test your car and get the results that will truly represent its condition. The Mileage Stopper tool will help you to test your car without counting unnecessary miles. It is a handy device that you can keep for later usage, in case if you need to test your automobile again.

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