How to avoid Mileage Stopper fraud

How to avoid fraudulent Mileage Stopper tool websites

The Mileage stopper fraud became quite common as many websites try to sell faulty products. They use the most unethical methods to sell their product. Especially in case of using a market leader’s brand name to promote their product. Such behavior is unacceptable for our team and we hope you will take into consideration our advice that will guide you to buy only from trustworthy companies. is a victim of such unethical behavior. There are those who try to use our brand name for the promotional purposes of their product. We are always responsible for our product quality and would like to warn you not to be deceived by the unethical behavior of these brands.

Why Mileage Stopper fraud websites are so common?

To avoid research and development (R&D) expenses

First things first, you cannot develop a high-quality product without appropriate research. Superkilometerfilter made a thorough research in order to create a premium-quality product we offer right now. We strive to constantly improve the product and check each piece before shipment.

Copying someone else’s product without their permission is unethical and still doesn’t guarantee the quality of the original product. They may take our module and try to copy it. However, only we possess the knowledge of creating a premium quality product that R&D brought us.

It is faster to copy someone else’s product

Creating unique products requires not only expenses but time as well. Unfortunately, some companies try to avoid painful waiting process and prefer copying the product from market leaders. Even though this might be a painless process, it is unethical and will not lead to premium-quality products. The shortest way is not always the right way.

To acquire the power of a popular brand name

Branding is an essential component of every company as it determines the recognition and recall of the power of the brand. Superkilometerfilter is the market leader as we create unique mileage stopper modules that are far superior than its fraudulent competitors. Unfortunately, many companies tend to use our name and branding to promote their fraudulent products.

To use the advantage of the Country of Origin (COO) effect

It is a well-known fact that Germany is well-known for producing high-quality products. While China creates a low-cost, but low-quality product that is usually a duplicate of another product. This seemingly stereotypical perception is known as Country of Origin Effect (COO). Our competitors come from around the world and use our brand name as it is associated with Germany. We produce Odometer Stopper modules in Germany, in a country that is the leader in the car industry. Using our brand name allows them to increase credibility not only because of the brand name but also because of COO effect.

Get advertising resources for free

Having a successful business that sells online requires resources that can be used for marketing purposes or simply for product representation. To have the images and videos that will represent the product well it is essential to have at least the photographer and the designer. To avoid such trouble our competitors tend to steal our resources without referencing the source and claim to be Superkilometerfilter. They use our images of mileage stopper modules for fraud.

Overcome the lack of experience in the field

Fraudulent companies tend to copy others as they lack the experience to create the product on their own. At the initial stage of development, such companies usually don’t mind which field they choose unless they make a profit. This indicates how untrustworthy they might be in such cases. They are willing to find a programmer that will copy our mileage stopper at least to some extent and they sell this fraudulent product with our name later.

To use the expertise of market leaders without any effort

Last but not least, fraudulent companies tend to copy those who are the best in the field. It’s kind of a compliment. They know that they will not be able to create as good products as the original one. Hence, they choose the best product in the market in order to copy at least some features of that device. Our Odometer Stopper tool is well-known for its high quality and excellent performance. That’s why they tend to copy us not someone else.

Our Mileage Stopper module goes through several stages of testing in order to make sure that it will meet your expectations. Hence, buying from such fraudulent websites will not give the same quality Mileage stopper tool as ours.

How to avoid fraudulent websites

Don’t buy the product from the untrustworthy website

Creating a website became the easiest task to accomplish for any company. Hence, it is vital to differentiate trustworthy and fraudulent websites from each other. Many websites sell the mileage stopper modules, but whether they sell genuine product or they are typical fraud websites is another question.

As we have already mentioned there are many websites that claim to sell Superkilometerfilter products. However, it is vital to avoid any website that is not the exact match to Though, we have official distributors around the world that you can purchase the mileage correction module from. Make sure to ask them for the proof that will prove their relationship with our company.

Avoid fraud websites advertising with our name

Even though search engines show millions of results for each search term, it is vital to know that 60% of website visits go to the first 3 three results most of the time. This indicates the role of Google Ads that can display the results in the first place despite the quality of your website. Using the brand name of a competitor to rank high is unethical and misleading for the customers as well.

There are those websites that sell entirely different goods that are not related to our odometer stoppers at all. However, you will meet their advertisements on google displayed with our brand name. Hence, make sure to check the website name appropriately when you search in google for Superkilometerfilter. They also provide the videos and images of our devices that can mislead customers in thinking that they are purchasing our product. Our team is working to deal with this issue ASAP and before that try to avoid purchasing our Mileage Stopper modules from our website and from our retailers.

Contact us to check the credibility of the retailer

If you are not sure whether you are dealing with an official distributor or not, contact us and will respond to you as soon as possible. Make sure to indicate the name of the company and their website so that we can check their credibility.


The main takeaway is that you have to be always aware of the websites that you are visiting and make sure to warn all of your friends who intend to purchase our product. Take into consideration that we are only responsible for the quality of the Mileage Stoppers that you purchase from our website. Mileage Stopper fraud is common nowadays and make sure to avoid them by all means.

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