Does Mileage truly reflect the condition of the vehicle?

Does mileage matter? If you have ever considered selling your used car, you will be aware that the mileage of your vehicle considerably affects its cost. It is a widespread belief that before you purchase a second hand car, you have to always check the distance covered. Such behavior is understandable as mileage in most cases truly reflects the condition of the vehicle. However, it can be sometimes misleading as there is no direct correlation between these two elements before exceeding certain threshold in terms of distance covered.

What about those who take good care of the vehicle?

This mayseem unfair for those of you who have taken good care of your vehicle, but arestill affected by such perception. If you are one of those individuals whoconsiders their vehicle to be a family member of a best friend you might havedifferent opinion on this issue.

Takinggood care of the vehicle truly means a lot and is the most crucial element thataffects the condition of your car. There are influential factors such as:surface condition of the roads that you use, annual maintenance check, carhandling habits and so on. Besides mileage they also affect the condition ofthe vehicle.

Why does this perception exist?

Since1908, when one of the first vehicle (Model T) was introduced for the massproduction, car industry has seen major developments. The mileage truly was themajor determinant of the car’s condition as the lifespan of the previousvehicles was comparably less than they are nowadays. Maximum lifespan of thevehicle used to be around 60,000 miles (100,000 Km). However, it hassignificantly increased because of multiple researches for the enhancement ofeach part. Nowadays, the average lifespan in terms of mileage is 220,000 miles(350,000 Km).

Eventhough the mileage is perceived to be the direct synonym to lifespan, we don’thave to forget that these numbers are just estimates and there are multiplefactors that contribute to the overall lifecycle of the vehicle. Majorimprovements in terms of production allow having a car as a long-term companionwithout having further thoughts related to mileage.

Correlationof mileage with other factors

As we havealready mentioned, there is a bond among the mileage and all the other factors.It is not the distance that solely determines whether a car is in a goodcondition or not, but all the factors taken into consideration simultaneously.

If you areone of those individuals who considers buying a second hand vehicle in theforeseeable future, you have to be aware that all above mentioned criteriaaffect the car’s performance. Consider taking into consideration the conditionof road surface and make assumptions about the possible habits of the ownerthat might affect the car’s condition.

Mileagedoesn’t directly affect the lifespan of the vehicle it just describes itspossible condition.It gives approximateestimate of the usage of the car. Hence, despite certain exceptions thedistance traveled will reflect possible condition of the vehicle and is vitalto be taken into consideration.

Urgencyof taking care of car’s mileage

Is itpossible to limit driving time to keep your car’s mileage at reasonablenumbers? Theoretically this goal is quite achievable. However, if we take intoconsideration that there are around billion cars around the world, recently causingworsened traffic jams, it seems quite unachievable goal. Especially if you areone of those individuals who has to go to different city to work on a dailybasis, you will have hard time to control the mileage of your vehicle.

However, If you take care of your vehicle appropriately you might have the feeling of unfairness, as the mileage will be just a mere number that will not reflect the condition of your car. Hence, it is vital to take care of this seemingly useless number ASAP. There are plethora of options that will help to solve the issue and it is time to consider the most convenient options before the problem gets irreversible. 

Do wereally have to care about the mileage of our vehicle?

The short answer is yes certainly. Whether it is truly or not the actual determinant in terms of car’s condition will stay as a question of debate for a long time. Though, it is clear that whilst selling your vehicle, the price will be determined by this number.

Moreover,insurance companies perceive it as a highly important criterion. Having a carthat is not insured is running an unnecessary risk.

Toreiterate, there are two sides of the coin when we consider the role of thecar’s mileage. However, it is not worth a risk to neglect this criterionentirely as there are those who will consider this factor while making purchasedecision of your vehicle.

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