Mercedes mileage freezer blocker now Speedindicator works!!!!

mercedes mileage correction

New and only available from us! The Mercedes Tacho Stopper now with working speed indicator! 🎉🎉🎉

All available with us Mercedes kilometer filter with working speed indicator are now available in the shop. The option to buy a module without or with speedometer is shown in the categories light and visible. Take now for example a W205 module and go to the product description. Above the buy button is a box where the desired option can be selected.

The best alternative to the speedometer adjustment is the Can Filter / Can Blocker / Tacho Filter, which suppresses the count of the odometer as desired. As soon as they deactivate the kilometer blocker, the car sees it as invisible, as if it were not installed at all. You can even use a diagnostic tester to read the electric ignition without any error messages. The kilometer blocker is undetectable even after being removed from a vehicle. The car, while the stopper is active, thinks that it is stationary and does not drive, as the controllers are thus suppressed.

Our speedometer filters for the Mercedes are plugged with a high quality original plug and play connection between the instrument cluster and the control unit cable, which is connected to the speedometer. AND FINALLY WE HAVE DEVELOPED A MODULE FOR THE MERCEDES WHAT WORKS AND EVEN LETS THE ACTUAL SPEED !!! 🎉🎉🎉

now and only from us! SPEEDINDICATOR WORKS!!

Through many fiddles and experiments, we have developed and programmed a module, which finally showed us the speed. Thus, we are the only and the first to offer and sell the Mercedes Tacho Stopper with working speed indicator. Thanks to the great supply and demand, the business is also doing very well.

But this is not just the only advantage. All vehicle safety systems, assistance systems, distance measuring systems and cruise control, as well as all the functions of the vehicle continue to function without any problems thanks to our excellent hardware quality, precise assembly work and final acceptance.

Fast and easy installation

thanks to our installation videos is also given. No elaborate speedometer adjustment is required, such as removing the light control module, the airbag control unit, the central control unit, the engine control unit, the service memory, the ABS control unit, and the gearbox control unit. You can save on our Plug & Play modules, unlike other manufacturers.

The existing kilometers are not deleted after installation, everything is as before. The mileage stopper is only there to suppress the counts. No error messages in the speedometer or infotainment system. Just as after the expansion of the Can Filter. The connectors and connectors with which the speedometer filter is provided are very robust and durable. Activation is very simple and straightforward via steering wheel buttons and without multifunction steering wheel via shift lever.

Our modules for the following models with working speed indicator:

⚪️ Mercedes C Klasse W204 2007 – 2015

⚫️ Mercedes E Klasse W212 2009 – 2016

⚪️ Mercedes CLS Klasse W218 2011 – 2018

⚫️ Mercedes A Klasse W176

⚪️ Mercedes B Klasse W246 

⚫️ Mercedes CLA Klasse C117

⚪️ Mercedes GLA Klasse X156

⚫️ Mercedes GL Klasse W166

⚪️ Mercedes GLE Klasse X166

⚫️ Mercedes ML Klasse W166

⚪️ Mercedes G Klasse W463 from 2013 on these models with working speed indicator

⚫️ Mercedes C W205 V205 S205 C205 A205

⚪️ Mercedes V W447

⚫️ Mercedes S W222 C217 A217

⚪️ Mercedes GLC W253

⚫️ Mercedes GT/GTS C190/R190

23 thoughts on “Mercedes mileage freezer blocker now Speedindicator works!!!!

    • Superkilometer says:

      Hello no that saves the setting! Once you activate it, it remains activated forever until you turn it off.

  1. Jermaine says:

    Hello I would just like to find out if you have a mileage blocker for the new shape glc 69 plate with the new style steering wheel ??

  2. carlim says:

    hi ,

    after driving with the mileage blocker like 20 thousand km and i remove the blocker does it stays in the same km as when blocked it or does it goes 20 thousand km more ?

  3. Sid says:

    Link for Mercedes Glc coupe 2017 please with speedo working. You state above it’s plug and play do you have a installation video? Thanks

  4. Ali Topko says:

    Can you send me a link to km stops for my Mercedes C250 d vintage 2016 frame number WDD2053081F394908.

    Thank you.

  5. Michael says:

    Hi I have just installed your mileage blocker on Mercedes x class 2019.
    When I activate the blocker my speed indicator says I am doing 30 mph but I am actually doing 40-42 mph.
    Can you tell me what’s the problem

    Many Thanks

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