Speedometer adjustment and mileage odometer correction

tachojustierung tachojustage mit superkilometerfiltern

Speedometer adjustment and mileage odometer correction – everything you need to know

The odometer shows around 30,000 kilometers, although the used scale is already 10 years old. It may be that you have tracked down a car that hasn’t driven too much or that speedometer adjustment or mileage odometer correction has been involved.

Speedometer adjustment and mileage odometer correction

It’s hard to prove that the odometer was turned and fraudsters have an easy game here. It is estimated that in 30 percent of all used cars the speedometer was adjusted to make more profit on sale.

But adjusting the speedometer does not mean fraud.

Speedometer adjustment is sometimes necessary to correct the value of the odometer.

Problems with tachometer adjustment

Strictly speaking, speedometer adjustment means that the speedometer, i.e. the measuring device for the speed, is corrected or reset on a car.

In general usage, the term tacho adjustment or tacho adjustment means that the odometer is adjusted.

As a rule, you turn the odometer to a lower value, but this is prohibited by law in Germany.

It is therefore worth checking the odometer carefully.

Under these conditions speedometer adjustment is necessary.

Usually a speedo adjustment is necessary when a new tyre size is to be fitted. This means in detail that a speedo adjustment must be carried out when larger or smaller tyres than before are fitted to the car.

This deviation must be taken into consideration so that the speed is displayed correctly and the calculated distance is correct. Under these circumstances a speedo adjustment is also in the legal sense in order.

It can also happen that the odometer has to be reset. If, for example, you have to replace the instrument cluster with the odometer in your car due to a defect, the speedometer adjustment is legitimate.

After the repair, the car should still display the same speedometer reading as before. In this case a speedo adjustment is also permitted.

Is the speedometer adjustment always manipulation?

In fact, there are several cases where speedometer adjustment is necessary and can be done legally. Illegal speedometer adjustment only occurs when the odometer is deliberately turned down so that the used car can be sold at a higher price.

One should be aware that even the preparations for an illegal speedometer adjustment can be punished. You can expect a prison sentence of up to one year if you adjust the speedometer illegally.

If you actually sell a car of which you know exactly that the mileage has been turned down, you even have to expect a prison sentence of up to five years.

How does speedometer adjustment work?

On older models, the speedometer can be adjusted by turning the odometer back mechanically. With the newer models, the speedometer now works digitally and is thus corrected electronically by tacho programming.

The costs for the speedometer adjustment depend on the respective model. Specialist workshops have special speedo adjustment devices, as do fraudsters. The possession and the purchase of such a device are exempt from punishment. If you want to make a legal speedo adjustment, you can inform yourself about the costs at a specialist workshop.

When adjusting the speedometer, make sure that distances are stored several times for safety reasons: If only one data record is changed, the car will display an error message. Therefore, it is important to have a speedometer adjustment carried out properly.

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