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Why is a mileage freezer – odometer freezer better than a odometer adjustment / mileage correction at BMW?


All BMWs have a lot of storage where the mileage is recorded. It starts with the ABS control module, speedometer, CAS, FEM, BDC, key, engine control module, light control module and so on. If you want to change the mileage correction (roll back digital odometer) in the BMW vehicle from construction year 2008, you have […]

Interior Trim Removal BMW G30 G11 G12 Cluster mileage Stop Speedometer

BMW G30 How to Remove Re-Install Interior Trim

How to removal BMW G30 G31 5 Series Interior Trim and removal Cluster. G30/G31 Multifunctional Instrument Panel Retrofit  This video shows you how the speedometer, Interior Trim and Air Vent is remove at BMW G30 G11 G12 series and a stop KM freezers – mileage freezer is installed. digital speedo BMW 6wb Dash. Digital Cluster. bmw dash. The good thing about this can blocker is […]

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