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Pros and Cons of Mileage Correction

Mileage Correction Pros and Cons

Mileage Correction has many names such as: Trip Odometer – Mileage Stopper – Odometer Correction Tool – Odometer stopper – Can Blocker – Odometer Rollback – Odometer Adjustment – Odometer Blocker – Speedometer Calibration tool. Even though the installation and handling processes may differ significantly, they all serve the same purpose. Why do people desire […]

How a mileage freezer works it isn’t a Mileage correction

mileage stopper, mileage freezer, mileage correction, Stop KM Freezer

mileage freezer for Audi virtual cockpit Speedometer Cluster. You do not need a kilometer/ mileage correction just install a Stop KM Freezer. You drive the car but the instrument cluster/and all other controllers don´t count new kilometers/miles when you enter all controllers in the Car with diagnostic tester you will see the same value like […]

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