Why Superkilometerfilter?

Original plug connections

So simply plug and play – no China cables / plugs but original plugs that fit 100%, thus guaranteeing a simple installation that every layperson can carry out independently. Almost every vehicle has a specific installation video.

Fair price, because directly from the manufacturer

In view of the high-quality workmanship, the original plug connections and the sophisticated software, we have a fair price because we are direct producers and not resellers.

Premium quality

Because we only use original plug connections, our product is the highest quality on the market. It starts with the plugs and continues through the wiring harness. No thin cables, but extra cables that have been developed and approved for the vehicle sector


Since our product is a technical product, we have WhatsApp / telephone and Skype support for our customers. So we are always available and help our customers with all possible questions about the product or installation

100% Made in Germany

All devices sold by SuperKilometerFilter are developed and assembled in Germany. So we have a lot of different software types that allow you to control these mileage blockers in different ways. The device also have different functions. However, other providers cannot offer this. In addition, our device are manufactured to the highest standards, making us a premium product in this segment

Installation video

There is an installation video for each product / vehicle

We have more than 50 installation instructions on our YouTube channel, in easy-to-understand and implementable video format. These instructions describe in detail how to not only connect the module, but also how to prepare the vehicle for it

The largest selection of manufacturers and models

Visit our homepage and you will see that superkilometerfilters are the most powerful manufacturers on the market. SuperKilometerFilter has developed many mileage blocker for vehicles from Asia, Europe and America and is continuously developing new solutions

Discover the wide variety of products that we can offer our customers through our own production and development.

Knowledge know how

Due to the years of experience of our programmers and the understanding of the CanBus and FlexRay system, all products are continuously developed and tested.

we try to perfect our products every day.

Our products are subject to constant optimization.

Own and individual programming

we program and develop the software for the modules ourselves. Each software is adapted to the specific vehicle and everything is technically exhausted.

Multiple modes

We have programmed several modes for many vehicles so that the customer can decide for himself how he wants to use the module.

EXPRESS shipping worldwide

We send all orders via UPS Express or DHL every day from Monday to Friday

No error messages 

If the module is active there are no error messages in the speedometer

Free shipping from € 500

Every order that exceeds an amount of € 500 will be sent free of charge

Super attractive offers for resellers

In other words “buy only the original from number 1”


High quality hardware and software, so no nasty surprises.

High quality hardware and software, so no bad surprises

Only buy from the number 1 Made in Germany