What is Mileage Blocker?

What is Mileage Blocker?

What is Mileage Blocker?

A mileage blocker is a tool that allows you to stop counting up miles/kilometers while in motion. This module is useful if you would like to stop counting unnecessary mileage while testing your car.

Differences among Mileage correction tools

As you may have seen, there are multiple modules which serve the same purpose – Mileage Correction. To explain the explicit meaning of mileage stopper tools it is vital to know the differences among all mileage correction tools that are available for sale.

To start with, the purpose of the module is the main difference. There are multiple speedometer calibration and odometer rollback tools that are meant for changing the mileage indicators displayed on the speedometer. They have multiple names such as: Odometer Correction Tool, Speedometer Correction Tool, Mileage Correction Tool, Speedometer rollback device, etc. However, they all deal solely with the displayed digits and are easily traceable.

The Mileage blocker Tools communicate with Can-Bus System. Therefore, it can also be called: Mileage stopper, Odometer Stopper, Kilometer Stopper, Can Filter, Stop Km, Km Freeze, or Speed Blocker. The purpose of this module is to stop recording mileage from the memory of the vehicle entirely.

What makes Mileage Stopper special?

Even though all the modules under this category serve the same purpose, Mileage stoppers offer much better options and are used for more ethical purposes. There are multiple factors that you have to be aware of. However, be aware that not all the providers offer these features and it is vital to buy a premium quality mileage blocker.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) installation

When we think of the Mileage Correction Modules, we imagine an exhausting visit to the technician. This might be true in case of most of the tools that are available for sale. However, Mileage Blocker Tools come with Do-it-yourself installation instruction and is easy to install.

The tool from SuperKilometerFilter is OEM original Plug-and-play connector. It simply has to be plugged in between the speedometer the cable that was previously attached there. This will allow you to use all the functions without any interference.

Premium quality plug-and-play plugin

As for all the other products that we purchase on a daily basis, the quality of Mileage Stopper that you purchase is vital if you wish to have all the functions that are necessary for its functioning. There are multiple providers who claim to provide premium quality but cannot meet the expectations. There are many providers from china who failed to copy the full functionality of original products.

Superkilometerfilter provides premium quality products from Germany. Each product is tested before shipping hence the chances of any unavoidable malfunctioning is close to 0.

Diagnostic testers cannot discover Mileage that was stopped by the Mileage blocker

Most of the odometer correction modules focus on erasing the digits displayed on the speedometer but fail to remove this data from the memory of the vehicle.

On the other hand, mileage stopper tools focus on removing the data entirely. As we have already mentioned, they are meant for testing the performance of the vehicle. Hence, it would be pointless it the data was simply removed from the displayed mileage. It doesn’t matter which diagnostic tester will be used to check the mileage of the vehicle, there will not be any data displayed that was stopped by the owned during the testing process.

No soldering or Cutting of cables required

If you have a new automobile most likely you will not be willing to cut the cables in order to correct the odometer. All the correction tools, but mileage stoppers, require soldering the cables. Hence, irreversible damage to the cables can be easily traced.

The Odometer blockers on the other hand don’t require cutting the cables and you can revert everything to their initial conditions after you don’t require mileage stopper anymore. It is a useful gadget that can always come handy as you can test the performance of the vehicle frequently with the increase of the mileage and make sure your car works flawlessly.

Has multiple modes to choose from

Odometer Rollback services usually have to be repeated after some time as it doesn’t give you many options. Similarly, if you find it difficult to visit technicians you may find this process quite exhausting.

Mileage Blockers operate in a different way. You will have the option to choose among different modes based on your personal preferences. For instance, depending on the maker and model of your vehicle, you may have options to count only 10%, 20%, or don’t count mileage at all. The last option is quite useful to test your car as it will not add unnecessary mileage. The buyers perceive the mileage as the most influential factor while buying a second-hand car.

Those who face issues with tire sizes will find the other modes quite useful. Even slightest changes in the tire size will affect the mileage significantly as the car calculates the distance traveled based on the original size of the tire. To compensate these differences, you can set the appropriate mode (10%, 20%, or other modes) that will help to avoid distorted data on the vehicle.

Easy to operate with several key combinations

As you have already seen Odometer Blocker has multiple modes and you may wonder how you have to change among these modes. This is much simpler than you can imagine as solely key combinations will help you to change from mode to mode. The keys will differ based on the maker of the car. Therefore, you have to check the specific description of your car in order to know the specific key combinations that you need.

You can turn on and off the module while in motion

Another important differentiating factor is that with your mileage filter you can change between modes while in motion. A key combination can be applied while your automobile is stationary or in motion and you can set the specific mode that you require during that specific time. When activated, the module will display the notice and you will always know what percent of the distance is recorded.

After removing the module, the mileage doesn’t increase spontaneously

This is the main problem that usually takes place when you use a low-quality module for odometer correction. When the module is installed the odometer will display the correct mileage. However, as soon as you remove the device the mileage will increase spontaneously.

This doesn’t apply to Mileage stopper from SuperKilometerFilter. Even when you remove the module, mileage will stay the same as it was with the activated tool. This is crucial as all your effort would be pointless if the mileage was returning to its initial stage.

The module will save your settings unconditionally

The Mileage Blocker modules give customers good experience. Therefore, the handling process is super easy and convenient. The vehicle always saves the last applied setting. Hence, even after starting your car next time, there will be the same mode activated as it was during the previous journey. You will not have to do anything ever unless you need to change the mode of the odometer blocker device.

Speedometer and all the other assistance systems work flawlessly

Last but not least, the mileage blocker module doesn’t affect the other assistance systems. Most of the tools affect the general display of the speedometer and create unfavorable situations.

The Mileage stopper modules usually don’t cause such difficulties as all the assistance systems work flawlessly whether the device is activated or not. However, there are some exceptions as well. Certain models still cause problems with the speedometer and other assistance systems even with the premium quality modules. To make sure that you will not face such consequences check the description of the product that you intend to buy and make sure that it satisfies your needs.

Which is the best Mileage Blocker?

 As you have already seen Mileage stoppers differ significantly from other types of products. However, it is important to know that there are multiple providers of these modules and not all of them offer the same performance.

If you would like to acquire the module with all the features that we have discussed above, it is vital to purchase the Tool from SuperKilometerFilter. There are multiple other providers that managed to mimic certain features of this mileage stopper. However, only SuperKilometerFilter provides Mileage blocker modules that give all these capabilities. This is the premium quality product at a reasonable price.

Caution: It is prohibited to use mileage stopper on public roads. Don’t use the tool for deceitful purposes as it is illegal. The main purpose of the module is to test the performance of your vehicle in a controlled environment. The Chassis Dynamometer or any other testing conditions will be appropriate for this module.


The article provided appropriate answers about the function and the characteristics of the mileage blocker. There is a plethora of modules that deal with odometer correction issues, but there are significant differences among these tools. The mileage Stopper Device offers the best performance and has many advantages that you have already read about above.

This tool will help you with any mileage issues that you might face whether it is related to testing or tire size differences. It doesn’t require too much effort and will enhance any vehicle depending on its age and condition.

Visit the shop to purchase this module for your vehicle. They are available for multiple models. However, if you don’t find your vehicle contact as we will let you know as soon as the device is available for your automobile.

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