Why do car makers exaggerate performance stats?

Test Car's performance

Despite the growth of ethical concerns, plethora ofcompanies still try to deceive their customers in terms of the product/servicethey offer to them. Car manufacturers are not exclusion to such unethicalbehavior. They do claim that they want to be sustainable, but their actionsdon’t always comply with this statement.

Do we have to care about performancecharacteristics?

The short answer will be yes, we definitely have to.Automobile manufacturers know the importance of these figures and that is whythey enhance not only the performance of their vehicles, but also thespecifications. It is vital to take these characteristics into account whilstmaking purchase decision, as they will significantly affect the safety, thebudget and the comfort of the owner.

But what if the brand of my vehicle is quitereliable one?

There is plethora of car brands, but there are those that stand out because of their consistent brilliance. However, even the giants of automobile manufacturing industry are often involved in such unethical behavior. Audi Bentley, BMW, Porsche and VW have recently admitted that their performance figures have been overstated significantly. Whether it is for the sake of favoring customers for insurance taxation or for boosting sales is a million-dollar question.

How do car manufacturers’ deceitful actionscome into light?

There are multiple causes that explain but not justify overstated car’s performance. Governments and regulation bodies always try to find discrepancies between the statements of these companies and the real-life performance of their vehicles. However, most of the time individual customers are the ones who are able to determine these inconsistencies. Governmental bodies try to take prompt actions on the basis of their complains. Such devices as Mileage Stoppers, Can Filters, Speedometer Calibration Tools allow individual customers to test their vehicle without affecting its mileage.

What factors do automobile manufacturers overstate?

Fuel consumption figures

Certainly,for some people having high-performance vehicle is kind of the hobby and they favorthe engine size rather than the economy. However, in most of the developedcountries vehicle is not perceived as a symbol of authority anymore and peopleseek to buy the vehicle that will simply be used as a means of transportation.

Some researches state that economy figures are exaggeratedby up to 120% in certain cases. It’s not runner-up companies who are involvedin these deceitful actions, but car industry giants as well. Audi, Bentley,Porsche and VW are those companies who have admitted that fuel consumptionfigures, which they provided, were overstated.

Carbon emissions

Environmental concerns are always in the center of attention as earth is facing serious dangers from the behavior of humanity. Non-profit International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) conducted a research that pinpoints that automobile producers’ figures about carbon emission are understated by about 25% (before it was 10%). Similarly, BMW was fined because of 30% discrepancy in their numbers.


It is said that money cannot buy health. Neither economy norengine size will trigger people to buy a car if their safety will be at stake. Carmanufacturers use this perception to overstate their vehicle’s safety in orderto gain deceiving competitive advantage.

WeRide.ai and Pony.ai are two Chinese startups that were convictedfor overstating the safety of their fully autopiloted vehicles. They intendedto offer fully automatized taxi services, but government bodies made sure tocheck extensively their claims in terms of safety. The results weresignificantly different from those stated by these companies.

Engine size

If you are one of those individuals who admires speed youwill understand why this criterion is crucial. Some early adopters are alwayseager to pre-order their favorite vehicle. However, they are sometimes disappointedas the performance doesn’t meet their expectations.

Why Automobile producers overstate?

Because of harsh competition

Nowadays, it became almost impossible to differentiate yourproduct because of harsh competition. Even comparatively new brands such asTesla offer cars that perform much better than Volkswagen. To survive in such environment,it is essential to differentiate your product by all means. However, the thresholdin terms of development is getting closer and some companies don’t have any otheroption than lying. Car manufacturers are inclined to overstate the performanceof their vehicle to trigger the customers to make purchase decision. Eventhough such behavior can easily repel their customers in the long-run, theysometimes are eager to get short-term profits.  

To Favor Customers

You may be wandering how overstating such numbers can favorordinary customers. In some countries, taxation level depends on the enginesize, as it indicates the amount of fuel the vehicle consumes. In China forexample a car with 4001cc engine is going to be around 18% more expensive (interms of taxis) than one with 3999cc engine.

Automobile manufacturers sometimes understate these stats tomake vehicle less taxable. Whether it is to favor customers or to make thevehicle more likeable probably we will never know.

Because “time is money”

Previously car producers used to test their vehicles thoroughlybefore making them available for customers. Nowadays, efficiency is the mostimportant criterion that every company is trying to improve and time is animportant component of this factor. Despite noticeable improvements in testingdevices, time is still required to determine any faults that might appear afterfrequent usage of the vehicle.

How to check your car’s performance?

As the previous paragraphs suggest most of the customers areat a disadvantage as they will never know if their vehicles undesirable performanceis because of the usual depreciation or because of overstated stats.

Mileage stopper

The best way to check the truthfulness of your manufacturer and the state of the vehicle is to use the mileage stopper device. It can calibrate your speedometer and allow you test these characteristics without increasing mileage unnecessarily. This is a great opportunity to make sure that the automobile manufacturer you are loyal to, is truly as good as it seems to be.

Similarly, safety is not a factor that you can neglectsolely because of the claims of the producer. It would be unfavorable to check itssafety directly in the street and put yourself in danger. Hence, stoppingmileage can help you to check regularly the performance of the vehicle withsimple key combinations. Even the installation process is quite simple anddoesn’t require thorough understanding of car’s maintenance.

What about car checking service?

Car’s parts are interdependent components and their simultaneouscondition determines the vehicles overall well-being. Hence, just checking eachpart will not give the full understanding of your vehicle’s health. You willneed to take precautions and test your vehicle on your own. Car checkingfacilities do the great job in determining the condition of the parts but checkinggeneral condition in motion is equally important.

Is it worth to test the vehicle?

You can get the payment if you prove themwrong

All the car producers who have committed such unethicalbehavior had to pay reimbursement to the car holders who were affected by theiractions. Hence, checking your vehicle will give you the opportunity to get themoney back that you have spent because of this deceit.  

You will know whether your loyalty is truly worth it or not

Most of the car manufacturers make more profit from sellingparts rather than a vehicle on its own. Therefore, you will be able to avoidsuch extra expenses and change the preferences for the brand that you are loyalto.

Being proactive in terms of safety

Chevy Cobalt was one of the most notable examples of thesafety issues that a new vehicle might have. However, such scandals are onlyrevealed after multiple accidents that indicate to the faulty parts of thevehicle. If more people used to test their new car before starting to use it ona daily basis, such cases would not be as frequent as they are nowadays. It isalways advisable to test a new vehicle for any incontinencies with the statedcharacteristics before putting yourself and your relatives in danger.


Nowadays, car manufacturers are more eager to deceive their customers.  Harsh competition triggers them to act unethically out of necessity and exaggerate the specifications of their vehicles. However, to avoid any complications it is always desirable test your newly purchased vehicle. Mileage stopper device is a great option to be proactive and make sure that your vehicle performs as stated.

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