Why do some people sell a car with mileage discrepancy?

Odometer discrepancy

Selling a car with mileage discrepancy is a well-known method to get the premium price for an automobile. Even though such action might even lead to legal issues, some people are still willing to take a risk. When you know that all the other providers use the same trick to sell their automobiles, sometimes you don’t have another option than getting familiar with the odometer discrepancy.

Mileage discrepancy vs odometer discrepancy

Mileage vs an odometer

Before we describe the purpose of these terms, we must know what do an odometer and a mileage stand for. An odometer is a tool that is used for measuring the distance traveled by a vehicle. It might be either mechanical (consisting of cogs that turn based on the wheel rotation) or digital (uses a chip to measure and display the mileage). A mileage is simply the figure indicating the distance traveled.

Most of the automobiles also come with trip meter (trip odometer). It is used to measure the mileage between specific locations that you indicate. For instance, you can measure the actual distance between your house and your work using this function. Similarly, fill up the tank and count the distance to calculate mpg. Next time you fill up the tank check the amount of gasoline that you add to calculate mpg.

Is mileage discrepancy the same as odometer discrepancy?

Selling a car with mileage discrepancy might seem a thing of the past but it happens on a daily basis. The mileage discrepancy refers to misrepresenting the mileage of the automobile. The odometer discrepancy emphasizes the unreliability of the odometer tool. Although, in most cases, these two terms are used interchangeably.

Why do people care about mileage?

Would you buy a car if you knew that it is going to become useless after 1 year? Even if you got such car as a gift, it is doubtful if you could make good use of it. Car manufacturers use the mileage to portray the life expectancy of the car. Therefore, people always use mileage as the major factor while determining the remaining lifespan of the automobile.

Despite the controversial nature of mileage, people tend to trust these figures more than anything else. These digits gain even more credibility if the person in question is loyal to certain car manufacturer. However, if you are car geek you don’t have to care about an odometer discrepancy.

Is mileage truly important?

The short answer is No. The life expectancy of an automobile depends on multiple factors and mileage is not one of them. However, it does reflect the approximate condition of a car. Let’s take the example of car parts. They wear out after using it for a long period. Hence, the mileage does reflect to some extent how long they are going to last. Although, it doesn’t take into account other factors that affect the longevity of automobile components. Factors such as, the driving habits, road condition, location, etc.

The mileage indicates how many miles is an average person going to drive a car before it gets broken. However, it can be quite misleading as it doesn’t take into account all the other factors. Those who are aware of this issue prefer to sell a car with mileage discrepancy. Especially if they took good care of their “best buddy” and would like to express this trough mileage.

What causes an odometer discrepancy?

If you have noticed an odometer discrepancy you may wonder what can be the cause of it. You may be surprised to know that this term may refer to the condition that is not under your control. Here are the main causes of an odometer discrepancy.

Total mileage limit of the car

Have you noticed how many digits can be displayed on your mileage indicator? Sometimes the mileage discrepancy is caused because of the number of digits that can be displayed. For instance, most of the cars have five-digit (99,999) or six-digit (999,999) odometer. If you exceed this limit your car will not be able to count the mileage after reaching the limit.

If you are a victim of such unforeseen factors make sure to keep a record of approximate distance traveled. This is vital especially if you intend to sell a car later. The new owner will most likely be interested in this seemingly useless figures.

Usage of mileage correction tools

Probably the most common reason that you have heard about is using a speedometer calibration tool. Installing any of the available tools allows the owner to accomplish multiple tasks. Those who have above average mileage per month are more willing to use such tools. They sometimes don’t mind selling an automobile with mileage discrepancy. Especially if they are sure that their car is in much better condition than the cars with the same mileage.

However, take into account that using such tools for unethical purposes is forbidden. It might lead to serious charges depending on your country of residence. To make sure that you are on the safe side only use such modules in controlled environments. The odometer stopper tool has many other advantages as well and might come handy only if used for ethical purposes.

Be aware that using mileage correction tools to deceive others will count as odometer discrepancy.

Why do people use mileage correction tools?

Even though the name of this tool might seem self-explanatory for some of you, it can serve multiple purposes. The general correction tools are meant for dealing with the unpleasant digits displayed on the odometer. However, we will discuss the advantages of Mileage stopper Tools because of its unique features.

To test the performance of the vehicle

Not everyone is willing to use the mileage correction tool to sell a car with mileage discrepancy. Using a premium-quality mileage stopper tool will allow you to test the performance of your car without recording unnecessary mileage. You can also deal with the odometer discrepancy caused by worn out or different size tires.

Similarly, if you are more Do-it-Yourself person, probably you would like to test your car in the controlled environment. People find it essential to install mileage stopper tools in order to avoid recording extra mileage while accomplishing this task. However, you must only do so in a controlled environment.

To correct the misleading data on the odometer

Imagine how difficult selling a car with mileage discrepancy would be. Many people face such difficulties when they are not aware of the perceived value of mileage beforehand. Simply the unusual size of the tires might lead to a thousand extra miles per year. These people use the mileage Blocker to reduce the recorded mileage. For instance, if they are aware that their car records 20% more miles they use the tool to lessen it by the same amount.

To fight with stereotypical perception

Imagine the situation, you are selling a car and you notice that all the other cars have less mileage. Their owners will most likely have edge over you because of corrected mileage. In such situation, you might be triggered to do the same thing to sell your automobile at an appropriate price. Similarly, knowing how to make your car last longer can radically improve its life expectancy. However, the mileage indicator may show significantly different figures and mislead potential customers. To avoid such difficulties people find it essential to use such module once in a while.

As you may have guessed using the Mileage Stopper Tool for another purpose than testing is illegal in most countries. It is not advisable to sell a car with mileage discrepancy as it is unethical. Even though it might seem reasonable for most of the people, there are those who would use this module for unethical purposes. To avoid an odometer discrepancy allegation, you can also try to explain to the potential buyers truthfully what they have to know about your car. Even though you might not be the most reliable source in such case, it is still worth a try.

Is selling a car with mileage discrepancy legal?

In majority of countries, selling a car with mileage discrepancy is illegal. That is why most of the people tend to use mileage stopper tools as they are untraceable. This is a plug-and-play tool that cannot be traced even with the computer. It is widely used to keep mileage at a reasonable level. However, this is not the purpose of the tool and it doesn’t have to be used for such purposes. Use the module to check the overall well-being of your car. It will portray its true condition much better than the mileage does.

Is it possible to check the actual mileage?

There are many ways to check the actual mileage of the car. However, in some cases it is impossible to trace any correction. Some of these methods might be used by insurance companies as they rely on mileage figures to charge you premium. Here are the most reliable methods to determine an odometer discrepancy.

Check the full history of the car

Selling a car with a mileage discrepancy became quite common nowadays. Hence, it is vital to determine any flaws before buying a second-hand car. There are many websites that check the history of your automobile but the most popular is CarVertical. Simply enter the VIN code and you will get the information not only about the altered mileage but also about the previous crash damage, theft warning (when applicable), and outstanding finance.

This step might be the easiest but it is not a free service. You may find websites that offer such services for free but as you may have already guessed they will not be equally reliable.

Look at the car’s MOT certificate

MOT certificate can tell you if the automobile meets the minimum environmental and road safety standards. Similarly, the mileage is always recorded in MOT certificate. Hence, you can access it to check the reliability of the odometer figures. However, it doesn’t guarantee that an automobile is roadworthy.

Ask the owner to provide such documents and compare them year by year to look for abnormalities. Look for the reasons for unusual decrease in mileage for the specific year to make sure it was not rolled back. If you notice that the mileage became less compared to the previous year you can assume that it was definitely rolled back. If the owner can not/won’t provide MOT certificate, you can always check online using the registration number. This step will not apply to you only if the country of origin of the car doesn’t require such certificate.

Simply ask the questions

Even though it might seem controversial most of the car sellers will simply disclose all the information if asked properly. Ask them freely and you may find out that you can get all the information that you need. Similarly, if you are not dealing with an inborn liar you will notice if they cannot provide convincing responses.

If you are buying from a dealer check the paperwork. Make sure that no disclaimer allows them to deceive you. For instance, some dealers may state that the mileage is incorrect and if you don’t read the paperwork you may rely on misleading figures.

Check the service history

The service history provides information about any maintenance services provided for the car. It can give you a good understanding of how the previous owner was taking care of the automobile. Simultaneously, during such visits service centers keep the record of the mileage of the car. Hence, you can check the reliability based on the dates of service center visits.

The main drawback of this method is its reliability. This data can be easily falsified in order to deceive new buyers. To make sure that the data is reliable call the garages and ask them for the information that you require. 

Inspect the vehicle on your own

If you are a car enthusiast you would be aware of good indicators of high mileage. Even though the mileage doesn’t always reflect the condition of the car, it is sometimes noticeable on most of the parts of an automobile. Check the interior and the exterior of a car and look for wear and tear signs that appear only after excessive use of an automobile. For instance, the condition of the steering wheel, pedals, and switches will indicate the approximate age of the car. The same applies to car paint as the new painting can mean covered up flaws.

However, it is hard to make such assumptions as the life expectancy of each component will depend not only on mileage but also on maintenance and the brand of the car. Some makers are well known for their exceptional quality of the components and will most likely last much longer than any other parts of their competitors. Such observation can give you the information on how the previous owner was taking care of the car.

Have an explicit test drive

If you have such option you would be able to determine any unusual noises that can be caused by faulty parts. Similarly, some components simply depend on mileage and will be worn out if the car is overaged. If the owner is selling a car with mileage discrepancy most likely he would not care about the maintenance as well. Such action could expose an odometer discrepancy. Therefore, it would be pointless to make such adjustments if the data was recorded each time he took the automobile for maintenance.

The best would be to drive another car of the same model to make the comparison. This will allow you to determine if there are some unusual flaws.

As you have seen there are multiple methods to determine the true mileage of the car. However, all this hard work might even be in vain if the owner used the mileage stopper module. If an odometer discrepancy is caused by this tool it would be impossible to determine wrongful figures on the odometer. This is why we always advise our customers to avoid using our module for such purposes.


Selling a car with mileage discrepancy is quite common these days. You have to be cautious in order to avoid buying a car with an odometer discrepancy. There are many ways to determine whether the mileage of the car is misleading or not. However, some people tend to use the mileage stopper tool from Super Kilometer Filter to stop the mileage of their automobile to deceive others. The main function of this module is to use it for testing the performance of your “best buddy”. Using it for fraudulent purposes is unacceptable.

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