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December 13, 2021

Have you ever thought to change the look of your car? Do you hesitate whether the lowered suspension fits your car or not? Do you know what does the Mercedes air suspension calibration mean? Not sure how to use the Mercedes airmatic calibration tool? Is it safe to use it or not? You will get answers to these questions and detailed information about the suspension system below.

What is the Mercedes airmatic calibration tool?

I know it’s quite hard to decide whether it’s worth buying an airmatic level calibration tool or not. Generally, it’s the same for any object, which you have not yet tested and not sure if it works or not. But in case of the tool, it’s really worth purchasing, as it saves you a lot of money related to Mercedes air suspension calibration cost. Changing car level by using our tool avoids you visiting service centers, wasting time and money.

The calibration tool is designed specifically for Mercedes car models with an airmatic suspension system. It is easily operated with several buttons. The Mercedes air suspension calibration tool is simple to use for any car owner. If you are not familiar with the vehicle system, you don’t have to worry, no experience or knowledge is required. Plug and play module doesn’t require cutting or soldering any wires.

Compared to a typical steel-spring, the air suspension interacts with the Adaptive Damping System (ADS) and Dynamic Select drive modes. The tool works via OBD2 diagnostic port. For using the feature, you should simply plug in the module and forget about the boring installation process, visiting electricians, etc. Shortly, it avoids you a lot of problems related to wasting additional resources.

For using the Mercedes airmatic calibration tool you don’t have to cut or solder any wires. You should simply plug in the module at diagnosis. Activation takes only seconds! After attaching the tool at diagnosis, you can choose the desired mode by using the steering wheel or the combination of additional buttons. It takes only 10 seconds to switch from mode to mode.

3 modes of the Mercedes lowering tool

  1. Factory – By choosing the mode, car level goes back to factory settings;
  2. Low – The Low option gives you the possibility to lower your car with -32mm in the front and rear parts.
  3. Custom – By selecting this feature you can select preferable height upon your wish for the front and rear parts separately (Min -70mm; Max +40mm;)

Please note, you should close all doors and start engine, once the adjustment is finished.

Benefits of the airmatic level calibration tool

Advantages of Mercedes airmatic level calibration tool

There are a lot of car-owners, who think about changing the look of their vehicles. Since releasing the first Mercedes car in 1901, it had perfected a lot. Even though I’m pretty sure, you have thought about changing the look of your “best buddy” at least once. But making the decision can be tough. You don’t know whether the new look fits your car or not… Replacement of one simple detail requires visiting the service center, which requires a lot of time and money.

One of the most important benefits of the airmatic level calibration tool is that you can choose the car factory level easily. If you won’t like lowered suspension height on your car, you can re-calibrate it easily within a second!

By using our tool, you change the look of your car and even more, you get faster acceleration and quicker stops; less rollover risk; better aerodynamics, etc. It’s very hard to list all the benefits of the tool, but let me describe some of them below.

Better aerodynamics

It’s a well-known fact that there’s less air movement underneath the vehicle when the suspension is lowered. It creates a better outcome for wind drag on a car.

Lowering and increasing car level in one tool

You can use the tool not just for lowering, but also for increasing the height of your car. If you love spending vacations or holidays outside the city, in mountainous areas, and don’t have SUV, the tool helps you to solve the issue! You can increase the car level by using the tool in seconds. So, you save money for renting a SUV car and enjoy vacation with your “best buddy”.

Changing the look

The most noticeable change after using the tool is the look. Everyone agrees that lowered suspension cars are more attractive and attention-grabber. It’s very simple to change your car look by using the tool. If you like sport car models, but still don’t want to change your “best buddy” you must try the tool.

Improved responsiveness

In a lowered suspension car it is much easier to feel how the vehicle acts on a different surface of roads. Being closer to the ground increases responsiveness;

Faster acceleration and quicker stops

There are stiffer springs in lowered suspension vehicle, which means less weight transfer, hence when you hit the gas or brake, you get a faster response;

Higher safety, less rollover risk

It’s well-known that lowered suspension decreases the center of gravity and we get less rollover risk while cornering.

Useful for a person with disability

Lowered car makes it much comfortable to enter and exit; The tool is irreplaceable for a person with disabilities.

Less lean in corners

A lower center of gravity decreases the weight of the shift, which determines reduced lean of a vehicle;

Space issue

If you have a roof rack on the car and garage with a low ceiling, you certainly need the tool;

I know all the information might seem too overwhelming, but I’m sure you will find out much more benefits, after testing it on your car.

Mercedes air suspension calibration cost

Price of Mercedes air suspension calibration

I’m sure you are ready to make the order and can’t wait to test it on your car. Let me share additionally some good news about the tool. As we’ve already mentioned above, changing any detail on your car requests visiting service centers, booking the visit, finding appropriate mechanist, spending some money for the service, etc…

By purchasing the tool, you may forget about any Mercedes air suspension calibration costs. The only cost which you pay is for purchasing the tool. The plug and play module doesn’t need any additional payment for the installation. It is simply inserted on the diagnosis. Using the tool avoids extra costs related to visiting service centers, etc.


I guess you received answers to the above-mentioned questions. We’ve covered specifications of the lowering tool, its’ benefits, how to use it, what makes it unique, etc… Now you have a clearer view of the Mercedes air suspension calibration. I’m sure you’ll explore more benefits after using the tool on your vehicle. It’s so simple and useful. Buy and test it on your car!

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