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Iveco odometer correction tool and Mileage Blocker device – All about odometer tools

The Iveco odometer correction tool can be a desired device for many individuals. I guess you have come across many advertisements about the module. On the one hand, the tool offers an amazing option to reduce existing mileage data. However, on the other hand, the change can cause a lot of trouble.

There are many opinions about odometer devices. Choosing one device in a big variety can be confusing. In order to easily clarify which one to choose, it’s better to review all of them. Comparing the Iveco odometer rollback tool, and mileage blocker device helps you to make up your mind.

Iveco odometer correction tool – reliable or a short-term solution?

If you have ever searched for an Iveco mileage rollback tool on the market, you would come across a lot of devices with different names. Odometer is the part of a vehicle that gives us information about the total covered mileage. And the mileage data can be recognized as one of the most important details in a vehicle. The reason is that a more covered distance means more wear and tear. As a rule, auto manufacturers always provide data that states how many miles will your car last. Hence, higher mileage is associated with a shorter lifespan for a vehicle.

Due to the importance of the mileage data, there appeared many odometer devices. For instance, Iveco odometer adjustment module, Odometer Correction Tool, Speedometer Calibration device, Mileage Correction module, Mileage rollback device, etc. All in all, no matter the name, any correction tool is designed to change the mileage data. By using odometer adjustment devices, individuals can indicate desired numbers on the dashboard and artificially increase the value of a vehicle. However, adjusted mileage is easily traceable by a mechanic.

Hence, to summarize, by using correction tools, you can reduce indicated numbers on the odometer. However, compared to the Iveco mileage blocker, correction tools are easily detectable.

What does the Iveco odometer blocker do?

Reading the above-mentioned information can be disappointing for those individuals who wish to lower mileage numbers. Luckily, there is the Iveco odometer blocker, that doesn’t adjust existing data, but avoids you counting extra miles. The mileage blocker tool is designed specifically for tuning purposes. Hence, you can stop counting miles/km while in motion and testing vehicle performance. After finishing the testing process, you can switch off the module and the odometer continues working as usual.

Using the Iveco odometer stopper is legal, as it is created for tuning purposes. For that reason, the module can be activated only in a controlled area and not on public roads.

Iveco Odometer Adjustment vs Mileage Blocker

Since you already know what each device is capable of, it’s a good idea to compare them. Comparing the Iveco odometer correction tool to the mileage blocker device helps you to dive into more details, and have a clear picture of each device.

Legal to use

Compared to adjustment devices, the only ethical way to reduce mileage data is the Iveco odometer blocker. Since the mileage blocker tool is designed for testing and tuning purposes, it is totally legal to use. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the issue when using the mileage stopper tool.


The Iveco odometer rollback tool is easy to detect. Due to the fact that cars have multiple data storage units and roll back tools still fail to reverse the mileage altogether. Compared to adjustment tools, the Iveco mileage blocker is untraceable!

Easy to use

Using the mileage stopper device is simple for any individual. No matter whether you have knowledge of vehicle maintenance or not. You can easily install and use the module with several key combinations. But, we can’t say the same about the odometer correction tools, as they request cutting and soldering wires. The overall process takes a long time and might cause some errors.


All in all, no matter the quantity of Iveco mileage rollback tools, there is only one ethical and reliable way to avoid counting extra miles. Compared to adjustment devices, mileage blocker avoids headache and unpleasant situations caused by the change. With the help of an odometer stopper, you can simply stop counting miles/km while in motion and testing its performance. Hence, the odometer stopper device is unchangeable if you wish to be relaxed when using the tool.

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