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OBD II Code Reader: Main Features and Functionalities

OBD II code reader is a perfect tool for everyone who’s sick and tired of seeing the engine light for no apparent reason. It’s a device that will help you figure out what issues your vehicle has. You won’t have to play a guessing game – you’ll know for sure what’s wrong.

Moreover, a scan tool also has additional features that are quite handy in different situations. It eradicates the need to visit the professional every time you see a fault code.

Below you’ll learn what the OBD2 scan tool is, what its main features are, and how you can use it to achieve the best results.

What is an OBD?

OBD a.k.a. On-board Diagnostics is an in-built system in your car. It keeps an eye on the engine and other vital components of your vehicle. It stores information and displays any issues that occur. To put it simply, it’s what lights up those nagging codes on the dashboard.

Older vehicles used to have a basic OBD system, however, modern cars usually come with a newer OBD2. It’s an up-to-date edition that can detect and display the trouble codes more effectively. Plus, OBD2 allows you to plug in a specific scanner to diagnose existing faults with ease.

But the thing is – engine check light doesn’t give us the full information about the problem. It simply senses that something is wrong. If the issue seems to be serious enough, you’ll see a warning on the dashboard. However, you have to drive to the mechanic to really understand what the problem is.

Luckily, there’s an easier route as well – you can buy a car scanner tool and use it whenever needed.

What is the OBD2 scanner capable of?

An OBD2 scanner is a diagnostic module that can read trouble codes and other data that your car stores in the Engine Control Unit (ECU). It can access the internal computers of your vehicle and display information about existing faults. Specific features may vary depending on the model. However, even a basic car diagnostic scanner can read and erase error codes, track the performance of the engine in live mode, reset engine check lights, etc.  

Main features of the OBD2 scan tool

A diagnostic scanner is a useful tool as it’s equipped with essential features, such as reading and interpreting codes, erasing errors, monitoring the engine, and simplifying maintenance.

It can interpret error codes

A diagnostic scanner can easily read and interpret codes. It can give us full information about the faults in our cars. With its help, you’ll be able to diagnose the problem right away. This feature is particularly useful if the issues are minor. In that case, you get the chance to decide whether you need to visit the mechanic or not.

It’s an eraser that can reset codes

Even the most basic scan tool can reset error codes. It will help you remove unnecessary warnings with ease.

A car code scanner can monitor the engine

A code scanner can help you monitor the performance of the engine in live mode. It enables you to see how the motor operates and what issues it has.

It’s easy to use

The universal OBD2 scanner that you can purchase on the automotive market is quite easy to use. You certainly don’t need professional expertise to diagnose the issues. In fact, its whole purpose is to let ordinary car owners interpret the error codes themselves. Therefore, it’s a user-friendly module.

Moreover, modern code scanners are wireless i.e. you’ll be able to connect them to your vehicle via Bluetooth. That way, you’ll be able to modify, reset, or access the data directly from your smartphone.

This module simplifies the vehicle maintenance

A car scanner tool can simplify vehicle maintenance significantly. Trust me, the majority of drivers ignore the warnings just because they don’t want to go to the mechanic. By allowing you to diagnose the vehicle, it motivates you to take good care of your car. As a result, the auto parts will have a longer and happier life.

What are the additional uses for the car diagnostic scanner?

Apart from the abovementioned applications, an OBD2 scan tool can also be used along with the mileage blocker. But how are these two related?

You see, the mileage blocker is a module that you install between the ECU and the speedometer. As a result, it can delay the flow of information. This might confuse the computers in your vehicle. They might think that there’s some problem and trigger the engine check light.

The mileage blocker from SuperKilometerFilter doesn’t usually display error messages after activation. However, if it does trigger an engine check light, you can simply reset it with the scanner tool once. The error message won’t reappear in the future.

Final Takeaway

An OBD II code reader is certainly an effective and useful device. Not only does it read codes, but it can also erase them whenever needed. It can help you customize your vehicle or simply discover the issues in an efficient manner. It’s one of those products that don’t seem essential in the beginning but become a go-to in the end.

Don’t forget to buy the scan tool from the top supplier and leave a review once you try it out!

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