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  • Coose the lighting level of the screen
  • Select dark or night mode
  • WiFi button use for connecting screen mirroring
  • Bluetooth to connect Android or any other phone
  • See anything playing from the USB drive
  • Move easily to the next or previous songs

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The MMB Wireless Apple CarPlay Dongle Plus has a screen mirroring function, meaning you can cast videos from your app such as Youtube or TikTok from iOS or Android device. By using the module, you can dial in through the car stereo screen, open the navigation system and see it on the bigger screen, that is more comfortable than following it on the mobile phone screen.

Compared to MMB android box from joy auto, it gives you a wireless apple CarPlay functionality and not android os functionality. It is apple CarPlay with the functionality of screen mirroring and the ability to plug in a USB stick into the button of the device and play music and video files directly to your CarPlay screen as well.

Installation Videos


The plastic casing device is small and can easily fit in a center console or glove box. It comes only in gloss black color. On one side is the USB port used for accessing media files stored on USB drive. You can use it for charging your iPhone by connecting the USB to the lighting cable. On the other side is the USBC port used for attaching a 8 inch / 20 cm. USB C to USB A braided cable. You can connect the USB C to the CarPlay device and the USB A to the car stereo system USB port.

For using the tool, you should have a wired CarPlay system.


Once you connect the tool by using the USB cable to the wired CarPlay system, you will see the notification “Configuring the system” on the screen. After several seconds you will see the User Agreement on the screen to browse and agree. After accepting the agreement, you will see a warning notification, not to watch videos while driving for the safety.

Settings menu / Interface

Dimming function
Through this function you can choose the lighting level of the screen. You can select dark or night mode upon your wish.

On the upper right corner of the screen is located WiFi button, used for connecting screen mirroring

In case you want to connect Android or any other phone, you can do it through Bluetooth connectivity.

Media player panel
You will see anything playing from the USB drive here at the media player panel. You can easily move to the next or previous songs by clicking the rows accordingly.

Connecting iOS mobile phone to the CarPlay Dongle Plus

CarPlay – Using the functionality of the devise can be done through the CarPlay button. For using the functionality, you should pair your mobile phone via Bluetooth to the smart device. Don’t forget to allow syncing for Bluetooth contacts.

It takes about 35 seconds to back up the device and see the previously opened window on the screen.

Wireless Screen Mirroring – For Wireless mirroring you will need to connect to the phone’s hotspot to itself. You should turn on the hotspot on the mobile phone and select it on the screen of networks. You should enter your mobile phones’ password for the confirmation. After this you should select Screen Mirroring on your mobile phone. After this you will see your mobile phones’ screen on the stereo system screen.

For the full screen you should rotate mobile phone.

Connecting USB stick to the CarPlay Dongle Plus

You can simply connect the USB stick directly to the CarPlay Dongle Plus through the USB cable. Once connected, you can click on U-Drive folder on the screen. On the right upper corner, you can choose Music or Video files located on the USB stick.

Connecting Android mobile phone to the CarPlay Dongle Plus

For connecting Android mobile phone, click on the PhoneCast button on the stereo screen, and turn on Wi-Fi. Choose screencast on the mobile phone and select connect to the smart device. Similar to Apple mobile phone, there is 2-3 seconds delay in video sound.



There is about 2-3 seconds voice delay when you use the screen mirroring option. The delay can be even longer depending on the mobile phones’ connectivity to the device and Wi- Fi connection.



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  1. John Mayers

    works perfectly and it is very easy to use!

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