Is it illegal to correct mileage? – Correcting mileage data is only illegal when you do it for deceiving others. No matter who are you lying to, it can be your insurer or potential customer when you sell your automobile. Providing incorrect data is a crime and all governments take measures to avoid it as efficiently as possible. In the era of modern technology, the availability of particular tools makes it harder to fight against them. According to the statistics, it’s a billion-dollar crime that harms thousands of people. Before we dive into the topic, let’s define when it is a criminal act. Prohibiting such alteration is not a solution, because some motorists may have a good cause for it. 

So, let’s starte and answer the most interesting question – Is it illegal to correct mileage?  Before we do that, let’s find out more about what it means, who needs it most, and why.

What is mileage correction? 

All about mileage correction.

It is the process of adjusting the number of miles your odometer displays on your digital dashboard. it happened manually in the past when the mechanical odometer was common. Now it is possible with the digital ones. It is a must-have procedure when an odometer is inaccurate due to the tire size or engine replacement. However, sometimes the reason for such alteration is not legal and serves deceitful purposes. The disconnection, resetting or alteration of a vehicle’s odometer with the intent to change the number of miles indicated is known as odometer fraud. 

According to the Federal Odometer Tampering Statutes, odometer-tempering is characterized as the largest consumer deception in America. Victims are commonly low-income people, who buy a used car to save their budget. The worst of all is that consumers do not know that they are victims of cheating.

Usually, this crime involves some other manipulations. The latest model cars which have high mileage are cheaper. Wrongdoers reset their odometers, remove about 40,000 miles and sell them to their advantage.  

The cheating does not end with manipulating numbers on the dashboard. All of that goes too far. It continues in paperwork. As you may know, a newly-purchased automobile comes with the title where the previous owner should declare existing mileage. So, dishonest sellers need to conceal this information. They sometimes destroy the original title document and get a duplicate certificate. Alternatively, they use fictitious dealerships to make it ambiguous who was responsible for the alteration. 

Who does it?

Usually, it can be an organization that rolls back, then wholesalers them to the dealers who resell them to the public. Or it is a group of individuals who do this manipulation and resell those automobiles to friends or relatives. One of the most common cases is when individuals try to increase the price and make a personal profit. 

What can be the causes of odometer resetting? 

What causes the odometer to reset?

As we previously mentioned, before we ask – Is it illegal to correct mileage? It depends on the goal of correction and it can be various. Let’s discuss possible causes one by one and say when it is an inevitable necessity and when it is breaking the law. 

Pay less for insurance 

As you may know, insurance companies take into account mileage as one of the main criteria, when they offer prices to customers. It seems that it’s hard to find other reliable criteria for determining the overall condition of the car. So, insurance companies rely on the distance traveled. Hence, people use dishonest ways to avoid premium charges. One of the common is correct numbers on the odometer. For this purpose, people use mileage correction or stopper modules. The point is how reliable is the product they choose in most cases. Most modules are easily discoverable by the proper inspection. So, if you are going to lie to our insurer, make sure that you do not force yourself into an uncomfortable situation. 

Increase market price 

Correcting miles before selling a used car is a common practice for many owners. Needless to say, it is illegal and it can lead to serious legal consequences. It’s not hard to guess what is the motive behind such behavior? Generally, it is a misconception among buyers and sellers. Most of them believe that displayed kilometers on the odometer are the most important factor in evaluating the condition of a vehicle. If you are one of them who think so, I can tell you that it is really important, but not the most important and I will tell you why. 

Firstly, and most importantly, you can not judge two cars with the same mileage in the same way. It is a high chance that one of them was in better condition than the second. It is enough to take a closer look and estimate the condition of it.

Additionally, bear in mind that the car is meant to be driven. Automobiles with lower mileage are sometimes more prone to be damaged. You may hear somewhere that higher mileage is the reason for owners to be proud. 

Is it illegal to correct mileage?- Yes it is, especially when you are doing it for deceitful purposes. Most people have found a module that halts adding mileage and it has an untraceable effect. Despite the manufacturer’s recommendations that people use it illegally, of course, it is unacceptable. The above-mentioned module is for useful purposes, I am going to talk about it in detail later. 

Testing the performance of the car

When you purchase a brand-new car, it’s quite normal when you are eager to see its full potential with your own eyes. As usual, you want to check how truthful are ads promoting the extraordinary possibilities of the particular auto. There comes a necessity of module that avoid you adding unnecessary miles. As you may guess, the above-mentioned mileage stopper can be a great help for dealerships in testing automobiles and presenting them to the customers. 

The engine is the core part of the vehicle, and it needs replacement due to mechanical faults. If the engine is replaced it is not strange for the speedo to be calibrated to the new engine’s true mileage. Do not forget to have the relevant documentation when trying to sell the vehicle to back you up. Remember, ask yourself, Is it illegal to correct mileage?”- yes, it is when you do a correction without mentioning it in the paperwork or hiding it on purpose. 

If you are an admirer of pieces of modern technology and constantly purchase high-tech modules to add some features to your automobile, it will be comfortable to test those gadgets without worrying about additional mileage. 

Is it illegal to correct mileage?

According to the Federal statute 49 U.S. Code § 32703, a person may not:

  • advertise for sale, sell, use, install, or have installed, a device that makes an odometer of a motor vehicle register a mileage different from the mileage the vehicle was driven.
  • disconnect, reset, alter, or have disconnected, reset, or altered, an odometer of a motor vehicle intending to change the mileage registered by the odometer;
  • with intent to defraud, operate a motor vehicle on a street, road, or highway if the person knows that the odometer of the vehicle is disconnected or not operating;

Is it illegal to correct mileage? – You already get answers to this question in the language of the law. It’s not illegal unless you are going to do the wrong thing.

So, if you have one of those good reasons for clocking your odometer, think twice about the product you choose for altering mileage. Mind the difference between rollback tools and stopper tools. Those are useful to roll back numbers that are displayed on the speedometer. However, they cannot remove the mileage entirely from all control units. That information stays in other places and anyone who examines it can discover the real data. It takes more advanced technology to remove this data or just find the right tool which allows you to stop the recording process without excessive effort. Now, it’s time to know more about the previously mentioned magical module that exceeds your expectation at any rate. 

Mileage Blocker 

After you make sure that you have a legitimate purpose and no one can question – Is it illegal to correct mileage in your particular situation, it’s time to purchase a quality product. I can assure you that the premium-quality module from Germany is superior to its counterfeits. If you still suspect, you can look through the characteristics of the module and be sure that you get all those benefits after owning it. 

  • Do-it-yourself (DIY) installation;
  • Premium quality plug-and-play plugin from;
  • Diagnostic testers cannot discover removed Mileage
  • Doesn’t live a trace if you remove it;
  • Easy to operate with several key combinations;
  • Has multiple modes to choose from;
  • Can be turned on and off while in motion;
  • After removing the module, the mileage doesn’t increase spontaneously;
  • The chosen settings are saved unconditionally, even for the next time you use your vehicle;
  • Speedometer and all the other assistance systems work flawlessly;

In case of any issues, our support and costumer center are ready for help.


So, you know what does it mean lowering the displayed number on the odometer, or how to alter it as you wish. We also answer the frequently asked question: is it illegal to correct mileage? – The obvious answer is that manipulating odometer reading for malicious purposes is a fraud. On the other hand, if you want to do it, because it is an inevitable necessity, do your best to use quality products.

Accurate odometer reading on your vehicles is essential for several reasons. You should need to know how old your auto is and how many miles you have traveled. This information keeps you well-informed about your maintenance schedule. Besides general car care, it can be a practical guide when you decide to buy a used car. Before you say confidently that you are a car geek, make sure that you have a clear understanding of what is an odometer? How does it work? Why does it matter? And how to avoid fraud? Let’s discuss those questions one by one.

So let’s get down to business, I will tell you everything you need to know from top to bottom.

What is an odometer?

An odometer is an instrument used for measuring the distance traveled by a vehicle. The device may be electronic, mechanical, or electromechanical. As usual, it is placed in the vehicle’s dashboard. Modern automobiles have digital odometers that get information about recorded mileage from car ECU (electronic control unit)

Do not confuse it with a trip meter. It is also installed in your auto and allows kilometer reading on a daily basis. Many people use it for practical purposes, drivers use it to record specific distances traveled in any particular journey. You can reset it any time you want.

What is an odometer?

When is the odometer reading important and why?

Firstly and most importantly, it gives you valuable information. Let me guess, you always use mileage to estimate the general condition of your automobile. Moreover, it plays a significant role in making a final decision when it comes to buying a used car. And you know what? You are right when you check mileage in the first place. 

Sometimes km reading is wrong. The reason for inaccuracy can be changing tire sizes. Tire dimension changes because of wear and tear, tire pressure, temperature.

Next, you should know an odometer disclosure statement.  The sellers in all 50 States of America must fill in the document if their cars are below 16,000 pounds and under 10 years of age. This document provides a current odo reading – the mileage-related data at the moment the car is transferred from the seller to the buyer. The initial purpose of this document was to combat odometer fraud by knowing how to check if odometer was rolled back. I am going to explain it thoroughly in the next section.

What does exempt from odometer reading mean? According to the federal rule, all automobiles that are at least 10 years old are free from claiming mileage-related information. They are too old to reliably verify their mileage.

The importance of odometer reading

Odometer fraud 

Odometer fraud is an illegal practice. It occurs when dishonest sellers of a used automobile change the number of miles indicated. Certain recommendations will help to detect possible fraud:

  • Ask a seller to show you the title. Compare the mileage on the title with the odometer.
  • Compare the mileage on the odometer with the mileage indicated on the maintenance or inspection records. 
  • take a closer look at the wear and tear on the gas, brake, and clutch pedals. Be sure they seem normal for the number displayed in miles. 
  • Request car history report. Many companies provide certified information about cars’ past. Everything is reported including who owned a car or if the car was in any accidents. 

Tools for altering mileage

As I mentioned above mileage information is still one of the most important factors to determine the overall condition of automobiles. Hence, people are searching for ways to get false figures on the odometer and therefore attract potential buyers.

People use different tools to make accurate kilometer reading impossible. For example, odometer correction tools and mileage blockers. You may use terms interchangeably however, they are completely different devices from one another.

Odometer correction tool

The most popular tool is an odometer rollback device. It connects to an OBD port and simply rolls back mileage figures. But the point is, that it cannot remove mileage from control units. So, anyone can discover it easily. Furthermore, odometer tampering is an unethical and illegal activity in most countries.

Mileage blocker

Unlike odometer rollback devices, mileage blocker just halts a mileage recording process from all ECUs – meaning that information is altered unconditionally. Manufacturers create this device for testing and tuning purposes and not for a public road. Hence, the usage of mileage blockers is legal in most places, unless you use the device for deceiving the potential customers and providing inaccurate km reading. In case of purchasing the product on our online shop , proper support and service are guaranteed.


Thus, you get comprehensive information related to km reading in the car. you already know what is Odo reading and why it is so important. Moreover, you have learned how to avoid odometer fraud and stay safe when buying a used car. Do your best and act wisely. Good luck!

Odometer changer has become one of the most controversial and used tools in the automotive industry. Statistics speak volumes. According to Rapid Car Check, an estimated 2.47 million vehicles have mileage discrepancies in the UK. Similarly, as NHTSA(The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) claims in the report That is a 3.47 percent chance that a vehicle would have its odometer rolled back at any point during the first 11 years of its life. It seems that kilometer correction is a very common practice among automotive enthusiasts. They address various methods to do it. There are different devices on the market that serve this purpose. So it is in high demand and manufacturers try to create as versatile modules as possible to meet the customer’s needs. Some manufacturers manage it better than others.

Let’s get started and review what is a mileage changer, why you need it, and what is the best alternative that you can buy as soon as possible. Read ahead and get all the necessary information you may need.

What is an odometer changer?

A car mileage changer is a programmer which can rewind, reset, or correct mileage-related data on the odometer. Hence, people use this tool to reduce the mileage and make their automobiles more attractive for potential buyers. However, there are legitimate reasons for using this device, however,  mostly it is used dishonestly. The goal is to hide the truth from buyers who overeat mileage-related information when it comes to making the final decision about purchasing. To tell the truth, all of us want well-kept automobiles and lower mileage is generally associated with the good condition of the auto.

As I mentioned, sometimes using those tools is justified for a variety of reasons. So, it is an inevitable necessity. Let’s take a closer look at each case.

What are legitimate reasons for odometer correction?

There are situations when your odometer doesn’t show the right mileage.  First, check the data in a computer, if there are differences, it means that you should replace the instrument cluster as soon as possible. Misleading data causes many problems. You may miss scheduled maintenance and harm your automobile. So, bear in mind that you will need to correct it in the following cases:

If you change tire size. You may not be surprised if I tell you that your tire size affects the traveled distance. It is calculated based on rotations of tires. If you change the stock tires with smaller ones, you will discover that the odometer will display more despite the same distance traveled. So if you are planning to change tire size, don’t forget to calibrate your odometer accordingly.

Jumpstart. Some motorists report mileage issues after jump-starting their automobiles.

After replacing the instrument cluster. If you replace the instrument cluster, you will need to program to the correct value. Similarly, if you buy a preowned instrument cluster you will need correction on it.

If your dashboard has an electrical fault. Some cars suffer electrical faults that can cause displaying incorrect data. So, this is another reason for using an odometer changer.

Tuning automobiles. you may be one of those who would like to unleash the full potential of your automobile and address tuning. After finishing it you will want to test it and see the results.

Testing. You may hear manufacturers’ ads promoting their brand-new products. Once you purchase it, you want to ensure the reliability of the information you heard about the automobile. The best way is to find the controlled environment where you can test the performance and use a relevant correction device.

Why do people use a mileage changer illegally?

People usually use those kinds of tools for correcting miles before selling their automobiles. it is not legal and they may face legal charges. Why do people behave so badly? The reason is simple- because they want to deceive their potential customers. As we mentioned before, most people estimate automobile general condition according to the total distance traveled. To tell the truth, it is one of the important indicators but not the most important. Hence, sellers manipulate this information to their advantage. Buyers pay more for automobiles with a low odometer reading. So they use a car mileage changer to adjust current data. 

Another reason for this manipulation is to deceive insurance companies. Some insurance companies calculate premiums based on odometer data. It’s obvious, the more you drive the more you are prone to accidents. Deceiving such companies is not an easy task, so be careful.

Online markets are filled with those kinds of tools that serve this purpose. Manufacturers say that they are easy to use for any individual. The availability of devices makes it simple for anyone to alter figures at their will. 

When you search for the best odometer correction tool, you may be confused, because there are a lot of options around. Most of them offer simple rollback figures on the odometer. I know it sounds satisfying because that is all you want. But wait for a moment! Think twice before you make a final decision. Did you know that rollback devices have a better alternative? This is the odometer changer that has already become the favorite module for every motorist around the world. In the following paragraphs, you will learn what makes this device superior to its alternatives.

Odometer stopper – The best odometer correction device

The odometer blocker from the Super Kilometer filter is a premium quality product from Germany. Firstly and most importantly it is a more ethical tool to use different from rollback modules. Manufacturers designed it for testing and tuning purposes. It just stops the km recording process from all control units. So you don’t have to worry that someone discovers it. If you want a fuller picture of its benefits, I will name benefits it offers one by one:

  • It’s do-it-yourself modules, which means that you can install it in your automobile by yourself. You just need to follow the instructions;
  • It’s a plug-and-play module;
  • It is not detectable;
  • Once you remove the module, kilometers won’t add up;
  • Has multiple modes, which means choosing how to stop the recording process. For example, on mode 2, only 20% of actual mileage is recorded;
  • The chosen settings are saved unconditionally, even for the next time you use your automobile;
  • Comes with premium-quality plugs and heat-resistant cables;
  • Doesn’t cause any flaws in the CAN-BUS System;
  • No error messages on the speedometer or navigation panel;
  • The ability to purchase with or without an app.

Bear in mind, all above-mentioned is not an exaggeration. Those are the reasons why you should choose this module from Super Kilometer Filter if you are still thinking about the best option.


So, you already know about the best mileage changer. Now it’s up to you to make the final decision of purchasing it. Whatever reason you might have it serves its purpose you want the best conditions for testing your brand-new automobile? – This innovative tool is here to help you unleash your automobile’s full potential in a controlled environment without worrying about other factors. There is controversy regarding using such devices because it becomes harmful in the wrong hands. Such devices need to be well-appreciated because people make every effort to create them. Just use it ethically and remember “you should treat others the way you want to be treated yourself”.

The best odometer correction tool has already gained a substantial amount of popularity among car sellers, yet it’s not the same thing for everyone. Some people prefer to utilize a mileage adjustment module, while others know that the mileage blocker is a superior alternative. However, these tools can have unethical applications and take a wrong turn quite quickly. Therefore, it’s important to know whether you should purchase these tools or not. You should also understand which one works better with modern vehicles and why. 

What is a mileage adjustment tool?

As the name suggests, a mileage adjustment tool is an electronic device that alters the mileage on your car. You can use it to wind back or reset the existing number on your trip meter, creating a completely different picture when it comes to the condition of the vehicle. It goes without saying that changing the existing numbers on your odometer is an unethical business. No one can ever recommend doing it. But people still use mileage adjustment devices for many different reasons. They know it’s a fraud, but they still prefer to use them just to increase sales.

If that’s the case, then what is the mileage blocker?

A mileage blocker (a.k.a. odometer stopper) is software that does not interfere with the existing numbers. It’s a tool that can be turned on and off by clicking certain buttons. Once triggered, it stops recording the kilometers. Thus, it enables the users to avoid counting unwanted miles when they are testing the performance or the functionality of the new car. 

Manufacturers designed this module only for testing purposes. However, the kilometer stopper offers untraceable performance, unlike the mileage adjustment tool. This feature makes it attractive for people who want to increase the prices manually. As a result, they use the mileage blocker on public roads to stop recording mileage. Using the kilometer stopper for fraudulent purposes is unethical regardless of your intentions. 

Another reason why people like to use the mileage blocker on public roads is that it’s available for all cars. Manufacturers design each model for a specific vehicle, guaranteeing the best performance with each release. Even though some people might use this tool for the wrong reasons, we can’t deny its advantages. By far, the mileage blocker is the best mileage correction tool on the market as its performance is impossible to detect even with a diagnostic scanner

Best odometer correction tool in new cars

What is best odometer correction tool?

The development in car parts and systems can be both an improvement and a new headache at the same time. When manufacturers switched from analog to digital odometers, everybody thought that they would no longer be a victim of fraud. But, a fraudulent mind is a genius mind, so people quickly learned how to change mileage on digital odometers as well.

However, not all machines work the same. Even though newer releases of odometer correction devices can be used to reprogram digital trip meters, they are far from faultless. Of course, they will remove those miles from the system, however, they have certain disadvantages. It’s not difficult to detect rolled-back kilometers with a scan tool, leaving you at risk of facing serious consequences.

Plus, some odometer rollback tools do not use the plug-and-play module. This means that you can’t connect them to the OBD 2 port of your vehicle. Messing around with cables will always contain the risk of damaging the whole system and ruining your beloved vehicle. Let’s face it, that’s something no one wants to deal with. After all, you’ll have to repair any serious mistakes yourself. 

That’s one of the main reasons why it’s important to invest in the best odometer correction tool 2020 i.e. the mileage blocker. 

Why is it better to use the best mileage correction tool with new cars?

It’s always better to use the mileage blocker (a.k.a. the best mileage correction tool) because it works perfectly with modern odometers. One of the main advantages of this tool is that kilometers won’t start adding up once you remove the module from the system, making its performance virtually non-detectable. 

More importantly, the mileage blocker tools from Super Kilometer Filter have the best quality as they employ the plug-and-play module. They can be connected to (via OBD II port) or removed from the system of the vehicle quite easily, making them extremely user-friendly. Unless you want to create the problems you didn’t need, an odometer stopper is a tool you should go for if you want to test the functionality of the newer cars. There are a lot of scammers out there, so make sure to purchase this tool only from the manufacturers you can trust. That way, you will be able to avoid fraud and deceit.  

Moreover, if you want to buy the best odometer correction tool 2021, the mileage blocker is the obvious choice. The new version comes with an optional app, enabling the users to control various parameters from their smartphones. This improvement makes it extremely easy to master all the characteristics of the mileage blocker. 

Common misconceptions connected with the best odometer correction tool 2020

Misconceptions about the correction tools

A lot of misconceptions are connected with kilometer filters. Let me show you some of them and explain why they are incorrect.

Odometer rollback tools and mileage blockers are equally unethical

It’s quite easy to misinterpret ads, especially if they concern something you already disapprove of. As a result, some people think that mileage blockers and odometer rollback tools are virtually the same things as long as sellers use them to scam the buyers. Let me show you the example:

“I was looking at the ads for a car for my wife just now and, in general, I have been fond of reading reviews of used cars for a while. One of the main problems I encountered is the rolled-back mileage, because it is difficult to be diagnosed, and I don’t want to buy a car that has rounded the equator ten times in 5 years. It turns out that it’s not necessary to roll back the mileage – you can just stop counting it.

I received the following advertisement in my mail (I erased the contact information to avoid advertising these ghouls):

“The module makes it possible to stop the miles/odometer while driving – simply stop the miles/odometer with the push of a button”

As you can see, this person was surprised to see that there are alternatives to odometer rollback tools and was not happy to see that we sell the best odometer correction tool 2020. What they did not know is that we never advertise fraudulent activities. We only sell kilometer filters for their intended purpose. We can’t possibly control how people use our products. After all, nobody blames knife manufacturers just because people find unethical use for it, right?

One more thing: it’s important to know which factors affect the performance of your car the most. You should always consider different parameters together and not linger solely on mileage to decide whether a specific vehicle is worth your money. But if that factor is still the most important one for you, you should do a lot of research regarding the perfect amount of mileage or simply go for a brand-new model.

Mileage blockers don’t work with digital odometers and are detectable

Some users believe that mileage blockers don’t work with newer cars, as they record mileage in different systems and they can easily be detected. Let’s look at another example:

“This option works only for old and poorly-made cars; in modern cars, mileage is written by several systems independently. For example, it’s written separately for the instrument panel, gearbox, and ignition key. Any professional will do a pre-sale check for 200-300 bucks and will be able to find this flaw by using proper equipment. Then, maybe you should not economize since you don’t understand a thing about cars?”

We always value the opinion of others – we just want you to know the truth. The viewpoint we have presented above is not actually correct. The fact is that our mileage blocker tools provide the users with 100% performance, which means they work even with digital odometers that we encounter in modern cars. What is more, unlike the majority of odometer correction devices available on the market nowadays, kilometer filters aren’t detectable during diagnostics. The reason is simple – the odometer blocker can remove mileage from all control units

It goes without saying that mileage correction tools aren’t perfect, neither are any other tools out there. There are certain disadvantages to using them, but one thing is undeniable – kilometer stoppers perform flawlessly if you choose the correct model for your car. The best odometer correction tool 2021 is the mileage blocker as it outperforms machines such as the tacho pro programmer

Why is the best odometer correction tool 2021 necessary?

Because the mileage blocker can help you check your car effortlessly. We can all agree that the modern market is full of competition. No matter which way you look – both used and new cars face a lot of rivalries. Manufacturers try their best to come up with specs that will interest the customers. Meanwhile, the owners of used vehicles focus on creating an “attractive profile” for their cars. For that reason, they turn to odometer correction devices and sell their cars with mileage discrepancy. Either way, the majority of the sellers lie to a certain extent when they try to lure more customers.

That is the truth we can’t avoid, but there are ways in which you can detect deception. If you use a mileage blocker, you will be able to check the functionalities of the car and make the final decision with more certainty. If you know the exact specs of the car you’re buying, you will be able to extend its lifespan. It’s crucial not to rely on the properties that you see on the surface. You must always check the internal system. User-friendly tools, such as the mileage blocker, will help you in that process a lot.


Now that you have read this article you know exactly why the mileage blocker is the best odometer correction tool on the market. There’s a lot of controversy regarding mileage adjustment devices and kilometer stopper machines. Yet it always comes down to the intentions of the user. It’s a well-known fact that kilometer stoppers are way more ethical compared to odometer adjustment tools. Plus, they work better with newer cars that are filling up the modern market. Be careful, be ethical and take care of your cars!