How do you tell if a car’s been clocked? – You may think about it many times. Identification of clocked cars is still a challenge for most of us. Whenever we want to buy a used car, we check the general conditions of it. However, one of the priorities is mileage. Lower or higher mileage is often an indicator of the general condition of the vehicle. Sometimes, this criterion does not tell enough and we need to inspect an automobile in order to make reasonable conclusions. There are a lot of methods that allow you to discover genuine mileage data. The point is to be alert . Think twice if it is relevant to the physical condition. Lying about mileage is the most common crime nowadays and you are in danger of becoming a victim if you ignore this fact. 

So, if you would like to know more about the issue, read the following paragraphs, which is a guide for you. Get a comprehensive answer to the most common question you ask: How do you tell if a car has been clocked?

What is Vehicle clocking? 

Vehicle clocking - explanation

Clocking is the process of rollback mileage data, so it would appear to have traveled fewer miles than it really has. It may happen for various reasons. Mostly, the reasons are unethical. For example, individuals want to hide the original information in order to make vehicles more attractive on the used auto market. 

You may erroneously think that this practice stayed in the ’90s when people manipulate mechanical odometers with a screwdriver. Needless to say, screwdrivers are replaced by software for manipulating information to your advantage. 

Altered mileage is a bigger problem than you think. Various statistics and research revealed that it brings huge financial loss. Apart from financial aspects, there are safety issues. Wrong information has a harmful effect on making maintenance schedules for automobiles. For instance, you may ignore replacing some components because you think that it’s not urgent. 

As we already mentioned, people have different reasons for altering mileage. Before we answer the question: How to tell if a car’s been clocked?  Let’s review what those reasons are.

Why do people roll back odometers? 

As you know automobiles depreciate quickly. The lower the mileage the more desirable it is for buyers. Low numbers give a false impression that it is well-kept. However, altered numbers do not change the real condition. That’s why this is a deceitful, dangerous, and wrongful practice. Despite the fact, many people do it to their advantage. 

Another reason is still dishonest. Some people try to avoid penalty fees from leasing companies. Usually, they offer leases based on mileage. high -mileage leases are costly, that’s why rewinding the miles is the best solution for many to avoid penalty charges. 

The same happens with insurance companies that offer their quotes based on miles covered. However, it is very risky, if they discover that you are committing fraud, it will be more harmful to you than paying more for the company. 

After all, mileage correction doesn’t always happen for dishonest reasons. Sometimes it has a practical purpose and it is an ultimate necessity. For example, in case of incorrect value, the reasons can be as followings:

  • Jump-starting
  • Damaged dashboard in an accident 
  • Electrical fault 
  • Engine replacement

In those cases, correction is legitimate. Legitimate acts are meant to be documented accordingly. How can I tell if a car has been clocked? You may not know exactly, but statistical data speak volumes. 


I would like to offer you various statistical data from various researcher, so it will be easier to make conclusions about how serious the problem is. 

As the leading authority on vehicle checking services and custodians of original automotive data, CAP HPI claims that one in 16 cars in the UK has a mileage discrepancy which costs more than £800 million every year. They also report that approximately 36% of dealers express worry about the issue because all of this hurt their business. 

According to the up-to-date information provider for buyers, Car vertical, the tendency is on a rise. The company researched tampered automobiles. They collect the data from all over the world. They analyzed cars by the various criteria, such as the following: model, production of the year, fuel type, and tampering cases by country. Targeted automobiles are mainly premium class rather than Economy class. Specifically, German luxurious models, BMW X7 and X5 series. This brand is a leader in all research criteria.

As for the fuel type, diesel automobiles are also the subject of tampering. The chief reason for this is that their value has increased by a big margin. Audi A6, Volkswagen Touareg, and Mercedes-Benz E-Class are almost all diesels.

Needless to say, all research shows that mileage fraud has a negative economic impact on victims. Buyers spend thousands of dollars for a product that is not as good as it seems. How do you tell if a car’s been clocked? what to do in order to avoid becoming the victim of this fraud? Keep on reading to learn more about signs that will help you to spot the possible discrepancy.

How do you tell if a car’s been clocked

How to detect clocking

The following tips will help you investigate the real condition of automobiles before buying them. 

Ask for service history 

Sellers always keep documents for MOT testing and other obligatory services, if he or she follows the maintenance schedule strictly and takes good care of the auto. Take a closer look at stamps and see the relevant mileage-related information. Make sure that it goes up logically each year. 

Additionally, you can see the online MOT certificate. It will allow you to know the following facts:

  • If it passed or failed
  • The mileage recorded
  • where each test was done
  • what parts failed at each test, and if any parts had minor problems
  • when its next MOT is due

Inspect closely

How do you tell if a car has been clocked? – Take a closer look at every detail. You can estimate the physical condition of the automobile and say if it covered a big mileage. Look at the parts and components that experience wear and tear. How well-kept is the steering wheel? What’s wrong with pedals?  Do seats look well? As for the exterior, observe stone chips on the bonnet – it will be a good clue for you. If mileage says one and physical condition claims a different thing, do not think too much. Someone tries to fool you. 

Get a VIN check

Do not forget to get a report from one of the authoritative online platforms. You can get it free at the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). There is a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing checkers online. We suggest you choose the authoritative one because it’s a high chance the cheaper checker will not be as comprehensive as you expect. So, you will know information about recorded mileage in the past, but you will know the whole story about the auto. 

Take for the test drive 

How to tell if a car’s been clocked? Before you make conclusions, take the targeted auto for the test drive. Sometimes it’s not necessary to be an automotive expert to make logical conclusions. As soon as you get behind the wheel you will be able to identify inconsistencies between odometer reading and the condition of some components. For example, if you see a sloppy gearbox, worn brakes, and clutch suspension, you have a reason to think that something is wrong.

What to consider when testing cars’ performance

Test drive is one of the important parts of the automotive business. No matter whether you sell or buy, testing the performance plays a decisive role when it comes to unleashing the full potential of the auto. However, when you are a seller, you face the problem of adding unnecessary miles, of course, no one wants this to happen. In some cases, you are not a seller and you just want to see the possibilities if your auto is in a controlled environment. If so, I have good news for you. You can purchase an innovative tool – A Mileage blocker that will allow you to halt the mileage recording process from all control units unconditionally. You can install it very easily with a help of instruction.

Is it legal to use a Mileage blocker?

The short answer can be that it is not illegal unless you use it for fraudulent purposes. As you may guess, dishonest people may use it for fraud, because the module performs flawlessly, it stops the recording process from all control units. Moreover, it leaves no trace and it is impossible to detect what really happened. As we already mentioned, a premium quality module from Germany will not disappoint you. Bear in mind, that we do not recommend illegal usage, just use it for testing and tuning. In case of additional questions, our support team well help you. You can also visit costumer center. Be careful, dishonest people can use such innovative tools for malicious purposes. How can I tell if a car has been clocked?


So, mileage verification is no joke. Sometimes it is a big challenge because of the advanced tools people use to manipulate it to their advantage. However, you still have a chance to discover the truth if you employ the above-mentioned techniques. How do you tell if a car’s been clocked? Strictly speaking, it is not easy to find out the truth in a world of lies, but not impossible. Just make all the effort!

Mileage correction tools are very common in today’s world and people use various methods to somehow alter an odometer and change the digits on it, but the main question is – are mileage blockers traceable? The short answer is No, but in order to answer this question that everyone has thought about and to answer it, we need to take several factors into consideration.

First of all, there are a variety of devices that interfere with the correct functioning of the system. They artificially adjust the mileage and show misleading numbers on the dashboard. To do so they use rolling back, deleting, freezing or extracting the data. A person can remove any amount of distance in a few minutes. Although these methods seem appealing to others, they all have the same issues. Firstly, new cars store the information in separate storage units and even though the numbers are removed from the instrument cluster the data is easily traceable. Furthermore, any action that makes the odometer show a misleading distance is illegal and a responsible party will face a legal dispute.

It is true that those gadgets have several flaws and that is why a German team has created an advanced tool – Mileage Blocker. These unique blockers from Super Kilometer Filter (SKF) do not delete or roll back already existing data (which is automatically illegal). How does it work? The Mileage blocker simply stops counting up miles or kilometers when a car is in motion. Hence, it halts the whole distance recording process. Moreover, it prevents the mechanism to save the information regarding the mileage in any storage units, therefore the data is totally untraceable. Remember that the mileage blocker is for only testing and tuning purposes and using it on free roads is against the law.

To sum up, there are many instruments that interfere with the normal functioning of an odometer. Are mileage blockers traceable? All of these devices have the same flaw – they are easily trackable, but there is a Mileage Blocker that only alters the recording process in a vehicle and is also untraceable. In addition, everyone should have in mind that it is for only testing or tuning purposes and using it on everyday bases is illegal.

What is a car diagnostic tool?

Everything about car diagnostic tool

As the cases of mileage fraud increase, people try to find solutions. In the beginning, of course, everyone tries to identify the problem on his/her own. However, it became obvious that such illegal actions are extremely hard to detect. This is the moment when we reach out to a professional for help. Technicians have many useful gadgets for different cases and one of them is a diagnostic scanner.

New vehicles have plenty of sensors, panels and advanced elements that instantly detect any issues. Once they find a problem, a specific icon will appear on your dashboard. It is correct that in the modern era these technologies became a very handful, but there are still cases when it is not enough and a diagnostic gadget comes in. But are mileage blockers traceable with a diagnostic tool? In order to answer this question, we need to take a look at how this device works. 

Diagnostic scanners help us identify the problem, damage or anything that interferes with the normal function of the system. It uses all the data that storage units accumulate and analyzes them. It will identify all the issues from the smallest to the biggest ones. You just need to connect it to an ODB (on-board diagnostic) port and switch it on. Based on a manufacturer the ODB port might be located in a different part of your automobile, so double-check this little detail beforehand. Once you set up the scanner, it will display all the necessary information. It is very effective against mileage correction appliances; however, it cannot identify any trace of a mileage blocker.  

Do I have to buy car scanner tools?

If you are wondering whether buy a diagnostic tool or not, you need to know the pros and cons of it. The first and most important question is “why do you need it”? In case your dashboard frequently displays error signs it would be a great choice. It will be beneficial also if you decide to check for odometer calibration. But are mileage blockers traceable? No, mileage blockers do not use the CAN bus system to store the information inside the car. Hence, diagnostic tools cannot detect it.

You have options: go to a professional technician or buy one. A visit to a professional will cost you from $40-$400. The prices vary depending on the service you need. The prices could be different based on your location (city, state or country), so please double-check the details in advance. It should be noted that sometimes they claim diagnosing is free, but in that case, they may charge you extra for other additional services. Overall, whether it is free or not you will end up paying approximately the same amount in the end.

Let’s discuss what you need to consider before buying it. First of all – the price. There are different versions and the cheapest ones will cost you around $100. If you want to buy something that has way more functions and capabilities you need to spend way more than just $100. However, vehicles need frequent check-up to find out that it works flawlessly. So, if you buy the device it will be a one-time payment for you (as you will have a gadget and can test your car whenever you want), while each visit cost you a certain amount of money. 

Therefore, buying a diagnostic device depends on your budget and purpose. Of course, a visit is cheaper than buying the gadget, but in a longer perspective, it can be different. If you need the check-up only once, a visit might be a better option. And if you intend to do tests multiple times a good investment may be the best for you.

How to avoid clocking

Prevent clocking

Clocking is an ever-growing challenge in the 21st century. Countries try to somehow prevent it, but so far, the measures were not good enough to stop them. According to NHTSA, more than half a million cars have misleading speedometer only in the United States. The damage goes up to billions in the US. Such actions are common in the European Unions as well. Due to the fact that they don’t have one common law, it is becoming harder to control the process. EU report states that removing digits happens at cross border territories and has damage of €1-€9 billion.

Despite being illegal, people still roll back or remove displayed miles on the instrument cluster. In this reality more and more people ask “are mileage blockers traceable”? As we know, no device can trace odometer blockers and it is important to know how to protect yourself from potential fraud. Here are the useful tips you need to know while buying a used vehicle.

  • Check external appearance. Take a look at tires and make sure that they are in proper/good conditions;
  • Artificially changing kilometers require removing the instrument cluster. More likely there will be scratches on it if someone reset the odometer;
  • Examine all the pedals and be certain that they are not worn out. A new auto will not have significantly used pedals;
  • Take a look at the pedals as well. Look closely to make sure they are in good condition and there is nothing suspicious;
  • Ensure that you have all the official documents, reports and log books. They give you essential information in detail. So, double-check that this information matches the numbers on the dashboard;
  • You can also request VIN to validate the details online. 

Changing mileage is becoming extremely common. These steps will help you identify the problems from the beginning and prevent any additional complications. Do not forget to always check as much as possible and validate all given information. 

Mileage blocker – a legal device to halt mileage

For years a lot of companies tried to create something that would effectively and legally change the distance on the instrument cluster. They started rolling back, deleting, removing and clocking digits, but all of these actions are illegal. Plus, they have another bigger issue – they are traceable. That is why a team from Germany has developed a Mileage Blocker – a device that simply stops mileage recording. So, it just prevents counting up new miles or kilometers while a vehicle is in motion. It is proven to be effective but the question is “are mileage blockers traceable”? No, nobody can detect it. The blocker does not delete data from the system, it just does not store the information that makes it uncrackable. The company has created it only for car testing and tuning purposes. The mileage blocker has several advantages:

  • It provides Do-It-Yourself (DIY) easy installation instructions. By following simple steps you will be able to set up it by yourself;
  • The blocker does not transfer the information to storage units and it has an untraceable effect;
  • Plug and go function;
  • The tool has several modules and you can choose your favourite one for your drive; 
  • Mileage blockers consist of premium quality cables that are heat-resistant and work without an issue under any condition;
  • Official blockers from Super Kilometer Filter (SKF) include a mobile app. It gives you an opportunity to control it from your phone.

Anyone can purchase the mileage blocker from SKF. Always remember that company has created it for testing/tuning purposes and using it on free highways is unethical. This is why different manufacturers and dealership companies frequently use them.


To conclude, are mileage blockers traceable? – No, because they do not store the data about the miles in the system. They just stop counting up km while you are in motion and hence, nobody knows about your trip. Plus, it has a mobile application that gives you remote control via your mobile phone. Please remember that the device is for testing and using it on free roads is unethical and illegal. If you have any questions, feel free to check the support page or contact the customer center.

If you research the term – “car diagnostic tool”, the number of options available and the names may confuse you easily. If you have come across such names as a car scanner tool, OBD2 scanner, and many others you will know that they all describe the same tool.

Probably you have heard the suggestion to be cautious about an unusual sound that comes out of your automobile. Even though this can truly give you a hint that your vehicle requires attention it is sometimes late.  You need to be proactive and observe Check Engine Light frequently to avoid premium charges for maintenance.

What is a car diagnostic tool? 

As we have already mentioned, sound is not always the best way to tell if there is something wrong with your car. A much better option to be proactive is to use a brand new car scanner tool. It is a gadget that we use to determine any flaws that affect the car. When you drive an automobile that has some issues you are risking damage to the other parts as well. Hence leads to higher charges and a longer waiting time to repair your vehicle. Car diagnostic tool makes it easier, to measure and determine such issues to let you know what problem you are dealing with.

It is a great tool to check the well-being of your car frequently. Even if you know how to make your car last longer, once in a while you will still encounter the issues that you will have to deal with. In such cases, the car scanner tool will be the most useful gadget that you could have, without hesitating whether is it worth buying or not.

How does it work? 

Modern cars have microchips, sensors, and processors that detect any unusual ties about the car and let you know by checking engine lights. The fault can be related to vehicles’ engine, transmission, oil, exhaust systems, and many other systems. However, simply flickering light will not tell you what is the problem that you are dealing with. That is where the role of the car diagnostic tool comes in.

The car scanner tool helps to retrieve the information from the memory unit of the automobile to understand exactly what the vehicle’s problem is about. Sometimes it may be a minor issue that we can easily solve or a fault that requires instant action. You will not be able to answer this question unless you use the scanner that gives you explicit information.

If you already have such a professional tool you can simply plug it in the OBD port (image 1). of your car and turn on the device. The DIY tool is easy to use for any individual. The port might be situated in different places based on the maker and the exact model of your car. Hence, you have to check it online to find the exact location. Depending on the quality and the functionality of the device, you may receive the exact code of the error or explicit data about the code meaning.

What are the DTC and OBD codes? 

Diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) and On-board Diagnostic (OBD) codes refer nearly to the same thing. Therefore, people frequently use it interchangeably. Similarly, OBD codes can also be referred to as OBD II code as it is kind of the upgraded code that was introduced in 1996.

These are the codes that you will get when you use a car diagnostic tool. If your professional tool allows you to do so, you can check the problem details directly in the device or in the mobile application (app) that is integrated with OBD II Bluetooth scanner tools. If your car scanner tool doesn’t have such functionality, simply search for the code in Google and you will get all the information that you need to know.

As soon as you have the information about the fault the most advisable would be to go to a certified mechanic and solve the problem until it develops into something more important. However, if it is just a minor problem you can solve the problem on your own. This will save you not only the maintenance cost but also the time that you would have to wait in the queue.

Is Check Engine Light always a sign of caution?

Check engine light - facts that you need to know

Don’t freak out if you see a flickering light. Even though in some cases it might indicate a major problem, in some cases it just indicates that there is a small problem that needs fixing. Either way, it’s important to know what check engine light might mean. If you have automotive knowledge and general tools you may solve the issue without the interference of a technician. If you see a light make sure you check the error code as soon as possible to access the difficulty level of the problem and take appropriate steps. 

What extra functions can car scanners have? 

You may be surprised to hear but a car diagnostic tool can also be used to clean and reset the codes. This function can be useful for multiple purposes. Firstly, if you cannot solve the problem for some reason you may want to turn off the annoying light before you deal with the issues. Similarly, in some states in the US, you cannot register the car if the check engine light is on. The rule was active in 2020 and it is still active nowadays, in 2021. A high-end car scanner tool usually has the function to erase such error codes and make your car look flawless. 

Similarly, as we have already mentioned some diagnostic tools might also display the error message description. Without further research, it will tell you what problem you are dealing with. Hence, you can access the severity of the problem and take appropriate measures accordingly.

Another important characteristic of a high-end OBD II scanner is retrieving the information that is recorded in the car. This might be the mileage of the car or any other information that you might be interested in. Especially insurance companies are willing to get this information as they rely on mileage figures to charge you a premium. Basically, relevant units record almost all the information that we see in the automobile. An appropriate tool can help you retrieve this information with ease.

Do I need to have a car scanner tool?

Is car scanner tool essential?

If you would like to determine the reason for the check engine light you have two options to buy the OBD II scanner or visit the technician for a diagnostic test. Even if your “best buddy” is brand new you may require such testing time by time. Carmakers tend to exaggerate performance stats and unfortunately, some issues may arise after owning a car for some time.

A car scanner tool is a vital tool that would be good to have. However, whether it is necessary for you or not will depend on your preferences. Because of the multiple numbers of brands out there you can already find a decent car diagnostic tool under $100. However, if you want to have additional features that we have discussed you will need to pay much more than $100. Even though many providers claim to have all the features, they don’t always provide reliable data.

The cost of a car diagnostic test may vary from $40 to $400. It will depend on the information that you require and the maker of your automobile. Although some places claim that they provide free diagnostic tests they charge you extra for any additional services that you will still require. Hence, you can expect to pay the same price despite the claims that they make. However, these prices significantly vary in different countries.

Despite the price, these methods differ in terms of the time that they require. The car diagnostic tool needs several minutes to show relevant information. On the other hand, a diagnostic test at a mechanic might cost you more than an hour based on the queue. OBD2 scanner can truly help you protect yourself from being overcharged.

How does the car record mileage? 

If you cover more distance than the average person does, you may be cautious about the digits displayed on the odometer. Hence, it would be good to know how the car records mileage to determine how it is sometimes altered from the memory of the car.

In order to measure the mileage, the car counts the wheel rotations and multiplies it by the average size of the wheel. Multiple storage units record this information and display it on the odometer.

If you intend to buy a pre-owned car, it is vital to know everything about the mileage. Even though the mileage is not the main determinant factor of the car’s condition, some sellers still manipulate it before selling. Hence, depending on the method that they use you can determine how to track back the actual mileage.

What are the types of mileage correction tools? 

We can sort mileage correction tools into two main categories: odometer correction tools (mileage correction tools) and mileage stoppers (odometer blocker). The first device deals with digits that the odometer displays. However, the mileage stoppers can entirely alter the mileage details that you drive.

The main difference between these two types of tools is their purpose. The mileage correction tools are meant for deceptive purposes either for insurance companies or for individual buyers. On the other hand, manufacturers create the mileage stopper tools solely for testing purposes. If you would like to test your car in a controlled environment, you can install this module on your car and test it without recording the mileage.  There are many fraudulent websites that sell seemingly good odometer blocker tools. Although, make sure you purchase only the premium-quality mileage stopper.

Do car diagnostic tools detect mileage correction? 

The short answer to this question is No. The car scanner tool cannot really access the vehicle’s actual odometer reading. It just calculated the mileage based on the distance between the start and endpoints of the road that you take. 

However, we haven’t checked all the tools available for sale and there might be those that can detect mileage rollback. There are API tools that can truly determine such fraud. On the other hand, you can’t detect something that a tool never recorded. The mileage stopper tools entirely alter this information and no tool will ever be able to determine the altered distance. 

However, be aware that this tool is not meant for fraudulent purposes. The solo role is to test the performance of your car. Many people use this tool to sell their car with favorable mileage and you have to be cautious when you buy a car. When active, the module alters the traveled distance unconditionally. If you have any further questions please visit the support page or contact the customer center


Car diagnostic tool is a useful gadget that can come in handy when checking engine light flickers on the dashboard. It can tell you what is the main flaw with your car either through an error code or with a thorough explanation. However, it cannot detect mileage correction issues as the calculations that it makes are based on assumptions rather than calculations. If you have to visit a technician frequently, a good car scanner tool may be what you need to avoid extra charges.