Can you fix mileage on a car? – you may ask this question hundred times. The short answer is -yes, but is it ethical? We all know that if your only goal is to increase its value and deceive potential customers, you are committing fraud. Altering odometer reading is prohibited by federal law. Governmental organizations and individuals fight against this crime but there are thousands of victims.

According to the NHTSA, every year almost 450 000 vehicles are sold with false odometer readings. They launched a campaign to raise awareness in society about the issue. So, consumers are more aware of the problem. It’s also important to realize when you break the law. Sometimes correction is inevitable and it serves a purpose. Knowing how to do correction yourself may help you to identify the case when someone tries to deceive you. So, the more you know, the better you are ready for a puzzling situation.

Can you fix mileage on a car? – Yes, you can do it, even with digital odometers. You just need to follow several steps. But before we move to process description, let’s set boundaries between what is legal and what is not. 

 When is odometer clocking illegal

According to the federal statute  49 USC 32703(2), a person may not “disconnect, reset, alter, or have disconnected, reset, or altered, and odometer of a motor vehicle intending to change the mileage registered by the odometer.” People who mess with odometers also forge documents. A car title is an official document where mileage-related information is transferred from owner to buyer. Wrongdoers are familiar with various ways to hide genuine information. Sometimes they hide the original title and show copies of the documents, so it is easier to edit the data to their advantage. Sometimes they alter figures or make it unclear who is responsible for alteration by using a fictitious dealership. It is a short scheme of falsifying odometer readings.

Clocking for dishonest purposes

Wha is "Clocking"?

Needless to say, the motivation of people who manage that manipulation is unethical. Mileage is considered one of the most important criteria for many consumers when they choose an automobile. Many experts claim that it is somehow overrated and there are more to pay attention to, such as age, safety features, reliability, fuel economy, etc. Sometimes those things are ignored in favor of mileage. Strictly speaking, you will never know how reliable your auto is if you do not examine its performance accordingly. Some motorists are sure that you shouldn’t shy away from the high mileage. Those cars last longer because they lubricate themselves more often and it extends the lifespan of the engine.

To sum up, rollback is prohibited anytime when it is done for malicious purposes. The most common tendency is to lie to the insurance company in order to pay less. Organizations such as NHTSA are actively involved to eradicate this crime. They ensure that considering certain recommendations will prevent us from becoming a victim of fraud. 

Correction is not always against the law. Sometimes it is a necessity under particular circumstances. Can you fix mileage on a car yourself? – Yes, you can. We will talk about it later. Before we do that, let’s discuss cases when you correct the odometer but you do not violate the law.

The legality of odometer correction 

As we have already talked about, you may come across situations when you need mileage correction. This usually happens when the data is misleading for a particular reason.

The chief reason for this is that the odometer doesn’t work properly. Mostly, it is broken. In modern automobiles, you can still learn genuine mileage, because it is stored in other control units. As for the older models, it is impossible, data is not stored anywhere. The only way is to replace it. Whatever the model, replacement is allowed. You can still do it independently. All you need to do is make sure that the odometer displays actual data. Sometimes when it doesn’t work, the point is that it is not relevant to the current tire size. If you change stock tires with a non-standard one, make sure that it is calibrated accordingly, otherwise, the odometer will show the wrong numbers.

You may know that mileage is counted according to the wheel rotations. Sometimes, consumers forget the fact that an odometer uses a particular metric system. They ignore the obvious difference between miles and kilometers and make conclusions without thinking. 

All above-mentioned cases are legitimate enough to replace the odometer and adjust it as a rule. You do not break the law if you have some logical concerns and disclose that information to potential customers. 

Reasons for correction

According to common belief, good excuses for such correction are as followings:

  • After jump-starting
  • After dashboard damage
  • An electrical fault 
  • After installing a new engine
  • Gauge failure
  • After installing the pre-owned odometer

As for the resetting after the engine swap, we should admit that it is not ethical. So, as you conclude, it is a quite controversial topic. 

Can you fix mileage on a car with the intent of a test drive? – Yes, of course. As long as the test drive in a controlled environment is a common practice, many people desperately search for a way to do that without adding unnecessary miles on the display. Some people still do not know about the innovative solution that guarantees to prevent additional kilometers add up. This module, known as Mileage blocker, an extraordinary tool that halts the mileage recording process. The best thing about the tool is that it removes mileage-related information from all control units, which makes the module completely undetectable. Unfortunately, wrongdoers benefit from this untraceable effect and use the blocker for deceiving other people. 

I’m sure you do not have a malicious purpose, however, if you learn about  DIY techniques for fixing mileage. So, if someone tries to deceive you, you will be ready to identify such a thing and take proper measures.

Can you fix mileage on a car

Can you fix mileage on a car - detailed information

The process involves 3 steps. Those steps are as follows:

Change the instrument cluster. Mostly, the mileage is stored in it. if you replace it, the mileage becomes zero. The optimal way is to transfer miles from the old unit before replacing it.

Tampering with a knob. You may have seen a knob near the dashboard which serves multiple functions such as temperature measurement and indicating the remaining fuel. Did you know that it is widely used for messing with odometers? All you need to do is push it for a few seconds.

Reassemble the odometer. If you are an automotive enthusiast who is aware of the parts and components of automobiles, it will be a piece of cake, especially if it is an older model, because, in those days, the odometer was mechanical. All you need is a screwdriver and some skills. The only barrier would be a tamper-proof seal. Wait! Why do we discuss analog odometers? You may have that question. Really, we live in the digital era, hence, we have digital odometers.

Rollback tools

What do you think, can you fix mileage on a car in this case? Thanks to modern technologies and online marketing, you can easily become the owner of various tools. There is a wide range of them on the market. To tell the truth, those tools are unethical, but people do not refuse their usage of them. The worst thing is that those modules leave a trace. Anyone who conducts little research found discrepancy because this information exists in other control units. There comes the visible advantage of Mileage blockers, which is completely undiscoverable. That’s why it is a favorite module for anyone who uses it reasonably. 

We should emphasize one more time, we do not recommend unethical usage of the module. We designed the module which is very sophisticated with premium quality parts from Germany. After purchasing we offer proper installation and technical support you can visit our costumer center and get answers to all your questions.

Clocked car is dangerous

Before you start researching “can you fix mileage on a car”? and do that to deceive others, think twice. The thing is not only fraud, it can be dangerous for people. A person who believes in low mileage does not consider maintaining the auto properly. Skipping scheduled maintenance can hurt the components and parts that play an important role in the proper functioning of automobiles. Hence, be careful and properly investigate possible corrections, otherwise, you may put your life in danger unconsciously. 


As you already know, can you fix mileage on a car? – yes you can. You need to make sure that you have a legal reason for that manipulation. If you have a purpose to deceive others, think twice, you may face serious charges because it is a violation of the law. Use tools that offer you flawless performance. I guess you know what to choose!

Can digital odometer be tampered with in a vehicle? This is the question that all of us have asked at least once. The shortest answer is YES. Even more, cars with digital odometer readings are easier to manipulate and harder to track. Nowadays more and more try to artificially change the number on the instrument cluster. Thanks to the new technologies a lot of different types of devices are available on the market to achieve this goal. They work for the same purpose (to alter the odometer) but use different methods for it. These tools can freeze, reset, delete, remove or reverse the numbers on the dashboard and make the system display any digits (distance) they want.

The more important factor is that the whole process takes a few minutes and vehicles with digital speedometers are more vulnerable to this challenge. It has an easy explanation: digital odometers do not have removable physical components, consequently nobody can see or check it right away. People with fraudulent purposes only need an advanced high-tech device that will connect to the system, crack it and take full control over it. There are plenty of such tools widely available at affordable prices. However, all of them have the same issue – they are easily traceable. Everyone with quick research or a smart tool can detect odometer malfunction.

So, the answer to can digital car meter be tampered? Is yes. By following simple steps, you will be able to change the odometer showing. However, before making any decision be careful as interfering with the odometer functioning is illegal and you may face a legal dispute. 

Is odometer tampering illegal?

Is odometer tampering against the law?

Mileage has huge importance in our lives and we pay attention to it. All cars have an odometer – a tool that measures the distance while you are driving and displays the digits on the instrument cluster. This information is important as miles and kilometers are crucial indicators to maintain oil changes and other essential services. Even though odometers have huge importance since low mileage makes more profit owners try to manipulate them. lower distance has a lot of advantages and its resale value is higher as well. That is why people try to somehow decrease the numbers on the instrument cluster. Now when we have an answer to the question “is it possible to tamper digital odometer?” another important question arises: is it legal to change the mileage?

Of course, any type of odometer fraud is illegal in the United States. “Clocking” implies actions such as rollback, freezing and erasing data. Any similar actions that cause odometer malfunctioning is a federal crime. The United States has a Federal statute in force that regulates the topic. Several states have also created restrictions that outlaw the federal statute. The Federal statute indicates that a person may not “disconnect, reset, alter, or have disconnected, reset, or altered, an odometer of a motor vehicle intending to change the mileage registered by the odometer.” According to this statute, conspiracies with other people regarding this issue are against the law and the party convicted faces the same punishment. Anyone who breaks this law faces a fine of $10 000 or several years in prison. The punishment varies depending on the state you commit the crime.

Moreover, anyone who bought an auto with a misleading odometer and does not notify the proper authorities about it faces a lawsuit. Hence, resetting, buying and even using a vehicle with an altered odometer is against the law and you have to know how to act if you bought a car with a rolled-back odometer.

Odometer fraud is also illegal in Europe. Twenty-five European countries have a law against it, however, 15% of the European Union’s population experienced “clocking”. Furthermore, not every country has the same laws which make it harder to control the process and deepen the cooperation within states. This is the reason why more than 70% of such cases in Europe happen near cross-border territories. The uprising of these unethical actions cost billions to European and US citizens alone each year. And if the tendency does not change, the law will become even harsher.

Why do people reset odometers?

Can digital odometer be tampered? Yes, it can be and even though it is illegal, people still do it. The question is “why?” The reason is that we pay too much importance to miles in an automobile. It has a higher value if the odometer shows the lower kilemeters. Consequently, people roll back mileage to sell a car at a better price. This idea is based on the misconception that high mileage unconditionally means “bad”. Although on rare occasions it is correct, there are several more important factors that we should be paying attention to. For example, where (on what terrain) and under what condition an owner used a vehicle. If an owner covered less distance but used it on rocky roads, it will not be in good condition. In this case, although it shows a low covered distance, the car will require more for its maintenance. 

Another important thing that pushes the owner to tamper with the odometer is Insurance companies. At first, you may think that they have nothing to do with it, but they calculate the prices according to the distance. Therefore, the more you drive, the more you pay. To minimize insurance payments, people reset the data and lie to insurance companies.

can digital car meter be tampered to avoid payments to insurance companies? Yes, you can change the odometer and people do it. However, always remember that such actions are not only extremely unethical but also illegal. Moreover, it will not free you from the payments and you still will have to pay for your policy.

To sum up, there are two major reasons why people tend to artificially change the distance on the instrument cluster. The first one is to make a bigger profit when they sell an auto. The second factor is the insurance companies that charge you according to the covered distance. Even though owners tried to somehow resolve this issue and avoid extra payments, any type of odometer tampering is illegal and they might have to pay a “heavy price” for their actions.

How to find out that an odometer has been reset

How to detect odometer reset

Is it possible to tamper digital odometer before selling a car? Yes, resetting the mileage has been a widespread strategy for sellers. As technologies are constantly developing it is becoming harder to detect the danger on time. Hence, it is crucial to know how to check the odometer rollback. There are several things you need to check before buying a pre-used vehicle.

  • Worn tires – the easiest way to examine is a physical appearance. Take a look at the tires and compare them to the distance that the dashboard shows. This will give you an overall idea of how often the owner used the auto and in what condition it could be. If it seems worn out but the owner claims that it is new, this may be the first alert for odometer malfunction. Also, verify the manufacturer details. The detailed information will be on the tires; 
  • Scratches on the instrument cluster – people need to remove an instrument cluster to reset an odometer. There is a big chance that during the process they make scratches on it. So, if you notice suspiciously many scratches be alert and investigate everything closely;
  • Wear and tear – new cars are always in perfect condition and you should not notice the sign of using. If you see that the seats do not seem new, the pedals are worn out, most likely the owner tries to cheat you and it is not as new, as he or she claims to be;
  • Damaged parts and replacements – nobody expects damaged parts when they are going to buy something new. This is the same in this case too. When you decide to buy a new automobile, it should not have damaged or replaced components. You should take that into consideration as well.

Can digital odometer be tampered? Modern cars with digital speedometers are easy to hack and spotting mileage discrepancies is even more difficult. Spotting altered distance would not be an issue, but because of ever-developing technologies, people use advanced and cheaper tools to achieve the same results. Sometimes CARFAX reports are also vulnerable to this problem. This is why you need to be patient and check as much as possible. 

What to do when you find odometer fraud

As we already know how can digital car meter be tampered and this illegal practice is becoming more common, it is essential to know how to react. Firstly, remember that odometer tampering is illegal and even using a car with altered mileage is against the law. If you think that someone rolled back an odometer, you should report the case right away. To do so, you can call the police or contact law enforcement government institutes. In the modern era, anyone can experience odometer fraud and in order to prevent legal disputes, you should know exactly what to do. 

Mileage blocker – the legal and effective device

is it possible to tamper digital odometer? Yes, and companies have gradually invented different devices to effectively change the mileage on the car. Despite many attempts all of them had the same issue: there were easily traceable. However, a team from Germany has created a Mileage Blocker. It simply stops counting up miles while a vehicle is in motion. The mileage blocker has the following advantages:

  • Easy DIY installation instructions;
  • The system does not store the information about the distance – the data is untraceable;
  • It has different modules you can choose from;
  • It has high-quality materials that are heat resistant and work in weather conditions;
  • The mileage blockers from SKF have a mobile app and you can control it via your mobile phone.

Fortunately, you can purchase the mileage blocker. Always keep in mind that the device is for testing purposes and using it on free highways is unethical. In case you need more information, you can visit the support page or contact the customer center.


Can digital odometer be tampered? The answer to this important question is YES. Vehicles with digital odometers are easy targets and you should avoid odometer fraud at all costs. There are plenty of illegal devices that delete the mileage on the car. The mileage blocker from SKF is a device that does not erase any data but simply stops the mileage recording process. It is the most ethical and legal method. You can buy the device online and also read more about this product.

Are mileage blockers illegal? – That would be the first question that came to your mind when you first heard about those modules. As long as mileage plays a significant role in determining the vehicle’s lifespan, people are eager to use various tools, including mileage blockers to manipulate the data. To say briefly, manipulating mileage for deceiving others is a criminal offense. However, there are situations where the usage of that tool can be ethical. Before we discuss which is the best blocker in the world, let’s discuss why mileage is so significant, what was an older method for correction, why is odometer fraud so widespread, and where the legality of the usage of blockers comes down. 

Let’s get down to business and learn more about mileage blockers and their function in more detail. Thus, you will know when and why to use it reasonably. 

Are mileage blockers illegal

Can mileage blockers be illegal?

It depends. Namely, mileage blockers are quite ethical modules that are used for ethical purposes, for example, test drives. However, if the tool is used for correcting odometer readings to deceive potential buyers, you should know that it is a criminal offense. Apart from mileage blockers, many alternatives are meant to alter the data. If we compare blockers and rollback modules we can say that blockers are more ethical. Their prime purpose is to stop counting kilometers when the automobile is in a controlled environment and we want to test the performance.  

As we already mentioned, odometer fraud is a crime. It is strictly controlled by the government. The federal government takes measures to eradicate the crime. There is a law that requires written disclosure of the mileage registered on an odometer to be provided on the title by the seller to the purchaser. Vehicles that are 10 years or older are exempt from odometer disclosure statements

Despite the severe fight against this crime, it is still increasing. The worst is that it became harder to spot such manipulation. In the past, when analog odometers tampered it was easier to guess. Let’s discuss in detail what is the statistics of the crime and the motives of those who commit that. 

Odometer fraud on the rise

Popularity of Odometer fraud

Are mileage blockers illegal? – Yes. According to the Federal statute 49 U.S. Code § 32703. It states that: A person cannot “disconnect, reset, alter, or have disconnected, reset, or altered, and odometer of a motor vehicle intending to change the mileage registered by the odometer.”

What causes the rise of crime? – The importance the mileage carries in determining the value of the automobile. Sellers use the possibility to make their property younger and put the higher price. According to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), this crime costs American car buyers more than $1 billion annually. To tell the truth, sometimes it is exaggerated, but mileage can be an indicator for many things such as maintenance schedule, possible wear and tear, engine lifespan, and so on. When we say that it is exaggerated, we mean that a vehicle with 20, 000 miles traveled can be in worse shape than another with 60, 000 miles.

This fraud happens internationally. Needless to say, it is not only America’s problem. According to research, the statistics of rollback odometers vary from country to country. The research was based on 900,000 car history reports generated throughout 2021. The leaders are the Baltics: Latvia comes in the first place with 24% of possible signs of odometer tampering. It is followed by Estonia and Lithuania. The issue is less severe in western European countries. The main reason for this is that those countries are wealthier and people there tend to buy brand new automobiles. 

The reason why this fraud brings big economic damage is the results it has. For example, when you buy a clocked auto, you pay more than usual, you have to pay more for maintenance and repairs than you expected and you have trouble selling it in the future. 

How do people correct mileage? – Then and now 

The answer to the question (Are mileage blockers illegal?) is unambiguous. However, was it always necessary to use those kinds of tools for rollback? – of course not. In the past, older cars had mechanical odometers. So, it was possible to roll back numbers manually. Another method was to jack up the rear wheels on safety stands and turn the wheels in reverse. It is time-consuming, but this slowly lowers the mileage numbers on the odometer. Now, most automobiles have digital odometers. So, you need instrument cluster removal or use a rollback device in order to change the odometer reading.  Plugs into your car’s computer port, people can program the mileage to show what they want. After a quick reset, the car will display the miles that were programmed into it.

It should be noted that tampered digital odometers are even harder to spot because there is no visible clue. That is the reason why it became a challenge for buyers to detect fraud. They need a complete pre-purchase inspection and additional history check in order to make sure that the mileage is genuine.

Below we discuss modern means of manipulating odometer, let’s see how mileage blockers differ from other alternatives. 

Mileage blocker vs other modules 

According to the common misconceptions, mileage blocker and other odometer correction modules are the same and equally unethical, but it is not so. One is stopping counting miles and the other is changing existing data. 

The goal of rollbacking existing kilometers is obviously unethical. Needless to say, people purchase it for fraudulent purposes. It serves as a means of deceiving other people. On the other hand, the best odometer correction tool, Mileage blocker from a Super Kilometer Filter is designed for a particular purpose. We created the most reliable module you can use for testing the performance of your beloved auto without worrying about unnecessary miles on the odometer. You can use it in a controlled environment and be sure that it won’t disappoint you. We do not recommend using it on public roads. Remember, are mileage blockers illegal? – No, until you decide to use it unethically.

What makes mileage blocker special?

The best thing about the blocker is that it is undetectable. As you know most rollback modules remove information on the surface, data still stays in another control unit. So, it just takes a small effort to detect genuine mileage data. On the other hand, the Mileage blocker works like a magic wand! It is not traceable during diagnostics. How does it happen? It happens simply because it removes information from all control units unconditionally. 

Mileage blocker – The best tool in 2022 

We know that the market is full of competition but choosing the product that offers you a flawless performance takes effort. Premium quality module from Germany is designed to exceed your expectations by all means. You won’t come across additional issues which you often have when it comes to lower-quality alternatives. We devote a lot of time to programming, so you can be sure that altered mileage is completely undetectable. Ironically that’s the reason why people tend to use the module for malicious purposes. That’s why there comes a legitimate question: Are mileage blockers illegal?  Even though using mileage blockers is allowed in most countries, there is still room for this question. It’s all dishonest people’s fault.

It doesn’t cause any flaws in the Can Bus system  

The most unsatisfying thing with many alternative modules is that they cause flaws in the Can Bus system. CAN Bus is a quite complex system, It’s the electronic communications system in vehicles that allows different parts to communicate with each other, including the engine, the transmission, and the brakes. So, this is no longer a problem when it comes to the extraordinary Mileage blocker. Hence, loyal customers around the world choose it. Needless to say, their satisfaction is our priority, So we provide a good support.

How to install

Installation is very easy. It is installed behind the speedometer. If you are a DIY enthusiast, it will be the easiest task for you. All you need to do is to follow instructions, remove your digital dashboard, insert the module between the incoming cable and the dashboard and that’s all. The mileage stopper will automatically integrate with the software to halt the mileage recording process when required.

Good to know 

Just a reminder! Legal usage of the module is completely acceptable. Are mileage blockers illegal? – Mileage blockers are not illegal as they are meant for testing purposes unless they are used with the intention of deceiving others.


So, you already know that the legality of mileage blockers depends on several factors. You also know about mileage fraud and its statistics, which indicate that it happens too often and you can easily become a victim of the fraud. The above-mentioned information will help you easily identify the trap you are going to fall into. Needless to say, you should purchase and enjoy new gadgets for your car, but do not forget ethics. Let’s ask the question in another way. Instead of “Are mileage blockers illegal?”, let’s ask: what does illegal usage of mileage blockers mean?

A car odometer is an integral part of any vehicle. However many drivers do not notice it.   Nowadays, many motorists have little knowledge of the automotive industry. They are not familiar with every car part and confuse different terms with each other. You should always take a closer look at the instrument cluster panel because it allows you to pay attention to the current condition of your automobile. So, it is always worth considering. If those instruments don’t function properly, you should take measures as soon as possible. What attracts your attention during driving? Have you ever found yourself paying attention to your speedometer and ignoring the odometer? Maybe you realize the function of it very well and do not need additional explanation. Good for you! However, there are many interesting things to discuss and it will be great if we talk about them one by one.

Let’s get down to business and start talking about car Odo, what it is, how it works, and what you need to consider.

What is a car odometer?

It is a tool that counts the distance traveled by a vehicle. It is mainly used for detecting mileage. The tool is located near the speedometer, which is for measuring the speed of a vehicle in motion. Vehicle odometer may be electronic, mechanical, or electromechanical. If you buy an automobile in Europe or Asia, you see the mileage in kilometers. If you purchase it in the USA, mileage is shown in miles. 

Odometer and other instrument panel features

As we mentioned above, there are various tools and indicators in the car that are sometimes confusing for less experienced drivers. Some of them attract the driver’s attention easily, but they all play a significant role. Let’s review one of the most important components of the dashboard which is generally called indicator lights. They can show engine temperature, door, airbag indicator, brake, RPM, speedometer, seat belt, and odometer. All of them serve different functions. However, some people still confuse speedometers and odometers with each other. Let’s define them one more time. A speedometer is used to keep track of the current speed of the automobile, while a car mileage meter is used to measure the total distance traveled.

Odometer characteristics

Mileage and used cars

When it comes to saving money, the best decision is to buy a preowned automobile. The two most important factors help to make a final decision: mileage and age. Price is determined considering those factors. Higher mileage means low price and vice versa. Another topic of discussion is the accuracy of the odometer auto. Sometimes it is misleading. The reason for the inaccuracy is faults in the odometer working. However, there are many cases of manipulation.

 For the above-mentioned reason, there are control mechanisms that aim to protect buyers’ rights. To tell the truth, people who manipulate mileage are not afraid of facing legal issues. Hence, buyers need to take the initiative and do the inspection themselves. The most common methods include visual and documents inspection. Visual inspection means estimating the general wear and tear of the automobile components and their relevance to the mileage information. Another is checking documents. You should consider a service book which usually implies useful information, including mileage.

Legal mechanism against mileage manipulation

Odometer fraud became a widespread tendency in the automotive industry. So, for tackling this issue, An odometer disclosure statement became a compulsory legal document. Sellers in all 50 States of the USA must fill if their vehicles are below 16,000 pounds and under 10 years of age. The Federal odometer law, prohibits the disconnection, resetting, or alteration of a motor vehicle’s odometer with the intent to change the number of miles indicated thereon. This document declares the mileage and certifies that it is correct. If the mileage is known to be incorrect, it must be indicated on the statement.

The car odometer is broken – What can I do?

When the odometer stops working, there is a high probability that it is broken. The plastic gears that turn an analog odometer have a tendency to break, which causes the odometer to stop spinning. So what can you do about it? Do you want to learn how to read the mileage from the broken odometer? Let’s review some widespread methods of mileage verification that will be useful in case your car Odo is out of order. Here are a few ways:

Odometer diagnostic tool. It is a good device enabling you to access the current odometer reading. This tool is good at discovering any issues and identifying the problems but do not hope that it detects mileage discrepancy.

Telematics. You can easily get mileage related information if you are using telematics. The telematics system is a great help for fleet managers. This system allows gathering information about automobiles’ location, activity, engine diagnostics and provides data on software platforms.

Vehicle history report. Many companies offer a careful investigation of your automobile’s past. They gather information from repair shops. So you can get the report with useful information including mileage data. One of the most famous companies is Carfax. All you need is a VIN code. Bear in mind that Carfax analyzes the mileage history and reports the potential discrepancy. So, there are no guarantees.

Software solutions. In the era of modern technology, when most cars are internet-connected, there is a wide range of mileage tracking software that is considered a great alternative. Those programs are mainly for salespeople, field service technicians, or project managers. So, if you are using this program, you can be sure that you will access mileage data at any rate.

Vehicle odometer manipulation 

Odometer tampering practice started in the past when subjects of manipulation were analog odometers. Some people thought that it would be impossible in the case of digital ones. The truth is that it is completely realistic and done with various devices. So, as a buyer, be careful, you may become the victim of a scam. The good news is that you can check the auto before purchasing and take a closer look at any alarming signs. How can you spot them? You can estimate the general wear and tear, look at pedals, seats, steering wheel.

Besides, you can perform a visual inspection of the analog odometer. You can spot twisted digits, missed dash screws, scratches on the instrument cluster and noise during the test drive.

What tools do people use?

People use various rollback devices that allow them to change mileage-related data on the odometer. There are various types of mileage correction tools on the market. According to, “These tools are passed off as legal devices because they are advertised as tools for recalibrating an odometer when the vehicle’s speed sensor is damaged or if the instrument panel faults. In these cases, mileage correction tools can reset instrument panels, copy, write or rewrite chip data”. But the point is that scammers use every reset tool for unethical purposes, namely for “clocking”. In most places, you face legal charges, so it is very risky to use devices.anyone who makes a proper investigation can easily discover it.So, people have found a better alternative recently.

Mileage blocker has become a new obsession for automotive enthusiasts. It is a high-quality product from Germany that gained popularity recently. It has easy DIY installation instruction and performs much better than its counterfeits. The support team is always ready to assist you in case of any complications. Manufacturers created it for legal and ethical purposes, like testing and tuning. Unfortunately, scammers started using it for personal gain because of its untraceable performance. Keep in mind, do not use it on public roads. You can buy mileage blocker from superkilometerfilter online. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the customer center.


All in all, I am sure you have realized the ultimate importance and usefulness of a car mileage meter. You already know how much it can tell about your automobile. Whether you are a purchaser or buyer, you should keep in mind that the odometer auto plays one of the significant roles.  So, I suggest you do not underestimate it. Paying proper attention to it will benefit you because it can be a great reminder for scheduled maintenance. Do not let a broken odometer cause unwanted problems!