How do I know if my mileage is genuine? -There are various methods to check if it is precise. Verifying odometer reading will be useful not only if you already own an automobile but also in the future when you decide to buy it. Sometimes odometer does not work properly because of several reasons or sometimes people alter data to their advantage. Whatever the cause, you should find a way to discover the hidden data. Before we discuss those tips and tricks, let’s start with the definition of odometer fraud, what is it and what are the protection mechanisms against it. You will also learn what is the most common cause of misleading data.

Let’s get down to business and learn everything about the most interesting topic you may come across if you already own or want to buy a car. 

What is odometer tempering

Odometer fraud is the disconnection, resetting, or alteration of a vehicle’s odometer with the intent to change the number of miles indicated. According to the Federal statute 49 U.S. Code § 32703, a person cannot “advertise for sale, sell, use, install, or have installed, a device that makes an odometer of a motor vehicle register a mileage different from the mileage the vehicle was driven, as registered by the odometer within the designed tolerance of the manufacturer of the odometer”. To put it simply, it is a crime. As usual, the causes are lessening insurance premiums and increasing market prices of pre-owned cars.

According to common misconceptions, mileage is the most important factor to determine the condition of the vehicle. Needles to say, it is one of the important criteria, but not the most important. There are lots of things to take into consideration. For example, how well it is maintained, what is the age or how well it performs generally. 

As you may guess, the false odometer reading is a widespread problem and it damages financially thousands of people every year.  There are serious campaigns to raise public awareness. There are state enforcement agencies nationwide. The Office of Odometer Fraud Investigation is staffed with criminal investigators. Fraud is sometimes very hard to identify so everyone needs to follow some rules that help to stay protected at any rate. 

Before we discuss measures for protection, let’s find out when we may come across incorrect data displayed on the odometer. 

How do I know if my mileage is genuine?

genuine mileage

You may suspect that the odometer does not show relevant information and it is not your fault. If you decide to change tire size in order to improve appearance, be sure that you may find misleading data displayed on the odometer. Moreover, worn-out tires also affect the distance recorded. Hence, avoiding worn-out tires will serve you in multiple ways. 

How do I know if my mileage is genuine? – Take a closer look at your odometer. It will be hard for you to get precise information if it is broken. However, there are some tips and tricks that help to get information from it. According to, you still can get it with the following methods.

Top methods

  • Odometer scan tool. All you need to do is connect it to the onboard diagnostic port, the information will be on the screen of the scanner.
  • Online vehicle telematics. ( BMW safety assist, Toyota Safety Connect, etc) Those systems allow you to obtain a reading from manufacturers’ servers. For this purpose, you can use their application or website. 
  • Obtain records from your key memory. Some modern brands have a key to store that data on the chip. You will need to take it to the dealership and let them scan it. 
  • Dealership service department. Instead of paying for the expensive scan tools, it will be better if you ask for help. If you still suspect that you have wrong information and ask yourself how do I know if my mileage is genuine? Do not hesitate, ask who knows better.
  • State title and report – most states have this service that allows you to see your title. You can access all the necessary information including inspection dates and odometer readings.
  • Vehicle history report  – It is one of the most convenient methods for everyone to gather desirable information including, sales, repair, and other data. In short, all you need is your VIN code, a 17-digit number and you will know the past of the targeted auto. Who owned it, what was done to the automobile, and if it was in an accident. A lot of websites can provide you with this service, one of the most popular and reliable is Carfax.

Mileage is misleading – Causes

Causes of misleading mileage

What is the reason behind it? The most obvious reason is the broken odometer. It generally happens with analog odometers. It has plastic gears that may break. Anyone can easily fix it with the help of video tutorials. 

Be careful when you replace tires. Variable tire size is what greatly affects the miles displayed. No matter what you use, larger or smaller, the information will become misleading. The main reason why tires play the role is that your odometer is always calibrated to the size of stock tires. How does your odometer calculate traveled distance? In the front tires, there is a sensor. This sensor monitors the total revolutions made by your tires and then sends the signal to the ECU. So, larger tires mean that numbers add up faster on the odometer because they cover more distance with every revolution it makes. Bear in mind, that when you change them make sure that you recalibrated your odometer. 

The inaccuracy is usual when you use smaller tires. The only difference is that numbers are adding up slower. The point is that if you ignore it, you will get an inaccurate reading at any rate.

The danger of odometer fraud

You may ask a question: How do I know if my mileage is genuine? The final and the most dangerous reason which makes you think that something is wrong is odometer fraud.

Unfortunately, messing up odometer data on purpose is a very common crime among individuals who want to hide real information when they try to sell used vehicles. What’s the point? The point is that sometimes, covered distance is considered to be the most important factor in estimating the general conditions of the automobile. Even though this factor is mainly overrated, many motorists still consider it important when they search for reliable automobiles on the market. So, that’s why many people lie about it. They address various methods to change displayed information to their advantage. Sometimes it’s quite hard for people to discover this mileage discrepancy. 

How to avoid odometer fraud 

As we mentioned, odometer fraud is the disconnection, resetting, or alteration of a vehicle’s odometer with the intent to change the numbers displayed. NHTSA is fighting against it regularly. They want consumers to know how to spot this fraud, how to protect themselves, and what to do in case of discovering this discrepancy. They offer tips to avoid becoming the victim of this crime. The tips are the followings:

  • Ask the title and make sure to examine it closely. Make sure that the information on that is easy to read. 
  • Ask for the inspection and maintenance documentation. Besides taking a closer look at oil change and maintenance stickers. Those things will help you to indicate how precise the odometer reading can be.  How do I know if my car mileage is genuine? – make sure you get to know the whole documentation.
  • Take a closer look at general wear and tear. Physical inspection is a great source of information for you. For example, if the odometer shows 20,000 or less, it should have the original tires. Additionally, estimate the conditions of gas, brake, and clutch pedals. They should be appropriate compared to the data you are told. 
  • Ask for help. If you do not consider yourself an automotive expert, search for a good mechanic and ask him to take a closer look at the automobile.

Why do people correct odometers? 

As we talked about before, people may correct odometers for various reasons. Some reasons are justified but some are considered to be a crime. The point is that when you do the correction for any purpose you should report it accordingly. On the other hand, if you are the potential buyer of a pre-owned automobile, you should have the answer to the following question: How do I know if my mileage is genuine?

The most famous method for messing up odometers is rollback. Even digital odometers can be rolled back by removing the circuit board or using a special tool that hooks right into the electronic circuit. Those tools are easily available in online shops. So, dishonest people take advantage of them and use them for unethical purposes. As it became obvious, with the proper equipment anyone may easily detect this manipulation. So, many people realized it and they try to use more reliable equipment with better results. In the following paragraph, I will tell you about the extraordinary module which serves a very useful purpose but because of its flawless performance, it is used for deceitful purposes. 

What is the best module that stops the kilometer recording process flawlessly?

Let me introduce you to a Mileage blocker which is an extraordinary module that is capable to halt adding up mileage from all control units. What makes it special? Is it easy to install it? Because it is able to do it all untraceably. Altered data remains untraceable unconditionally. Our team created the premium-quality module for useful purposes, such as testing your automobile without worrying about unnecessary miles displayed on the odometer. However, because of its flawless performance and reliability, it is used for malicious purposes. The producers of these tools do not recommend their unethical usage. What is the best advantage you get if you shop for it? The kilometers do not add up spontaneously after removing the module. In case you need additional information visit our support and costumer center.


Now, you know how important it is to know genuine data when it comes to owning or choosing a reliable automobile for you. If you want to find the answer: How do I know if my car mileage is genuine? You can read through the blog one more time and choose the most acceptable method for you. It is possible to ensure the reliability of the data by searching for as much information as possible regarding the targeted automobile. Now if your friend asks you,” How do I know if my mileage is genuine?” – What will you answer? I think you know. 

In a world where car-related fraud has become quite widespread, it’s become crucial to know how to check mileage on car. You have to rely on yourself and do proper research before investing in a vehicle. If you’re not careful, you might end up wasting your money, and let’s face it – nobody wants to deal with such situations. That’s why it’s so important to verify whether the mileage you see on the odometer is genuine or not.

How to find car mileage? How to check genuine mileage on a car? – these are just some of the questions we’ll answer today. Keep on reading and you’ll find all the information you need.

How to find car mileage?

Even though the majority of vehicles display mileage on their odometers, some models might not show that information on the dashboard. Modern cars are becoming more and more flexible, enabling you to choose what you want to see on the panel. That’s the reason why you might not see the exact mileage on the odometer.

Of course, the ways to find the car mileage will vary from model to model. This means that you’ll have to select a different combination of buttons to access the correct numbers. For instance, you might have to press the combination of “UP” and “DOWN” buttons if you want to see the actual mileage of your Mercedes-Benz. Once you do that, you should be able to find the information you were looking for.

If you have an older car, you’ll easily find the mileage. The vehicles with analog odometers showcase the miles on the dashboard itself. So, you’ll just have to look at the instrument cluster, find a good ol’ odometer and that’s it. It’s as easy as it can get.

But what happens if the mileage has been altered? In that case, you’ll have to learn how to check original mileage of a car.

How to check genuine mileage on a car?

Checking genuine mileage on a car

Unfortunately, it’s becoming crucially important to learn how to check vehicle mileage. Unless we know how to access the real numbers, we might easily get deceived. The market of used cars is filled with vehicles that have had their mileage altered. The truth is – the odometer rollback is way more common than you might think. additionally, it will be better if you know what is a good mileage on a used automobile.

How to check how many miles a car has, then? – well, there are some manual ways to figure out the mileage of your vehicle. They aren’t as complicated as they seem, however, they do require some experimentation and a little bit of math. When you go through all the steps, you’ll be able to count the genuine mileage of your beloved car.

The easiest way to check the actual mileage of your car is to prepare for a road trip, grab some money for fuel, and a notepad (or your phone) for notes. Once you’re ready, you should go through the following steps:

  • Fill up the tank. There’s no need to get greedy and overfill. You just need to pour as much fuel as the tank can accommodate. The main thing is to remember how many gallons of fuel you use;
  • Reset the odometer to zero;
  • Drive at an average speed to make sure you’re not using excessive fuel;
  • Drive around till you reach 200 miles approximately. It’s better to take a long road trip to make sure there are no discrepancies in the final calculations;
  • Fill up the tank once more (the same rules apply);
  • Calculate the mileage by dividing the mileage (displayed on the odometer) by the amount of fuel you used. The result will be the genuine mileage of your vehicle.

This information will also give you an idea about the fuel efficiency of your car and help you figure out how to improve gas mileage, so you get double benefits.

How to check the original mileage of a car?

Obtaining original mileage

Now that we know how to check the mileage on a car, let’s figure out what you should do to trace the original mileage of the vehicle. By doing so, you’ll be able to understand whether you’re dealing with odometer discrepancy or not. After all, it’s always better to be cautious in the beginning than deal with fraud after you make the purchase. Don’t rely on solely diagnostic tools to detect mileage correction.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to be an expert to figure out whether the odometer has been rolled back or not. There are a couple of “red flags” that you should watch out for. You need to know where to look.

Examine the condition of the car

Why do we pay attention to the mileage in the first place? It’s because it gives us an idea about the condition of the vehicle. But it’s not the only part that can have that information. The longer you own the car, the higher the mileage will be. Therefore, the wear and tear of its components will be more noticeable. Even though you can make your car last longer with proper car care, you’ll have a hard time preventing unavoidable wear and tear.

Examine the exterior for serious damage, then look at the interior (seatbelt, steering wheel, the chairs). If you see the signs of prolonged usage but the odometer displays lower mileage, bingo, you’ve discovered odometer fraud.

Conduct a minor research

Even though the abovementioned method can be quite useful, it’s not exactly bulletproof. Some people take really good care of their cars, making it difficult to follow the steps we just described. If I were you, I would certainly conduct a small research and get as much data as possible.

To do so, you can request MOT certificates and service documents and compare the mileage readings. You can also check the original mileage by reaching out to previous owners. You could use professional services and get a history check, as well. That way, you’ll know for sure what you’re dealing with.

Test your car frequently

Another way to verify the mileage of the vehicle is to test it frequently with an advanced tool, such as the kilometer stopper. You can connect it directly to the vehicle and use it whenever needed. It will prevent your car from accumulating unwanted miles in a controlled environment. However, it’s important to buy a premium-quality mileage blocker to make sure you don’t end up with yet another fraudulent/unusable device. We produce products from premium quality components that guarantees the satisfaction of our loyal costumers. 


As we have seen, it’s not that difficult to learn how to check the mileage on a car. You could be interested in this information for personal reasons. You might be willing to know the real mileage of the vehicle you want to buy. Either way, the steps we discussed above will help you in that process. They might seem overwhelming, but, from my personal experience, you’ll be able to find all the needed information online. If you don’t know how to find car mileage, you might become an easy target for deception. Do your research, consider the tips and tricks I just told you about and you’ll be able to purchase the perfect car for your needs. Good luck, fella.