Potential odometer rollback is a common act of tampering with the vehicle that results in false odometer reading. As usual, the main goal of such tampering is to increase the sale price. Needless to say, it is a dishonest practice. Hiding real mileage for malicious purposes is illegal. Various organizations are fighting against it. For example, NHTSA creates campaigns to raise awareness in society. However, most parts depend on an individual’s effort. With a help of comprehensive information, we can protect ourselves and not let other people lie to us. What can we do? How to protect ourselves from this danger? – There are a variety of recommendations that will help you make decisions about taking measures to avoid becoming the victim. Before we move to the recommendations, let’s get to know what is “clocking”, who are victims of this crime, and what people use for such manipulation, how can we identify signs of such manipulation. 

Let’s get started and learn everything about potential odometer rollback.

What does potential odometer rollback mean? 

Also known as “busting miles” or “clocking” is an illegal practice of rolling back odometers to make them appear that it has lower mileage than it really has. It happened since the invention of odometers. In the past it happened manually with analog odometers, now digital odometers are tempered with a help of various devices that are sold freely online. 

Those tools are plugged into the car’s computer port, and people who aim to change the numbers can choose what they want their mileage to be. After resetting, automobiles display the numbers they choose. 

As for the analog odometer, you do not need special equipment. All you need to do is remove the panel and roll it back manually.

When we are talking about the possible clocking, it means that we suspect that the owner or dishonest dealer used some method to correct data for a deceitful purpose. You can employ various methods to find the hidden truth. 

You may think that it does not threaten you, but let me tell you that you can become a victim even without knowing it. Strictly speaking, it harms you not only financially but also can be dangerous for your life.

Look through the statistical data and judge the situation yourself. 

Who are potential victims and how are they identified? 

Potential targets and their identification

According to the NHTSA preliminary report, the problem is severe for American consumers, any vehicle on the used car market can be the object of tempering. Late-model Vehicles which accumulate high mileage in a short period are objects of tampering. Additionally, automobiles in business or rental fleets are victims of such manipulation. As long as the distance traveled is considered one of the key indicators of the condition and therefore the price.

Carfax is the leading vehicle history database. They report complete information about the accidents, maintenance, number of owners, odometer readings, emission inspection records, and other helpful information. They get comprehensive and truthful information from several sources such as Manufacturers U.S. motor vehicle agencies Auto auctions and salvage auctions, service/maintenance facilities insurance companies, car dealerships Import/export companies, Canadian motor vehicle records, and consumer protection agencies. As you can see, the list is long. Hence, it indicates how trustworthy the company is. The company marks an automobile with “Potential Odometer Rollback”, if two consecutive odometer readings are less than a year apart, the latter is a least 3 000 miles lower than the earlier one or 1 mile lower than the earlier.

The price of being a victim

As a buyer, you may put yourself in danger unconsciously. You may skip scheduled maintenance. Hence, it makes your transport less safe. 

You pay more than usual. As we mentioned above, distance traveled is one of the main indicators in determining the price.  

You need to report actual data to the insurance or financial company. If they discovered the truth before you, you may find yourself in an inconvenient situation. 

Signs of a possible odometer rollback

As we previously mentioned, some tips and tricks will help us to identify signs of odometer correction. It means you may not need a comprehensive investigation in order to guess that something is wrong. The identification happens differently, depending on the type of odometer. 

With mechanical odometers, physical signs of tampering are clearly visible. Scratch marks,  loose screws, messed up numbers on display, uneven spacing, unreadable numbers, and finally if you perform a test drive and numbers do not add up – all of that is an inevitable indication that it has been tampered with.

As for the digital one, the potential odometer rollback is not obvious. It’s harder to spot it. In this case, you need to inspect other parts and components such as steering wheels, driver’s seat, and brakes. If you have enough time it would be a good idea to inspect the auto completely and make your conclusions. If you are not confident in your abilities, you can ask for the help of an experienced professional who can say if the data is relevant to the general condition of wheels.  

How to detect genuine data? 

Detect the original data

We already talked about signs of rollback and tips to spot it effectively. Now let’s move to the particular measures to take in order to reveal potential odometer rollback. It should be noted that you can make conclusions yourself based on VIN checks, specific documents, or through visual inspection. Let’s discuss them one by one in more detail. 

Vin check

VIN is a 17-digit identification number for cars. It can reveal public information about automobiles such as features, specifications, and manufacturers. You can track registrations, warranty claims, emission ratings, and details like engine size, transmission, and fuel type. Additionally, you can learn whether it was stolen in the past or had a road accident. Needless to say, it provides you with mileage-related information at different periods.


Checking documentation closely is always a good idea when it comes to making purchase decisions. Documents always give you comprehensive information, it’s hard for others to lie to you when you take a closer look at details. You can compare data with what the seller says to you. Always ask for the original title. Do not trust copies, because dishonest sellers always try to forge those copies. 

Visual inspection

If you take a closer look at the steering wheel, pedals, seats, tires, pedals. You can estimate how worn out they are. With regular usage, from time to time the top layer wears off compared to other parts of the wheel.  If the seat adjustment mechanism is broken or not working, it’s a sign that it is not as new as the seller wants to show. If the pedals and driver’s side carpet look excessively worn, but the less km covered, the odometer has been tampered with.  


If you are not confident in your automotive skills, you better visit an experienced mechanic.  Mechanics have a better understanding of the internal condition of vehicles. They can guess easily if something is wrong. The most obvious indicator for potential odometer rollback can be when the seller refuses to allow a mechanic to perform a more detailed inspection. 

What do people use for “clocking”? 

People use different methods to mess with mileage-related data indicated on the odometer. In the past it was a manual job. “enthusiasts” remove the panel and changed data according to their wish. When it comes to the electronic odometer, there is a wide range of rollback tools that aims to decrease the numbers displayed. The biggest problem with those tools is that information is not removed from other control units, which means that anyone who takes a closer inspection discovers tampering. If you try those tools, you discover yourself in an inconvenient situation. In the worst-case scenario, you will face legal issues.

Apart from illegal tools, people start using the ethical tool called, Mileage blocker which is an extraordinary device for those who want to halt the kilometer recording process unconditionally. The purpose of halting this process may have ethical reasons such as testing the performance in a controlled environment. Installation is very easy, but if you come across any difficulty, our support team is ready to provide any service you may need. The most fascinating is that kilometers do not add up instantly even after removing the module. You can shop for it on our website. Unfortunately, wrongdoers benefit from the innovative possibilities of the module and use it for malicious purposes. 

At Super Kilometer filter We recommend not to use it for deceitful purposes. Committing odometer fraud is an illegal act that is strictly prohibited in the civilized world. 


So, you know the meaning behind the potential odometer rollback and also how to spot it like a pro. So, you know what to consider when it comes to the manipulation of odometers. On the other hand, as a buyer, you are armed with the knowledge that will guide you through the purchasing process. I guess you are well-informed of all the risks that are related to buying and selling automobiles. 

Can you fix mileage on a car? – you may ask this question hundred times. The short answer is -yes, but is it ethical? We all know that if your only goal is to increase its value and deceive potential customers, you are committing fraud. Altering odometer reading is prohibited by federal law. Governmental organizations and individuals fight against this crime but there are thousands of victims.

According to the NHTSA, every year almost 450 000 vehicles are sold with false odometer readings. They launched a campaign to raise awareness in society about the issue. So, consumers are more aware of the problem. It’s also important to realize when you break the law. Sometimes correction is inevitable and it serves a purpose. Knowing how to do correction yourself may help you to identify the case when someone tries to deceive you. So, the more you know, the better you are ready for a puzzling situation.

Can you fix mileage on a car? – Yes, you can do it, even with digital odometers. You just need to follow several steps. But before we move to process description, let’s set boundaries between what is legal and what is not. 

 When is odometer clocking illegal

According to the federal statute  49 USC 32703(2), a person may not “disconnect, reset, alter, or have disconnected, reset, or altered, and odometer of a motor vehicle intending to change the mileage registered by the odometer.” People who mess with odometers also forge documents. A car title is an official document where mileage-related information is transferred from owner to buyer. Wrongdoers are familiar with various ways to hide genuine information. Sometimes they hide the original title and show copies of the documents, so it is easier to edit the data to their advantage. Sometimes they alter figures or make it unclear who is responsible for alteration by using a fictitious dealership. It is a short scheme of falsifying odometer readings.

Clocking for dishonest purposes

Wha is "Clocking"?

Needless to say, the motivation of people who manage that manipulation is unethical. Mileage is considered one of the most important criteria for many consumers when they choose an automobile. Many experts claim that it is somehow overrated and there are more to pay attention to, such as age, safety features, reliability, fuel economy, etc. Sometimes those things are ignored in favor of mileage. Strictly speaking, you will never know how reliable your auto is if you do not examine its performance accordingly. Some motorists are sure that you shouldn’t shy away from the high mileage. Those cars last longer because they lubricate themselves more often and it extends the lifespan of the engine.

To sum up, rollback is prohibited anytime when it is done for malicious purposes. The most common tendency is to lie to the insurance company in order to pay less. Organizations such as NHTSA are actively involved to eradicate this crime. They ensure that considering certain recommendations will prevent us from becoming a victim of fraud. 

Correction is not always against the law. Sometimes it is a necessity under particular circumstances. Can you fix mileage on a car yourself? – Yes, you can. We will talk about it later. Before we do that, let’s discuss cases when you correct the odometer but you do not violate the law.

The legality of odometer correction 

As we have already talked about, you may come across situations when you need mileage correction. This usually happens when the data is misleading for a particular reason.

The chief reason for this is that the odometer doesn’t work properly. Mostly, it is broken. In modern automobiles, you can still learn genuine mileage, because it is stored in other control units. As for the older models, it is impossible, data is not stored anywhere. The only way is to replace it. Whatever the model, replacement is allowed. You can still do it independently. All you need to do is make sure that the odometer displays actual data. Sometimes when it doesn’t work, the point is that it is not relevant to the current tire size. If you change stock tires with a non-standard one, make sure that it is calibrated accordingly, otherwise, the odometer will show the wrong numbers.

You may know that mileage is counted according to the wheel rotations. Sometimes, consumers forget the fact that an odometer uses a particular metric system. They ignore the obvious difference between miles and kilometers and make conclusions without thinking. 

All above-mentioned cases are legitimate enough to replace the odometer and adjust it as a rule. You do not break the law if you have some logical concerns and disclose that information to potential customers. 

Reasons for correction

According to common belief, good excuses for such correction are as followings:

  • After jump-starting
  • After dashboard damage
  • An electrical fault 
  • After installing a new engine
  • Gauge failure
  • After installing the pre-owned odometer

As for the resetting after the engine swap, we should admit that it is not ethical. So, as you conclude, it is a quite controversial topic. 

Can you fix mileage on a car with the intent of a test drive? – Yes, of course. As long as the test drive in a controlled environment is a common practice, many people desperately search for a way to do that without adding unnecessary miles on the display. Some people still do not know about the innovative solution that guarantees to prevent additional kilometers add up. This module, known as Mileage blocker, an extraordinary tool that halts the mileage recording process. The best thing about the tool is that it removes mileage-related information from all control units, which makes the module completely undetectable. Unfortunately, wrongdoers benefit from this untraceable effect and use the blocker for deceiving other people. 

I’m sure you do not have a malicious purpose, however, if you learn about  DIY techniques for fixing mileage. So, if someone tries to deceive you, you will be ready to identify such a thing and take proper measures.

Can you fix mileage on a car

Can you fix mileage on a car - detailed information

The process involves 3 steps. Those steps are as follows:

Change the instrument cluster. Mostly, the mileage is stored in it. if you replace it, the mileage becomes zero. The optimal way is to transfer miles from the old unit before replacing it.

Tampering with a knob. You may have seen a knob near the dashboard which serves multiple functions such as temperature measurement and indicating the remaining fuel. Did you know that it is widely used for messing with odometers? All you need to do is push it for a few seconds.

Reassemble the odometer. If you are an automotive enthusiast who is aware of the parts and components of automobiles, it will be a piece of cake, especially if it is an older model, because, in those days, the odometer was mechanical. All you need is a screwdriver and some skills. The only barrier would be a tamper-proof seal. Wait! Why do we discuss analog odometers? You may have that question. Really, we live in the digital era, hence, we have digital odometers.

Rollback tools

What do you think, can you fix mileage on a car in this case? Thanks to modern technologies and online marketing, you can easily become the owner of various tools. There is a wide range of them on the market. To tell the truth, those tools are unethical, but people do not refuse their usage of them. The worst thing is that those modules leave a trace. Anyone who conducts little research found discrepancy because this information exists in other control units. There comes the visible advantage of Mileage blockers, which is completely undiscoverable. That’s why it is a favorite module for anyone who uses it reasonably. 

We should emphasize one more time, we do not recommend unethical usage of the module. We designed the module which is very sophisticated with premium quality parts from Germany. After purchasing we offer proper installation and technical support you can visit our costumer center and get answers to all your questions.

Clocked car is dangerous

Before you start researching “can you fix mileage on a car”? and do that to deceive others, think twice. The thing is not only fraud, it can be dangerous for people. A person who believes in low mileage does not consider maintaining the auto properly. Skipping scheduled maintenance can hurt the components and parts that play an important role in the proper functioning of automobiles. Hence, be careful and properly investigate possible corrections, otherwise, you may put your life in danger unconsciously. 


As you already know, can you fix mileage on a car? – yes you can. You need to make sure that you have a legal reason for that manipulation. If you have a purpose to deceive others, think twice, you may face serious charges because it is a violation of the law. Use tools that offer you flawless performance. I guess you know what to choose!

Have you ever checked a mileage blocker review on the internet? Do you have a clear understanding of what exactly the mileage blocker is? Why do people choose them instead of rollback tools? Those tools have gained popularity recently. People are searching for the best versions of them which meet their needs. The primary function of blockers is to stop the mileage recording process. However, it is not the end of the story. the device should satisfy the needs of consumers in terms of convenience and reliability. The customer’s satisfaction depends on the quality of the product.  The quality is determined by several factors starting from components to manufacturing. 

Before we name what is the top product on the market, let’s take a closer look at the differences between rollback and blocker tools, and learn what people do for paying less for insurance, or sell their automobiles at higher prices. Additionally, you will see an Odometer Blocker review that is the leader on the market. Let’s get started!

Mileage blockers vs rollback tools 

As we already mentioned, mileage correction is a very popular practice among motorists. Sometimes it happens for legitimate reasons, however, sometimes it is prohibited, especially when people do it for malicious purposes. We will discuss that unethical usage later. Now let’s focus on the tools people choose for correct mileage. There are two main types: mileage blockers and rollback tools. 

Let’s start with the rollback devices. In older days mileage rollback meant manually reversing numbers on mechanical odometers. Nowadays, when cars are equipped with digital odometers, the whole process is altering the car’s circuit board and editing the displayed mileage by putting whatever number you want. One of the biggest problems with those rewind tools is that they can’t access other control units. Hence, information is easily discoverable with the help of diagnostic devices. Apart from that, installing them requires cutting wires. That makes them inconvenient for customers. 

Mileage blockers serve differently. They do not alter existing data, they just halt recording miles. In addition to that, they are simple, plug-and-play modules. No soldering or cutting cables are necessary. That is an additional benefit for customers who are seeking simplicity and convenience in a hectic world. If you read the Mileage blocker review, you may know that it is superior to counterfeits. It is an outstanding device in terms of reliability, to put it simply, altered information remains untraceable completely.

As you can see odometer blocker is a favorite module for altering data, at the same time it can be a dangerous tool for those who use modules to their advantage. Altering mileage data and deceiving potential buyers is a criminal offense. Keep reading and learn what is called – odometer fraud.  

People use illegal methods for paying less 

Illegal use of modern devices to pay less

Odometer fraud is a significant consumer fraud issue. It is also referred to as “busting miles” or “clocking” is the illegitimate practice of rolling back odometers to make it appear that vehicles have lower mileage than they actually do. The motivation for fraud is mainly to increase the price of pre-owned automobiles. generally, It is banned in 25 European countries. The penalties differ from country to country. However, this doesn’t stop wrongdoers to manipulate odometers and sell automobiles with misleading mileage.

According to the “Preliminary Report: The Incidence Rate of Odometer Fraud” by NHTSA, The rate of odometer fraud over the life of the vehicle is 3.47 percent, which means that it’s a 3.47 percent chance that we came across misleading mileage on cars during the first 11 years of its life. That’s not all. The other issue is cases that remain hidden. There are rollbacks that are not identified by Carfax. It means that the genuine incidence rate can be higher than we think and the situation is even worse. It means that wrongdoers work hard, they defraud titles, so it makes it harder to eradicate the crime.

Carfax indicates “Potential Odometer Rollback” when two consecutive readings less than a year apart show at least 3, 000 miles lower than earlier. 

Mileage blocker review – Number one module 

Mileage blocker device

An extraordinary device – A mileage blocker from a Super Kilometer filter has gained immense popularity. It is not surprising why it gets the best Odometer Blocker review. A premium quality product from Germany is superior to counterfeits. The stopper is designed for halting the mileage recording process from all control units. It has many advantages which make it a unique module. Those advantages are the following:

It is easy to manage 

When you hear about additional gadgets for your automobile, what comes to your mind first? I guess you are thinking of a tiresome visit to the technician. Sometimes it is a reason why you are not in favor of innovative tools. It’s just tiring. If you read through our Mileage blocker review, you will find that it is unique in terms of convenience. As you may know it has different modes, you have options to count only 10%, 20%, or don’t count mileage at all.  Changing from mode to mode is possible with several key combinations. In addition to that we develop mobile applications for some models, and it will be available for more models in a short time. so, you can enjoy convenience and reliability at the same time. so, you can control everything from the distance. 

Do-it-yourself installation

Do not worry if you don’t have good automotive skills. Just following the instruction can be enough to install a blocker behind the speedometer. When it comes to a new automobile, you may want to avoid cutting cables for as long as it is possible. the innovative tool allows you to install it without cutting cables or soldering. Hence, removing the blocker will be as easy as installing it. As for compatibility you don’t have to worry because we create individual modules for almost 50 brands and 250 models. The short list of them are BMW, Audi, Dodge, RAM, Range Rover, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and Porsche. Moreover, on our website, you can see different modules for the same car. If you need additional instructions for installing, you can find video tutorials for almost all models. 

It has an untraceable effect

If you check the Odometer Blocker review on the forum or read a detailed description on our website, you will find its particular characteristics. Mostly, correction tools aim to change the displayed data on the odometer and genuine data can be found in other units. It is freely possible with diagnostic tools. Different from them, a mileage blocker can erase data completely from the memory of the vehicle.   

A kilometer filter is legal for testing purposes

The primary function of the stopper is testing the used auto when you are going to buy it. or you want to know the performance of a brand-new model and see if it has the same impressive abilities that were advertised. Testing the performance of the car is more enjoyable when you know that unnecessary kilometers do not add up. 

Do not cause flaws in the system 

We work hard on the research and development of the program, which means that we endure that you don’t you do not get error messages on the speedometer. As you may know some devices cause a flaw in a Can-Bus system or FlexRay systems. As long as we have a good knowledge of that system, we offer you an advanced odometer blocker that performs flawlessly and eliminates malfunctioning of the existing system of the automobiles. We devote a lot of time to the development of the products. That gives our customers a guarantee that they do not come across additional issues. 

Choose the premium Mileage blocker

If you are one of those who are searching for a quality product, I have good news for you. You can shop for it on SuperKilometerFilter. You may have come across other alternatives, but those modules just mimic some functions and they can not provide you with the same functionalities. Visit our shop to purchase the stopper at a reasonable cost. You will get flawless costumer service and support. You can check the Mileage blocker review in order to make a final decision.  

Avoid unethical usage of the device 

Odometer fraud is on the rise. It has a devastating effect on the economic situation. As NHTSA reports, it is more than a $1 billion crime annually only in America. It takes great Federal and state effort to deter odometer fraud. However, it remains a challenge for today’s world. 

We do not recommend unethical usage of the blocker. It is banned to use on public roads. It should be used only in a controlled environment. As you learned from the Odometer Blocker review, the primary purpose of the stopper is to test the performance of your beloved auto. 


Thus, you know what is Mileage blocker and where to find the advanced version of the product. There are various manufacturers of such modules who claim to meet your needs, but in most case, these tools disappoint you. They do not perform flawlessly and cause unforeseen issues that are harder to solve. If the above-mentioned Mileage blocker review is not satisfying for you, you can contact us for further details. 

Odometer changer has become one of the most controversial and used tools in the automotive industry. Statistics speak volumes. According to Rapid Car Check, an estimated 2.47 million vehicles have mileage discrepancies in the UK. Similarly, as NHTSA(The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) claims in the report That is a 3.47 percent chance that a vehicle would have its odometer rolled back at any point during the first 11 years of its life. It seems that kilometer correction is a very common practice among automotive enthusiasts. They address various methods to do it. There are different devices on the market that serve this purpose. So it is in high demand and manufacturers try to create as versatile modules as possible to meet the customer’s needs. Some manufacturers manage it better than others.

Let’s get started and review what is a mileage changer, why you need it, and what is the best alternative that you can buy as soon as possible. Read ahead and get all the necessary information you may need.

What is an odometer changer?

A car mileage changer is a programmer which can rewind, reset, or correct mileage-related data on the odometer. Hence, people use this tool to reduce the mileage and make their automobiles more attractive for potential buyers. However, there are legitimate reasons for using this device, however,  mostly it is used dishonestly. The goal is to hide the truth from buyers who overeat mileage-related information when it comes to making the final decision about purchasing. To tell the truth, all of us want well-kept automobiles and lower mileage is generally associated with the good condition of the auto.

As I mentioned, sometimes using those tools is justified for a variety of reasons. So, it is an inevitable necessity. Let’s take a closer look at each case.

What are legitimate reasons for odometer correction?

There are situations when your odometer doesn’t show the right mileage.  First, check the data in a computer, if there are differences, it means that you should replace the instrument cluster as soon as possible. Misleading data causes many problems. You may miss scheduled maintenance and harm your automobile. So, bear in mind that you will need to correct it in the following cases:

If you change tire size. You may not be surprised if I tell you that your tire size affects the traveled distance. It is calculated based on rotations of tires. If you change the stock tires with smaller ones, you will discover that the odometer will display more despite the same distance traveled. So if you are planning to change tire size, don’t forget to calibrate your odometer accordingly.

Jumpstart. Some motorists report mileage issues after jump-starting their automobiles.

After replacing the instrument cluster. If you replace the instrument cluster, you will need to program to the correct value. Similarly, if you buy a preowned instrument cluster you will need correction on it.

If your dashboard has an electrical fault. Some cars suffer electrical faults that can cause displaying incorrect data. So, this is another reason for using an odometer changer.

Tuning automobiles. you may be one of those who would like to unleash the full potential of your automobile and address tuning. After finishing it you will want to test it and see the results.

Testing. You may hear manufacturers’ ads promoting their brand-new products. Once you purchase it, you want to ensure the reliability of the information you heard about the automobile. The best way is to find the controlled environment where you can test the performance and use a relevant correction device.

Why do people use a mileage changer illegally?

People usually use those kinds of tools for correcting miles before selling their automobiles. it is not legal and they may face legal charges. Why do people behave so badly? The reason is simple- because they want to deceive their potential customers. As we mentioned before, most people estimate automobile general condition according to the total distance traveled. To tell the truth, it is one of the important indicators but not the most important. Hence, sellers manipulate this information to their advantage. Buyers pay more for automobiles with a low odometer reading. So they use a car mileage changer to adjust current data. 

Another reason for this manipulation is to deceive insurance companies. Some insurance companies calculate premiums based on odometer data. It’s obvious, the more you drive the more you are prone to accidents. Deceiving such companies is not an easy task, so be careful.

Online markets are filled with those kinds of tools that serve this purpose. Manufacturers say that they are easy to use for any individual. The availability of devices makes it simple for anyone to alter figures at their will. 

When you search for the best odometer correction tool, you may be confused, because there are a lot of options around. Most of them offer simple rollback figures on the odometer. I know it sounds satisfying because that is all you want. But wait for a moment! Think twice before you make a final decision. Did you know that rollback devices have a better alternative? This is the odometer changer that has already become the favorite module for every motorist around the world. In the following paragraphs, you will learn what makes this device superior to its alternatives.

Odometer stopper – The best odometer correction device

The odometer blocker from the Super Kilometer filter is a premium quality product from Germany. Firstly and most importantly it is a more ethical tool to use different from rollback modules. Manufacturers designed it for testing and tuning purposes. It just stops the km recording process from all control units. So you don’t have to worry that someone discovers it. If you want a fuller picture of its benefits, I will name benefits it offers one by one:

  • It’s do-it-yourself modules, which means that you can install it in your automobile by yourself. You just need to follow the instructions;
  • It’s a plug-and-play module;
  • It is not detectable;
  • Once you remove the module, kilometers won’t add up;
  • Has multiple modes, which means choosing how to stop the recording process. For example, on mode 2, only 20% of actual mileage is recorded;
  • The chosen settings are saved unconditionally, even for the next time you use your automobile;
  • Comes with premium-quality plugs and heat-resistant cables;
  • Doesn’t cause any flaws in the CAN-BUS System;
  • No error messages on the speedometer or navigation panel;
  • The ability to purchase with or without an app.

Bear in mind, all above-mentioned is not an exaggeration. Those are the reasons why you should choose this module from Super Kilometer Filter if you are still thinking about the best option.


So, you already know about the best mileage changer. Now it’s up to you to make the final decision of purchasing it. Whatever reason you might have it serves its purpose flawlessly.do you want the best conditions for testing your brand-new automobile? – This innovative tool is here to help you unleash your automobile’s full potential in a controlled environment without worrying about other factors. There is controversy regarding using such devices because it becomes harmful in the wrong hands. Such devices need to be well-appreciated because people make every effort to create them. Just use it ethically and remember “you should treat others the way you want to be treated yourself”.