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January 14, 2022

The air suspension kit is a complicated and sophisticated system. It includes a lot of components, which is why it’s so expensive. However, it’s not indestructible just like any other suspension system. If you cause serious damage, you’ll have to repair or replace the broken piece. Otherwise, you could end up ruining the whole thing.

Let’s face it – luxurious experiences come at a certain cost, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it. Air ride suspension is just like that – it’s not perfect, yet it comes as close as it can get.

With that being said, you should be able to look at the bigger picture. Today we’ll learn what are the common problems with air suspension, how can we fix them and improve performance even more.

What is the air suspension?

Air suspension - guide

Air suspension is the system that regulates the height of the vehicle with the help of air bellows. The air is pressurized in specific “containers”. The compressor increases or reduces the pressure and, as a result, the bellows start acting like springs.

Advanced air suspension systems, such as the Airmatic, can be electronic. This means that they are equipped with sensors that detect the condition of the road. They lift or lower the car according to those conditions, making sure to deliver the best performance all of the time.

This type of suspension is quite special as it offers the smoothest ride compared to hydraulic or spring suspensions. It increases towing and improves handling, enabling you to drive securely even at higher speeds. If you want your car to glide even on rocky roads, then you should consider investing in a Mercedes Air matic suspension.

What is the air suspension kit?

It’s a kit that can turn a spring suspension system into a pneumatic one, or be like a spare wheel if anything happens to the pneumatic suspension of your vehicle. It comes with all the necessary parts, however, you’ll need a professional to have it installed.

There’s one thing you should know before you run out to purchase such a kit. Suspension is one of the vital components of any vehicle. Swapping it with something completely different can be risky.

It’s much better to invest in a Mercedes that already comes with the Airmatic. That way, everything will be factory-made, which equals higher quality. However, if the suspension system gets damaged due to the accident or something else, an air ride kit can be a useful replacement.

The most common problems with air suspension kit

I’m sure you, similar to many drivers try to take good care of your “best buddy”. There are some tips and tricks that help you to make your car last longer. However, the airlift suspension can have certain problems if you don’t take good care of it or if it’s been in use for a long time. Since this system is quite complex, it’s inevitable for some of its parts to get damaged eventually. However, the same thing happens with other suspension systems as well.

Luckily, the Airmatic doesn’t get damaged that easily and the price of repairs isn’t that high either. However, the price of the air suspension system may differ a lot from the repairs cost.  The most common problems are easily fixable. If you know a thing or two about cars, you should be able to take care of this business yourself. If not, a short trip to the mechanic will bring your vehicle back to life.

Air strut leaking

Air strut leakage is one of the most common problems. The seal on the bellows can degrade after some time. As a result, the air will start escaping from the container, making it hard to hold the pressure that is necessary to lift or lower the vehicle.

If the air strut starts leaking, the car will drop noticeably. You might even hear a specific sound near the wheel.

Compressor failure

The compressor is the part that fills the bellows with the air. If it fails, the whole system will stop working properly. The reason for the failure can be the relay which is extremely cheap to replace. But if the compressor itself is faulty, you can repair it as well without breaking the bank.

Faulty level sensor

The sensors that are located at the wheels could get damaged. This isn’t a serious problem in the sense that the suspension will work anyway. The height of the vehicle can be perfect, but your car will show the alarm sign. It’s better to fix faulty sensors because, otherwise, your vehicle won’t be able to regulate itself properly.

Less likely problems with air suspension kit

The air suspension kit could have other problems that probably won’t come up anytime soon. These are the issues that some people have experienced in the past, yet they are quite rare with the majority of Mercedes Airmatic vehicles.

Squeaking sounds

If you’re a careless driver, you might damage the Airmatic shocks by improper handling. This can result in squeaking sounds. It’s not that big of a deal if you can handle the noise. The system will still work, but you’ll have to listen to those annoying squeaks.

Blocked valve

Sometimes the valve gets blocked and returns the air to the compressor. It’s certainly something you should take care of because it could potentially damage the compressor. If your car has a hard time maintaining its height, you should get those valves checked.

Electronic problems

If you see the alert on the dashboard which tells you to visit the workshop, then you’ll need an electronic examination. Namely, you’ll need a universal OBD II scanner that will diagnose the problem right away. It could be a minor issue or a false alarm, but it’s still better to have your car checked to make sure everything is fine.

Leaking lines

If the air lines get damaged somehow, they might start leaking. These lines supply the air to the valves. If the air starts escaping, it will be hard for the system to maintain the proper pressure inside the bellows.

The problems with air ride suspension are similar to the side effects of drugs. You should know about them beforehand, but the chances of them occurring are quite low. A couple of potential risks aren’t worth missing out on the luxurious experience of the Airmatic. Plus, hydraulic suspension can leak way easily, be more expensive to repair, and provide a worse riding experience.

How to troubleshoot the air suspension kit problems?

Solving air suspension kit problems

You can troubleshoot some of the air suspension problems yourself, however, I still recommend using professional services. It can be time-consuming to diagnose those issues on your own, but you can, of course, give it a shot.

Compressor problems

The compressor problems could be mixed up with fuse or relay issues. But if the compressor doesn’t work at all, your vehicle will lower to the ground. You can press “rise” as many times as you want, but the car will fail to lift itself. That’s when you should suspect compressor problems.

Leaking struts

These are even harder to diagnose. You can use the soap water method to check for the leaking air. You’ll just have to spray the water and see if it bubbles up. This method isn’t bulletproof and certainly involves trial and error. However, it could be useful if you’re in an emergency or you just can’t visit the professional.

The easiest solution i.e. Mercedes Lowering Module

There’s another solution for those problems, namely the Mercedes lowering module. No, it can’t troubleshoot your issues, but it will help you gain more control over your vehicle.

It’s a compact tool that you can install yourself – you’ll just need to plug it in the OBD or OBD II system. You’ll be able to start calibrating the height of your S-Class right away.

The lowering module works with all the Mercedes vehicles that have Airmatic. Namely, CLS Coupe, S-Class and S-Class Maybach, GLE Coupe, and GLS SUV. It enables you to customize the suspension and enhance the flexibility of the Airmatic. With its help, you can go from low to custom to factory settings in a blink of an eye.

By gaining more control over your suspension, you can easily prevent it from damage.


The Airmatic can have certain problems, but those are just some issues that people have experienced previously. Mercedes is developing more and more, which also means that they are fixing previous flaws. In other words, you can purchase their vehicles without worrying about those problems. You can also invest in the lowering module to improve your experience and have more control over your vehicle.

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