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January 24, 2022

Not surprisingly nowadays life is unimaginable without owning a car. If you have or plan to get a Mercedes vehicle, you should definitely search and learn all details before making the final decision.

I know, there are many articles, blogs, and videos about the topic, and it takes additional time to select which one gives you the most important and useful information. For that reason, I’ve combined only the outstanding details that you need to know about Air suspension system, what distinguishes it from others, which Mercedes models have the airmatic system, and how to change the level of your car by using the lowering tool?

Does it sound interesting? Let’s start exploring!

Car with the Air suspension system – All you need to know

Let’s start from the beginning and determine what does the term “Airmatic system” mean. In simple words, the suspension is a system of springs, tires, shock absorbers, tire air, and linkages that combines a vehicle to its wheels. It is the main part of the car which determines the comfort of your ride. It protects any cargo and vehicle itself from damage and wears.

The earliest form of suspension was used for carriages and since then it has continued development over the years and centuries. As a result of the long development, we have got three different systems: Hydro-gas; Hydrolastic; and an Airmatic. Each of them has its’ own specification and differs from each other.

If you love comfortable rides and want to enjoy with your choice, you should definitely choose an automobile with an airlift suspension system. As you already know, the main part that determines a comfortable ride is the suspension system.

Reasons to choose vehicle with an airmatic suspension

If you plan to get a vehicle, you should select it with a pneumatic suspension system, that is irreplaceable. You might wonder, what does it make irreplaceable. The answer is simple, it uses air and shock absorbers as a working fluid. Air springs are located on the front and rare axles, which automatically adjust to the driving conditions, speed and load. With the help of the system, you get a comfortable ride no matter the road condition.

Another thing why I’d advise you to purchase a vehicle with an air suspension system is its reliability. You won’t have to change the front air springs at least for 10-15 years, and the rears last much longer.
Now, since we already know what distinguishes the Air ride suspension system, from others, let’s move on to the next step and find out which Mercedes models have that system.

Mercedes models with air suspension system

Air suspension system for Mercedes

I guess after reading all the above-mentioned information, you don’t have any doubts about the airmatic suspension system. Compared to a typical steel-spring suspension, Mercedes airmatic interacts with the Adaptive Damping System (ADS) and Dynamic Select drive modes.

Notably, nonetheless, of its reliability and comfort, not every Mercedes model has the system. So, if you want to enjoy comfortable rides with your “best buddy”, you should know exactly which model is equipped with the suspension before purchase.

Searching technical details for each vehicle is a quite time-consuming and boring process. For that reason, I’ve made a list of Mercedes models with the air suspension system. Here is the list of models, with a short description of their suspension systems.

GLE Coupe

The air suspension with the Adaptive Damping System Plus (ADS+) is optionally available. The optional airmatic suspension is sportier. It offers a sensitive response, maintains the ground clearance nonetheless of the load, and adapts variably to the driving situation.

CLS Coupe

Comfortable ride at CLS Coupe is guaranteed by the airmatic system, that controls the ride height automatically according to the speed. The suspension system also reduces fuel consumption by reducing the height of a car. It has 3 modes and levels change accordingly:

  • Normal – Comfort driving mode;
  • Lowered – In ECO, Sport, and Sport+ (or at speeds above 138 km/h) modes the level reduces by -15mm;
  • Raised – You can select that level in any mode, but only at speeds up to 120 km/h for handling safety reasons. In raised mode, your car height increases by +15mm;


With the help of an airlift suspension system, vehicle level lowers by -10 mm when driving at a higher speed. It has two modes “Sport” and “Comfort” and can be raised up to +40mm on a damaged road.
GLS SUV – Airmatic suspension uses sensors and algorithms to analyze the driving situation and make automatic adjustments. Hence, you don’t need to select manually the mode, upon the road conditions.
S-Class Maybach – The air suspension system adjusts the damping power at every wheel, hence it adapts to any condition of the road.

How to change the height of a car using the Air suspension system lowering tool?

Changing the level of a car

Now you know which Mercedes models have a pneumatic suspension system and what makes the system so recognizable. But did you know you could change the level of your car in seconds, by using the Airmatic Lowering tool? The tool is designed specifically for the airmatic system and works via OBD II diagnostic port. It’s simple to use for any car owner, no experience or knowledge of vehicles required.

How to use

The tool is easily attached by using the DIY manual. Plug and play module doesn’t require cutting or soldering any wires. For using the feature, you should simply plug in the module at diagnosis. Activation takes only seconds! After attaching the tool at diagnosis, you can choose the desired mode by using the steering wheel or the combination of additional buttons. It takes only 10 seconds to switch from mode to mode.

Modes of the tool

The module has 3 different modes:

  • Factory – By choosing the mode, car level goes back to factory settings;
  • Low – The Low option gives you the possibility to lower your car with -32mm in the front and rear parts.
  • Custom – By selecting this feature you can select preferable height upon your wish for the front and rear parts separately (Min -70mm; Max +40mm;)

Note, you should close all doors and start engine, once the adjustment is finished.


All in all, now you know all the details related to the airmatic suspension system, what distinguishes it from others, which Mercedes models have the system, and how to use the amazing lowering tool. I’m sure now you are ready and can’t wait to test the tool on your car and change the height upon your wish. Even if you won’t like the change, you can settle the car on the factory level at any time. So, let’s try and share with us your impression. Good luck!

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