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January 19, 2022

If you plan to purchase an SUV, you should know that the exciting process requests research as well. The research process can be a time-consuming and boring process, you should find a model under your budget that fits you the best. After determining the model, you should find out how reliable it is, what drawbacks it might have, etc.

To avoid the boring process, I’ve made a bunch of useful information that helps you to find out top SUVs with the best suspension. We’ll also review details about suspension and explore, which can be the most comfortable for your rides. And last but not least, I’ll introduce you the must-have kit – Mercedes lowering tool, that every Mercedes car-owner should have. So let’s start the journey!

Development of the best suspension system

Before reviewing top SUVs and choosing the best, let’s overview details about the suspension, the part that plays a significant role in automobiles. The suspension is a system of springs, tires, shock absorbers, tire air, and linkages that combines a vehicle to its wheels. It is the main part of the car which determines the comfort of your ride.

Suspension system has a long development history and as a result of the development, we’ve got three different types of suspension systems. Hydro-gas, Hydrolastic, and an Airmatic. I guess a short description will help you to define, which can be the best suspension for your automobile.


In this system, the liquid functions as a damping medium under high-pressure, and shifting rubber works as a spring. The liquid’s movement is determined by two valves, which are located at right angles to one another. The upper valve is opened upon liquids’ pressure increase. And the lower valve opening the same way, allows the liquid to flow downwards.


There are two main parts in the system: a damper unit and an internal spring. They are located at each wheel. The feature was created for amending the previous hydrolastic system in England.


The system works with the following sequence. Firstly, incoming air passes through the filter, where the dust is filtered. After this, the air passes into the compressor. Here, the air pressure increases up to about 250 MPa from the atmospheric pressure and is sustained in the accumulator tank. The accumulator tank opens when the air pressure increases above 250 MPa. It uses air and shock absorbers as a working fluid. Air springs are located on the front and rear axles, which automatically adjust to the driving conditions, speed and load.

While talking about the issue, we should also mention the torsion bar suspension. In this system, torsion bar is used as a weight-bearing spring. It has become popular since the mass-production of cars in the 20th century. Nowadays, many manufacturers use the system in SUVs, for instance, Ford, Toyota, Chrysler, Nissan, etc. The system also known as torsion spring suspension and the advantage is that it offers a comfortable ride due to the elasticity of the bar.

Besides that, there is a leaf spring suspension. Compared to the torsion bar the leaf spring provides adjustable and smoother rides. But, changing the leaf spring is much cheaper than the torsion bars.

Top SUVs with the best suspension

Which SUVs have the best suspension?

As you can see there is a wide variety of suspension systems, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, hence it’s up to you to decide which fits you the best. But while choosing an automobile, I’d prefer it with the airmatic suspension.

As you already know It uses air as a working fluid. Due to the flexibility and elasticity of the system, you don’t need to worry about road conditions or any other factors, as it swiftly adjusts accordingly and offers enjoyable rides. For that reason, the system is the best suspension.

Since you look for getting an SUV automobile, let me share with you top models working with air suspension. Here are the top ten SUV models: Lexus GX460, Volvo XC90, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Audi Q7, Tesla Model X, Mercedes-Benz GLS450, Land Rover Discovery, BMW X5, Porsche Macan, and Lexus LX570.

Mercedes-Benz GLS450

Out of the list, I’d highlight Mercedes-Benz GLS450. As you may know, Mercedes has a long history of manufacturing cars with pneumatic suspensions. You must know how comfortable it is to ride with the Mercedes, and the exception is not the SUV GLS450.

The model has an Adaptive Damping that optimizes ride quality and handling. The system automatically compensates for the added weight, if the cargo is loaded.

Besides, while driving at highway speeds, it automatically decreases the level of an automobile for stability and fuel-efficiency. Nonetheless, if you want to adjust additionally the height of an automobile, there is an amazing tool that can help you to make the changes in seconds. Does it sound interesting? Let’s explore the device!

The best suspension tool you should have

The best suspension tools - review

We already know that airmatic suspension can adapt to road conditions and change the level accordingly. But what if we want to change the height nonetheless of the road surface and leave it on a certain level?

I know you might think that changing the car level must be expensive, it requires visiting the service center, spending money and time… But surprisingly, the Mercedes lowering tool avoids all the boring process. Since the tool is simple to use, you don’t need to ask for assistance from specialists. You can easily install by plugging at diagnosis. No cutting or soldering wires needed. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

The device is designed specifically for Mercedes air ride suspension and adjusts car level in seconds! It works via OBD II diagnostic port. Hence, if you decide to purchase a Mercedes SUV with airlift suspension, you can use it without any issue.

And most importantly, the device has three modes. You can switch between the below-mentioned modes in 10 seconds.

  • Factory – By choosing the mode, an automobile level goes back to factory settings. If you change your mind, you can reset it at any time;
  • Low – The Low option gives you the possibility to lower your car with -32mm in the front and rear parts.
  • Custom – By selecting this feature you can select preferable height upon your wish for the front and rear parts separately (Min -70mm; Max +40mm;)

The device helps you to improve responsiveness, change the look, and get faster acceleration and quick stops. The cool thing is that you can decrease or increase height upon your wish and needs at any time. The module is untraceable, as you can always choose factory mode and set the automobile on the factory height. Hence, there are no drawbacks to refrain from using the kit.


On the one hand, all the new information might seem overwhelming, but hopefully, you will find it interesting. As agreed, we’ve overviewed different suspension systems, including torsion bar suspension. Explored top SUV models working with the airlift suspension. Got to know the must-have tool, that helps us change automobile level and improve responsiveness in seconds! I guess now you have a broader view about suspensions, which helps you to choose your favorite SUV model. Good luck!

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