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Can I Get the Odometer Mileage via My OBD Port, and Will It Be Traceable?

May 9, 2024

Odometer mileage is an integral element of cars and is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of different calculations. Without it, every automobile would be incomplete.
Despite its importance, the odometer does not always work without issues and can miss important details. Such defects may turn into irreparable results in the future and completely change the condition of your beloved vehicle.

What Is a Mileage Odometer and What Makes It So Important?

Odometer mileage is a tool that measures the actual miles a car has covered and shows the information on the dashboard. This report is displayed next to the speedometer so that the driver can easily check and monitor the information.
And why is mileage important? There are various factors that make the distance crucial for the automobile.

  • It helps you detect a car’s condition. Vehicles with fewer miles on the odometer are thought to be more reliable and in better condition.
  • It assists in predicting maintenance expenses. For many, less mileage translates to lower future upkeep costs. As a result, if the automobile has a high indicator, the buyer believes he will have to spend a lot of money to maintain it.
  • It affects insurance rates. Many insurance firms calculate prices on mileage. If your automobile has a high odometer reading, the rate will most likely be higher.
  • It changes the resale price. Low-mileage vehicles go at a premium. To sell the car for more money, everyone attempts to keep the mileage under control.

While mileage does not always accurately reflect an automobile’s condition, it does significantly impact its price, which we cannot change.

What Are the Two Types Of Car Odometer?

There are two types of vehicle mileage odometer: mechanical and digital. Regardless of their differences, they all follow the same concepts. The point is that as time passes, the technology and tools employed by machines evolve. The odometer was no exception to this trend. The theory remained the same, but the ways of implementing it were different.

  1. The mechanical odometer is the oldest and most conventional type of car odometer. It used the gears, tire circumference, and number of revolutions to determine the traveled mileage precisely. This system would receive information via cables.
  2. The digital odometer is a relatively new method employed in recent automobile models. It calculates miles using sensors. With their assistance, it accurately records all revolutions and measures mileage. This information will then appear on the dashboard. Because the digital meter is not solely dependent on the proper operation of its physical components, it is seen as more reliable and secure from external malfunctions.

Both mechanical and digital odometers produce accurate mileage data for your car. However, the digital version is more difficult to manipulate.

Two Types Of Car Odometer

What Is the Difference Between an Odometer and a Trip Meter?

An odometer mileage records a vehicle’s total traveled miles, whereas a trip meter measures the distance between two specific points. Both features are extremely helpful for vehicle owners as they have quite an interesting task to do. So, let’s go for a deeper analysis.
You already know that the odometer’s main goal is to determine how many miles or kilometers the car has covered during its lifetime. But the major question is: Why do we need a trip meter? Doesn’t it also measure the vehicle’s mileage? Yes, the trip meter also measures the mileage, but it doesn’t focus on the total traveled distance. Rather, it calculates the exact distance between two locations or cities.
Imagine driving a car that shows the trip meter. If you look at the car mileage odometer, you will find out actual miles this vehicle has driven in total. On the other hand, checking the trip meter will show how many miles/kilometers there are between your starting location and your end destination. For example, if your automobile has a total of 120,000 miles and your current journey is 15,000, the odometer will display 120,000 and the trip meter 15,000.

Can the Odometer be Incorrect or Misleading?

Yes, odometers can show the incorrect miles on the dashboard. The main reason is that people with fraudulent purposes use odometer rollback tools to deceive the system.
We discussed that auto odometer mileage measures miles precisely. It is almost impossible for it to display incorrect data. However, there are approaches that make the system show misleading mileage. Even though some technical malfunction may occur that would lead to showing faulty information, this scenario is very unlikely to happen. In most situations, individuals take advantage of the incorrect mileage indicator and attempt to force the odometer to show incorrect numbers. So, what methods do they use to manipulate odometers?

  • Rollback Tools: These devices deduct the desired amount of mileage from the odometer showing.
  • Reset Tools: These gadgets let the user delete all the mileage information from the odometer.
  • Replacing Instrument Cluster: Such methods enable the replacement of old mileage with the miles from a new odometer.

Do you wonder how this is possible? Rollback and reset devices can read vehicle mileage odometer using the OBD port. They can visually adjust the miles on the odometer, but most of the data is saved in control units. Consequently, the actual information will be much easier to trace.

Can I Get the Odometer Mileage via My OBD Port?

Yes, sometimes you can find the actual miles from your car’s OBD port. However, it’s not always the same and depends on the case. You have seen that people use different types of gadgets to achieve their goals. They would try every possible chance for it. Their methods have a big issue. Rollback and reset tools cannot control and delete the data from control units, where the system stores the information. Therefore, they cannot delete the correct mileage from the system and stay untraceable.
However, there is a perfectly workable device that can stop the miles recording and storing process. The Mileage Blocker from SKF can simply halt the mileage recording and doesn’t let the system record or save the new miles in the control units. Hence, the actual mileage is untraceable, and no device can identify the trace of the blocker device. Hence, with a mileage blocker, it becomes completely untraceable, and you will get the same information as displayed on the odometer.
The issue is that the mileage blocker is created only for car testing purposes and shouldn’t be used on free roads. However, due to its unmatched, untraceable effect, fraudulent people tend to use these blockers unethically.

Odometer Mileage via My OBD Port

What Is the Main Goal of the Mileage Blocker?

The major goal of the mileage blocker is to stop the car system from adding extra miles to its data. It should be highlighted that the vehicle mileage odometer blocker tool is designed for only testing purposes. This modern device can help testers do their jobs with ease and improve the vehicles’ performance. The mileage blocker is unique for the following reasons:

  • It’s a tool that doesn’t leave any trace while operating.
  • The blocker doesn’t delete or roll back previously recorded information, so it doesn’t modify a car’s correct mileage.
  • This device is easy to install. Thanks to DIY instructions, you can install the gadget yourself.
  • The mileage blocker consists of different modes. So, while operating the device, you can choose your desired option. The great thing is that you can always switch to different modes.
  • The blocker also has a mobile application to make your driving experience stress-free. It enables you to monitor the statistics or make changes from your phone while driving.

You can buy the mileage blocker online from the SKF website. Remember, this amazing blocker is for testing purposes and is not meant for unethical use. Please check the support section or contact the customer service department for extra details.


Odometer mileage reports show the actual total miles a vehicle has driven. Whether mechanical or digital, the information is displayed on the dashboard in front of the driver’s seat. Only one tool can change the mileage inside an automobile without a trace. This device is called the Mileage Blocker. It is made for auto-testing under a strictly monitored environment.


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