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How to use Mileage Blocker Porsche?

Mileage blocker Porsche is a simple tool that can have many different applications. Though it has a user-friendly module, it’s still important to find out how to employ its main features. This way, you’ll have the chance to understand its specs to their core, enabling you to get the best usage out of it. No matter how perfect a specific unit is, it won’t reveal its full potential unless the customer knows how to unleash the beast. Let me teach you all the tips and tricks that are connected with this odometer stopper. Shall we begin?

Are Porsche mileage correction tools legal to use?

A short and precise answer to this question is that Porsche mileage correction tools, unlike mileage blockers, aren’t legal to use. But things aren’t that easy, my friend, and it requires a further discussion to grasp this subject better.

What I mean is that the majority of odometer rollback tools are illegal to use, as they reverse the mileage. With their help, even an old car will appear to be good as new. However, rolling back miles to deceive the buyers is a tricky and unethical activity. There are certain situations where it’s necessary to reset the speedometer, but those cases are quite rare.

That said, the Porsche mileage blocker is a different story. It doesn’t rewind or roll back the numbers on odometers. It’s an electronic programmer, which can be connected to your vehicle during the testing process. Since it stops recording the mileage, it’s a handy tool for making sure that the functionalities of your car are in good condition.

How does a Porsche mileage blocker work?

Even though the majority of mileage blocker devices work the same, it’s still important to know how a Porsche kilometer stopper operates. Every car has its characteristics, which means that specific tools will have their peculiarities as well.


Unlike a typical Porsche mileage correction tool, mileage blocker Porsche is extremely easy to install. It can be connected to the system of your car without the need to solder or cut any cables. The only thing you will have to do is dismount the odometer, disconnect it, and attach the mileage freezer with the plug. It won’t be an exaggeration if I tell you that the installation process will take you only a couple of minutes. It’s as easy as that!


Activation is even faster and easier than installation. For instance, let’s take a look at the model that was designed for the Porsche Cayenne 3 Type PO536 / 9YA. Since this odometer stopper is extremely user-friendly, it can be activated from your steering wheel. You simply have to press the Return button for 7 seconds and the device will be turned on. By repeating this action, you can start programming the km blocker. You will start going from one mode to another, tailoring the tool to your specific needs and preferences.


Not all the Porsche mileage correction tools are so simple. Depending on the seller, they might be a huge headache. The best Porsche mileage blocker tools from SuperKilometerFilter are a pleasure to work with. Once you install and activate them, you can use them whenever needed by pressing the Return buttons. The majority of the models don’t need reprogramming, as they remember the modes you choose. That way, you won’t have to change anything when you start your car again.

How to operate mileage freezer Porsche?

As I mentioned above, mileage freezer Porsche comes with different modes that extend its versatility and give the user a lot of options to work with. Once again, let’s use Porsche Cayenne 3 TYP PO536 / 9YA mileage blocker as an example.

Mode 1

If you press the Return button for 7 seconds once more, the light indicator will flash once. This means that you are in the first mode, which halves the mileage i.e. only 50% of the miles will be displayed on the odometer.

Mode 2

The light will flash twice to indicate that you’re in the second mode. Here, only 10% of the miles will be recorded on the trip meter.

Mode 3

The light will flash three times when you enter the third mode. It stops recording the mileage completely.

Mode 4

The light will flash four times, which means that you will enter the fourth mode. It’s a deactivation mode, i.e. this equipment will stop operating.

Don’t forget that can stopper isn’t a mileage changer – it doesn’t interfere with the existing miles. That’s the job of odometer correction units. Kilometer blocker tools can’t be detected during the diagnostic inspection and they work with digital odometers as well.

To unleash the maximum potential, you have to choose the correct models for your cars. Even though a single mileage stopper can work with multiple vehicles, it’s advisable to purchase a separate one for each model. If you have Porsche Cayenne, then you should go for the software that was made for it specifically. If you check our website, you will find everything you need.


As discussed, mileage blocker Porsche is a user-friendly tool. It can be activated with a press of a button and doesn’t require further adjustment. You don’t have to be an expert to install it, as it has a plug-and-play module. This tool can change your life – just use it ethically to avoid any trouble. Good luck!

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