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A Mileage Blocker / Odometer Stopper is a small microchip with software installed on it. Besides these two names, this device is frequently called Can Blocker as well. The module is usually installed behind the speedometer and serves multiple purposes. This is a useful gadget that will solve any mileage related issues of your car. The Mileage Blocker is the most ethical alternative of odometer correction tools that you will encounter and is meant solely for testing purposes.
The module can be used to halve, quarter, or stop recording the mileage entirely. It is a useful gadget that will stop mileage at your will. If you want to test the performance of your car in a controlled environment, this handy tool will allow you to avoid any undesirable consequences. You can stop mileage anytime and check your vehicle for any possible flaws.
Usage of Mileage Blocker is not a criminal offense provided that you cannot use it on public road. It is a legitimate tool that you can buy without any concerns and use for research and development purposes. You are allowed to test the performance of your car and use it on private roads or in a controlled environment at your will. Be aware that according to § 22b StVG, and to 348§ of the Criminal Code of Hungary the forgery of odometers is punishable and therefore you should not use the Mileage Blocker / Odometer Stopper on public roads. Moreover, avoid using it for fraudulent purposes by all means. It is not forbidden to have a device installed for adjusting the mileage, even if it is permanently installed in your car.
Yes, recording mileage is ceased in all control units (ECUs) while the module is activated. To have a more in-depth understanding, here is how Mileage Stopper works: As you drive the car, the ABS constantly receives impulses from the wheel sensors. This information is sent from the ABS to the speedometer via the Can Bus system. The speedometer (instrument cluster) receives this message and starts to calculate a distance traveled based on this data. Speedometer sends this data to all the control units including CAS, BDC, TCU, and BCM. After installing and turning on the Odometer Stopper, the speedometer cannot calculate the mileage anymore. Hence, the remaining control units are also unable to record this data.
Yes. Each SuperKilometerFilter Mileage Stopper has special software for the corresponding car/model and each vehicle in most cases has unique connectors. However, some Odometer Stoppers are also suitable for several different models with identical connectors, control units, and communication protocols.
We don’t provide the printed installation manuals as this process requires a more in-depth explanation. To assist you with the installation process, we provide videos for each maker and model that shows the thorough process of installation. You can see these videos on our YouTube channel. The videos provide step-by-step explanations including the removal of the speedometer and installation of the module.
Now you can control your device via APP
No, the installation of this module doesn’t cause any damage to any electronic systems. However, error messages may still be stored in the memory units of the car as an Odometer Blocker is not a stock part of the vehicle. Any universal diagnostic device can delete these error messages from the car. Hence, you can either buy such tool or just ask any technician and they will erase this message without much effort.
Yes, our Mileage Blocker also works with vehicles that have a left-hand drive. The module is installed behind the speedometer and whether the car is left-hand or right-hand drive, it will work equally efficiently.
Odometer stoppers with long cables are suitable for vehicles for which the installation doesn’t require two steps. The long end piece can be easily hidden behind a panel. An odometer stopper with a long cable has an adapter plug where you can connect either the speedometer stopper itself or a blind plug. If you decide to remove the device for any reason, you can replace the mileage stopper with an original plug. This way, you don't have to completely dismantle the dashboard every time you either remove or install the module. Be aware that the long cable is not suitable for some cars.
It is recommended to remove the device after testing the performance of your car. Alternatively, you can also switch off the device and it will have the same effect. As long as the device is switched off, it does not affect any control units and is invisible even if you check the car with diagnostic testers. For maintenance services or any major adjustments, it is also advisable to remove the Mileage Stopper. Mainly because there may be communication problems between the vehicle and the diagnostic devices.
We are the only manufacturer that can produce and provide the original Super Kilometer Filter with the original connector. About 90% of our products come with original connectors. However, this doesn’t apply to several models as such high-quality connectors are not available for all the models. We always seek to find the highest quality components for our product. Unfortunately, for these models, premium-quality connectors simply are not available on the market. In such cases, we use perfect replicas of these plug-and-play connectors that offer almost the same performance. Besides high-quality connectors, we use heat-resistant and hard-wearing cables for each Mileage Blocker module. This makes the module almost indestructible and allows you to use it in any weather conditions. Still not sure if we provide premium quality Mileage Blockers? Facts speak louder than words. Have a look at our installation and testing videos and the customer feedbacks. Our company is devoted to providing an excellent quality product and we do care about customer satisfaction. For each product that we sell, we provide a video that shows the product in action. Moreover, we always provide real images of the product in the gallery of each model. Be aware that most of our competitors don’t provide original connectors or hard-wearing cable and their images might even be misleading in certain cases. Moreover, these companies sometimes unethically use our brand name to promote their product.
If you are doubtful about our product quality, you can always watch the videos of our product that clearly show how our product works. In these videos you will not only see the installation process but also what effect does it have while in motion. We provide only well-engineered and perfectly processed products and you can be sure that you get the premium-quality product.
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