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Delivery terms

Despite the destination, we deliver all orders by DHL or UPS. The delivery process takes between 3-10 days starting from the order date.

To avoid delays, returns, additional fees, or any other ambiguous problems on the border, we make sure that our shipment comes with all the necessary documents. We apply lower prices to products for shipping in order to reduce additional costs related to the shipment. Sometimes the destination country’s customs apply different prices to the product than indicated on the package. In this case, it is your responsibility to pay the difference in the form of taxes and duties to your local customs office. It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay any applicable taxes, duties, or brokerage fees.


In order to return an item, send us an email to [email protected] to receive a notification from us including the return number. You will need this number to return the product. To return a product it must be unopened, unused and in its original package. Moreover, you can only return the product within 7 days of its receipt. Take into consideration that you will receive a full refund excluding shipping cost (might be up to 20 euros depending on the country of destination), customs duties, import sales tax, and any other additional costs.

To proceed with your return process, we will require certain details. Note: we will not proceed with your return request unless you provide ALL the required information on the package.

Required details:

Return number
Your full name
Phone number
E-mail address
The original order confirmation
The reason for the return of the product

If we don’t receive your package and you cannot provide the tracking number, it will be the sender’s responsibility to deal with this issue.



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