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Shipping & Return

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Free worldwide shipping is included for most of the countries for any sale with a minimum order value of 500 €. Please proceed to checkout to find out whether it applies to your country or not. We use the services of UPS and DHL to guarantee timely and safe delivery. For any purchase below 500 €, you will be charged for shipping. However, there is no fixed price for shipping as it is calculated based on your location. Simply follow the checkout process and as soon as you indicate your location, you will see how much you will have to pay including the shipping. Shipping cost calculator: Alternatively, if you want to check on your own the prices for the shipping, you can refer to the websites of a relevant delivery company. Follow the links to visit the shipping cost calculator page of either DHL or UPS. Enter the general characteristics of the product and your destination and you can find the price for your package.
We deliver to all countries around the world. We use premium-quality delivery services such as DHL and UPS and can deliver in your preferred location in the shortest time possible. The time required will differ based on your location and the shipping method that you choose. Hence, make sure you choose your preferred shipping method before proceeding to checkout. If you encounter any issues with the ordering process contact our customer services. We will be happy to assist you during the checkout process.
Every country has its regulations when it comes to purchasing from abroad. In countries outside the EU, customs handling fees may apply based on the regulations of your homeland. The amount that you may have to pay will depend on the handling fees of your country. Contact the relevant governmental body that can provide such information.
This is possible if certain criteria are met. If the payment is received by noon, every order is dispatched on the same day and generally delivered the following day throughout Germany. However, we cannot guarantee such prompt delivery as it depends on the delivery companies that we cooperate with (DHL and UPS).
This is possible if certain criteria are met. If the payment is received by noon, every order is dispatched on the same day and generally delivered the following day throughout Germany. However, we cannot guarantee such prompt delivery as it depends on the delivery companies that we cooperate with (DHL and UPS).
We want to guarantee that all the products are delivered intact and in the shortest time possible. Hence, we only use DHL and UPS for the delivery of our products. Within Germany, we deliver with DHL and we use UPS for any international shipments.

Returns & exchanges

Contact our Customer Support Team to return the module.

We speak in English, German, and Russian

Print the return label, Invoice and the return form.

You can also fill in the online return form and send it to us via WhatsApp or email. Acrobat Reader required.

Put only the filled-in Return Form with the module in the package. Ideally in the original shipping packaging. Sign the invoice (only for non-EU) and put it in the  pouch.

Remove or black out any existing labels or barcodes on the box.

Attach the return label (and the pouch with the invoice) on the package. So that they are clearly visible.

Keep the shipping receipt on until the return process is completed.

Yes, if you indicate a packing station as the delivery address while placing an order, we will automatically ship the order with DHL.
As soon as the package is dispatched, you will receive an automatic email from us with the tracking number. Similarly, you can check your account on our website where you can find detailed information related to your package. If you have not received such email, contact our customer service department and they will provide you with all the information that you may require. Make sure you check the “Spam” folder as you may find our email there.
Both UPS and DHL provide tracking information on their websites. Make sure you visit the respective website based on your shipping choice and use the provided tracking number to check the status of your package.
Yes, simply log in to your account, visit the customer portal, and there you will find the information you look for. The order status will show where is your package and the estimated date of delivery.
In such case feel free to contact our customer service department. They will contact the supplier and reorganize the delivery.
This will depend on the reason for returning the product. If you encounter any technical problems with your control unit, we will cover the shipping costs as it may be caused by the malfunctioning of our product. We always check our modules before shipping them. However, sometimes they do malfunction as they are complex tools. Any flaw related to our product is our responsibility and we will be happy to resolve such issues promptly.
If you encounter any problems with our product, contact our customer service department before shipping the package back. After our colleagues assess the situation, they will send the return slip so that you don’t have to pay any additional costs. Here is a graphic that illustrates that exactly.
Yes, you have 30-day cancellation right upon receipt of your order. If you are not satisfied with the product, our customer service department will assist you with the return process. However, make sure that the module is properly installed on your vehicle as in most cases this becomes the cause of dissatisfaction.
To cancel your order, please contact our customer service department by email or phone. Our colleagues will help you with the cancelation process. Alternatively, if you have a customer account on our website, you can cancel your order from your customer account. Be aware that the cancellation is only possible before the package is sent.
The return period begins with the receipt of the order. Make sure that you install the module properly based on the DIY videos provided by Super Kilometer Filter and check all the functions of our module. Our technical support team will be happy to assist you if you encounter any issues during the installation.
The statutory period for a refund is 30 days from receipt of the returned product. However, the reimbursement period doesn’t usually exceed one week.
Yes of course, in such case contact our customer service within the return period that is 30 days after receiving the product . Our employees will inform you of what you have to do to exchange the module and will assist you during this process.
Unfortunately, sometimes the product is damaged during the transportation process. If you receive a mileage stopper module that is not as described, please contact our customer service department. They will provide all the details that you may require for returning the product. Alternatively, you can exchange a product from our website. Enter your account on our website that you created at the time of the order and follow the instructions to exchange your product.
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