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Feel free to contact us anytime. Our support team is available 24/7 and will respond to your queries as soon as possible. Please be aware that during busy hours the waiting time might be higher than usual.
For Super Kilometer Filter customer satisfaction is the main priority. You can use your preferred communication channel to get in touch with our support team. The options include: · WhatsApp chat · E-mail contact form · Telephone support
We offer support in the following languages: · English · German · Russian
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Free worldwide shipping is included for most of the countries for any sale with a minimum order value of 500 €. Please proceed to checkout to find out whether it applies to your country or not. We use the services of UPS and DHL to guarantee timely and safe delivery. For any purchase below 500 €, you will be charged for shipping. However, there is no fixed price for shipping as it is calculated based on your location. Simply follow the checkout process and as soon as you indicate your location, you will see how much you will have to pay including the shipping. Shipping cost calculator: Alternatively, if you want to check on your own the prices for the shipping, you can refer to the websites of a relevant delivery company. Follow the links to visit the shipping cost calculator page of either DHL or UPS. Enter the general characteristics of the product and your destination and you can find the price for your package.
We deliver to all countries around the world. We use premium-quality delivery services such as DHL and UPS and can deliver in your preferred location in the shortest time possible. The time required will differ based on your location and the shipping method that you choose. Hence, make sure you choose your preferred shipping method before proceeding to checkout. If you encounter any issues with the ordering process contact our customer services. We will be happy to assist you during the checkout process.
Every country has its regulations when it comes to purchasing from abroad. In countries outside the EU, customs handling fees may apply based on the regulations of your homeland. The amount that you may have to pay will depend on the handling fees of your country. Contact the relevant governmental body that can provide such information.
Technical Support

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A Mileage Blocker / Odometer Stopper is a small microchip with software installed on it. Besides these two names, this device is frequently called Can Blocker as well. The module is usually installed behind the speedometer and serves multiple purposes. This is a useful gadget that will solve any mileage related issues of your car. The Mileage Blocker is the most ethical alternative of odometer correction tools that you will encounter and is meant solely for testing purposes.
The module can be used to halve, quarter, or stop recording the mileage entirely. It is a useful gadget that will stop mileage at your will. If you want to test the performance of your car in a controlled environment, this handy tool will allow you to avoid any undesirable consequences. You can stop mileage anytime and check your vehicle for any possible flaws.
Usage of Mileage Blocker is not a criminal offense provided that you cannot use it on public road. It is a legitimate tool that you can buy without any concerns and use for research and development purposes. You are allowed to test the performance of your car and use it on private roads or in a controlled environment at your will. Be aware that according to § 22b StVG, and to 348§ of the Criminal Code of Hungary the forgery of odometers is punishable and therefore you should not use the Mileage Blocker / Odometer Stopper on public roads. Moreover, avoid using it for fraudulent purposes by all means. It is not forbidden to have a device installed for adjusting the mileage, even if it is permanently installed in your car.
Installation Support

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Yes, the installation usually takes less than 30 minutes and can be carried out by anyone with basic technical skills. They already have relevant experience and know-how of installing the tool appropriately. If you are convinced of your capabilities, feel free to install it on your own.
It is almost impossible to connect it incorrectly. Our Mileage Blocker has original connectors with coding such as mating face and webs on the connector that prevent incorrect insertion. Moreover, it has original Plug & Play connectors and after removing the speedometer you will notice that there is only one place behind the speedometer where it can be plugged.
Depending on the brand and model, you may have to loosen screws, remove panels, or trim parts. A Mileage Blocker is installed behind the odometer in most cases. Hence, you may have to remove the speedometer after loosening the screws. Then loosen the required connectors and mount the module between the disconnected connector and the exposed slot on the back of the speedometer unit. Pay close attention to the connection direction. Before assembling, it is vital to test the functioning of the module and make sure that it is plugged properly. If you encounter any issues please contact our support team as soon as possible. Our team will require your order number and an email address to determine the issue and solve it instantly. If the module works as it has to, mount the speedometer and reinsert panels, and don’t forget the screws. You can find a full list of how-to videos under the “Installation Instructions” category.
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