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Here you will find the answers to the most important questions, including the information about the installation process. Similarly, you can find the installation videos for each maker and model on our YouTube channel. Our support team will be always happy to assist you during the installation process.

The Super Kilometer Filter products are created based on the plug & play principle, that is why the installation is very simple and straightforward and can be carried out in just a few minutes. Mileage Blocker is also known as tacho filter, tacho blocker, or tacho stopper and is used to stop the mileage in all control units. Our module removes mileage related data not only from the dashboard, but also from all control units! You will not have to cut or solder wires during the installation process. Similarly, there will not be any error messages during a vehicle diagnosis.

In most cases, it is enough to loosen a few screws and nuts and remove the inner panel. Hence, you will need the basic tools to remove the speedometer. After dismantling, insert the Mileage Blocker between the speedometer and the cable that you have pulled out of the instrument cluster. Even if the connectors are connected incorrectly, the electronic system will not be damaged. Thanks to its user-friendliness, you can quickly and easily manage the settings of the Kilometer Blocker and make necessary changes when you want to switch it on or off. The Speedometer Stopper can be conveniently operated using the keys situated on the steering wheel, or with the appropriate application, our SKF Speed APP.

Yes, the installation usually takes less than 30 minutes and can be carried out by anyone with basic technical skills. They already have relevant experience and know-how of installing the tool appropriately. If you are convinced of your capabilities, feel free to install it on your own.
It is almost impossible to connect it incorrectly. Our Mileage Blocker has original connectors with coding such as mating face and webs on the connector that prevent incorrect insertion. Moreover, it has original Plug & Play connectors and after removing the speedometer you will notice that there is only one place behind the speedometer where it can be plugged.
Depending on the brand and model, you may have to loosen screws, remove panels, or trim parts. A Mileage Blocker is installed behind the odometer in most cases. Hence, you may have to remove the speedometer after loosening the screws. Then loosen the required connectors and mount the module between the disconnected connector and the exposed slot on the back of the speedometer unit. Pay close attention to the connection direction. Before assembling, it is vital to test the functioning of the module and make sure that it is plugged properly. If you encounter any issues please contact our support team as soon as possible. Our team will require your order number and an email address to determine the issue and solve it instantly. If the module works as it has to, mount the speedometer and reinsert panels, and don’t forget the screws. You can find a full list of how-to videos under the “Installation Instructions” category.
Switch off the engine and the ignition before the installation.
Depending on the make and model, you may have to loosen screw connections, panels, and trim parts.
If your vehicle has electronic plug connections you should also disconnect them.
Now you can loosen screws on the instrument cluster.
Carefully pull out the dashboard.
Disconnect the plug connector that is connected to the dashboard.
Install the Mileage Blocker between the plug connection and the dashboard. While installing the device, pay close attention to the correct installation direction.
Before assembling, insert the dashboard to its place temporarily and test the functionality of the module.
If the module does not work properly, check the installation direction. If the problem persists contact our support team.
If the module works as it has to, you can reassemble all the units. However, be cautious while installing the dashboard as Mileage Blocker will not work properly if it is pressed or damaged by the dashboard.

Our Odometer Stopper is usually installed behind the speedometer between the connector and the cable that goes there. It is a Plug & Play module that is easy to install and doesn’t require much effort. On some cars, it is installed in the footwell as well. Hence, it is vital to know how you have to install this module specifically on your vehicle. Fortunately, on our YouTube channel, you can see the installation instructions for almost every maker and model. If you are unable to find the video for your car, contact us and our support team will guide you throughout the installation process.
It is not necessary to remove the battery, but it doesn't hurt to do so anyway. Especially if you don’t have advanced technical skills, removing the battery will make you more confident that nothing will go wrong. Moreover, you are still dealing with cables and in such cases being proactive is still advisable even if it doesn’t make any difference.
The Mileage Blocker unconditionally removes the mileage. The mileage figures will remain unchanged even after removing the module from the car. You can use our Mileage Blocker to alter the mileage and remove it anytime. Stopped mileage will not increase spontaneously after removing the module. However, in most cases, error messages should be deleted after removing the tool. Can Communications save any interruption messages as error messages. These are sporadic errors that do not necessarily have to be deleted, but it is recommended.
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