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How to Increase Car Mileage? – An Ultimate Guide!

September 8, 2021

Learning how to increase car mileage can be cost effective. We all know that car maintenance is a costly task. Not only do we have to take good care of our vehicle, but we also have to spend a lot of money on fuel. Fluctuating prices often force us to rethink our driving habits and start paying attention to every trip we take. You might want to be fuel-efficient, but it’s could seem overwhelming if you don’t have thorough information about it. Mileage is one of the main factors you should look into if you want to know how to save up on fuel.

Therefore, we should learn it and figure out why it’s necessary to do so. Let’s begin our discussion so that we can answer all the questions you have.

Why would someone want to increase mileage?

The answer is quite simple – people usually want to increase fuel mileage because they don’t want to spend so much money on petrol. If you drive a lot, those expenses can really start to add up. That’s why some people prefer to be cautious and learn how to increase mileage of petrol car.

You see, fuel efficiency and car maintenance are directly linked to one another. If you have unhealthy driving habits or you tend to ignore the alerts on the dashboard, the chances are you’re wasting a lot of fuel. And if you take a look at the prices, you’ll figure out how much you’re throwing away.

Another reason why people try to increase mileage is that they want to be fuel-efficient for the sake of the environment. We all know that there’s only so much our planet can take. Air pollution is a serious issue that affects all of us around the globe. If you want to contribute to a better cause, then it’s a great idea to learn how to improve car mileage.

You might think that fuel efficiency isn’t achievable with non-hybrid (or non-electric) cars, but that’s just another stereotype. We’ll come up with nonsensical ideas to justify our actions and “clear” our conscience, won’t we? Fuel efficiency is not only achievable with any vehicle, but it’s also quite easy to implement.

Does the type of car matter?

No, it doesn’t. You can easily improve gas mileage with any car on the market. Of course, you don’t have to fuss as much with modern vehicles as they tend to be more fuel/eco-friendly. Nevertheless, it won’t hurt anyone to get more information about this subject.

I get it – we don’t really want to be cautious about our actions if we don’t have to. For some reason, we are prone to ignore all the suggestions unless we’re forced to follow them. But trust me, after learning how to increase your fuel mileage, you’ll become an intuitive driver. Your maintenance will improve significantly and you’ll avoid the mistakes that could essentially damage your beloved car.

How to increase mileage of petrol car?

Method for increasing mileage of petrol car

You have to follow simple steps if you want to improve the fuel mileage. Don’t worry – I won’t confuse you with complicated terms and suggestions. The tips I’m about to reveal are easy to follow and require minimal effort.

Just remember – you need to examine your driving habits if you want to learn how to improve mileage of petrol car. If you don’t do so, you will be unaware of the mistakes you’re making on daily basis. And that, my friend, means that you’ll be wasting a lot of money and fuel.Car care is the key!

Mileage blocker is the best alternative

Mileage plays an increasingly important role in our daily lives. To make our life more comfortable, a young team from Germany has created a special gadget for you – a mileage blocker. This innovative device stops the process of recording KM/mileage from all control units of your car. Thus, mileage data is not stored in any control unit, and the odometer lock is not traceable. In addition, he has his own mobile application that allows you to access several functions through the phone. Learn more about this innovative tool and choose it for yourself.

Fortunately, the mileage blocker is freely available on the Internet, and you can purchase it on the official website. It has a simple installation guide for each car manufacturer, so you don’t have to go to a special service center for help. If you have any additional questions, you can always contact the support service of the company.

Don’t press the brake/gas like there’s no tomorrow

It might be tempting to press the gas pedal to outdrive that slow driver in front of you. From my experience, that situation can drive you crazy and awaken that beast hidden inside you. But if you want to be fuel-efficient, it’s a better idea to maintain a steady speed. If you don’t press gas or brake frequently, your car doesn’t have to burn as much fuel as it would otherwise. So, being steady is the key here!

Don’t keep unnecessary trash/stuff in your car

I know too many people who have turned their vehicles into storage units. It’s time to understand that all the annoying stuff you keep leaving in your car will essentially make it heavier. The more the weight of your vehicle, the more fuel the engine needs. Remove those 5-year-old water bottles and stop postponing the long-awaited clear-out of your trunk!

Don’t go for the cheapest fuel

You might think that it doesn’t matter how much you pay for the fuel, but, trust me, it does. If you’re wondering how to increase your mpg (miles per gallon), then a better-quality fuel can be the answer. No need to fill up the tank if you don’t need to – we don’t need extra weight, remember?

How to improve car mileage?

Now that you know how to increase car mileage on a basic level, we can start understanding how to improve your mileage. Even though you have to go through similar steps, knowing both will enable you to make better choices when you’re driving.

Stop the engine if you’re not driving

You might think that you’re not wasting fuel if you have your engine on when you’re not driving. However, your car will consume gas even when you’re idling. The data shows that, on average, fuel consumption during idling can be up to a gallon per hour. There is the simplest solution for this issue – stop the engine!

Keep your windows shut whenever you can

I won’t bore you with the principles of aerodynamics. I’ll just tell you that your car will burn more fuel if you have your windows open. The more air you let in, the more gas you’ll waste unnecessarily. Whenever you can, try to keep those windows shut.

Take one long trip instead of several

If you have to run several errands, it’s always a better idea to include all of them in a single trip. Small trips waste more fuel since you’ll have to start the engine several times. If you stop and start your car ten times within an hour, it will certainly consume more gas.

Check your car regularly and have it serviced if needed

If you haven’t serviced your vehicle in the last 5 years and you’re wondering how to increase car mileage, then you’re avoiding simple facts. Good maintenance is the key to becoming fuel-efficient. Fix any problems that occur, clean the filters, change the oil whenever needed. If you don’t save up on the service, you’ll surely be able to use lesser fuel.

How to increase your mpg?

Increasing MPG

Before we move on any further, let’s see what is mpg i.e. miles per gallon. This term describes what distance your car will travel for every gallon of fuel. For instance, if your mpg is 32, this means that your car can drive 32 miles per each gallon.

Once you understand how to increase mileage of petrol car, you can essentially grasp how to increase your mpg. In other words, you can take similar steps that we have already discussed. However, I would add a couple more to create a clearer picture.

Pay attention to the tire pressure

Every car has a sticker that displays the appropriate tire pressure. If you want to enhance your mpg, it’s a good idea to check tire pressure frequently and fix it right away. Your car will most likely give you an alert if the pressure changes dramatically, but you don’t have to wait that long to check if everything is in perfect shape. Also, make sure that your tires are aligned properly.

Use cruise control if you can

Research hows that using cruise control can decrease fuel consumption significantly. I’ll be honest – it makes a lot of sense. However, you shouldn’t use cruise control on rocky or “dangerous” roads. Fuel efficiency isn’t as important as your safety.


Now that you know how to improve car mileage, you don’t have any excuses to avoid being fuel-efficient. It’s not that difficult to do – you just need to be aware of your driving habits. Don’t do things that aren’t necessary and you’ll accomplish 50% of the task. Pay attention to you the maintenance of your car and you’ll add another 30% to the equation. Start slow and add more precautions along the way. After some time, you will be fuel-efficient without even noticing. Good luck!

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