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What is a Sprinter Speed Limiter Removal tool?

September 2, 2022

Sprinter speed limiter removal is a very important tool today, as most of the manufacturers, especially Mercedes Benz, set speed governors on the vehicles. This tool helps you to remove the restrictions and develop the full potential of your van. A speed limiter is a unit inbuilt in the sprinter 907, 910 manufactured from 2018-2021. It automatically controls and limits the top speed of the car and prevents it from overriding. Mercedes vehicles’ factory-set speed limiter can set different restrictions from vehicle to vehicle. Though, people remove it and enjoy the full capacity of their buddy.

There are many tools used for Mercedes sprinter speed limiter removal. However, the Original SKF coding tool is a unique handy tuning device. You can easily install it on Mercedes Sprinter W907 W910 (2018, 2019,2020,2022). Hence, You can regulate the speed at your pleasure without visiting an auto service center. Below we will explain what exactly the SKF coding tool for Sprinter is, how it works, and its benefits. 

How to do Sprinter Speed limiter removal?

It is quite an easy process. With the help of the Mercedes sprinter speed governor removal tool, it is possible to remove the speed restrictor on the Mercedes sprinter. It refers to adjusting the ECU via reprogramming the software and modifying the engine code to disable the sprinter speed limiter. It allows you to remove any speed restrictions or apply a new limiter. We offer the best factory speed limiter removal tool- Original SKF coding tool for your sprinter W907 W910 from 2018. It reprograms the ECU to get rid of the limit of the top speed of your vehicle. Our product provides the most appropriate tuning solution.

Our Mercedes sprinter speed limiter removal tool will easily remove the top speed limit. It allows you to change the set limit to reveal the full potential of your van. However, you should be responsible for keeping the speed within safety limits and respecting the international road and highway laws. Also, make sure that speed limiter removal action is legal in your country.

Adjusting Sprinter speed limiter removal

Original SKF Coding Adapter-Main application 

As we have already mentioned, the original SKF coding adapter is a software coding adapter for different Mercedes models including sprinter W907 and W910. It can change the Speed limit in your car and help you increase or decrease the speed limit. This sprinter speed limiter removal tool saves your VIN (chassis number) of the vehicle when modifying the speed limit. You can not return after removing the safety package. This coding adapter can only be used for one vehicle, but you can change the speed limit as often as you like.  It allows reprogramming of the vehicle on your own. Hence, you can enjoy the unrestricted speed of the vehicle. 

Activation & Deactivation 

Firstly, you should plug the tool (coding dongle). The red LED flashes 2 times (80kmh). If any speed limit change has been made, the VIN and the speed limit value are permanently saved in the tool. Plug it in next time the red led only flashes once (original speed limit).

You should plug the coding adapter into the vehicle’s OBD interface and select the appropriate maximum speed and code. Please note that the unlocking of the Speed Limiter is not activated permanently. However, you reactivate it at any time with this coding adapter or return to its original state.

The SKF coding adapter is for Mercedes Sprinter, regardless of the structure of the Mercedes Sprinter. Sprinter panel van, Mercedes Sprinter with box body, Mercedes Sprinter platform/tarpaulin, Mercedes Sprinter Mixto, luxury bus based on Sprinter. MERCEDES SPRINTER camper vans, or MERCEDES SPRINTER sales vans/market vans. Sprinter motorhomes Hymer B Class, Hymer ML-T, Hymer Tramp S, Hymer Free S. Camping buses on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Benefits of speed limiter removal

The best benefit of our Mercedes sprinter speed limiter removal is the improved performance and higher or lower top speed limit set manually based on your requirements. After installation of our tool, which you can buy from our shop, the default settings will be rewritten and the sprinter speed limiter will be disabled. Hence, you will be able to reach your vehicle’s full capacity. It will go as fast as you tell it to. It is important to remember that the top speed of a vehicle depends on the engine fuse and power.

Other advantages of our Mercedes sprinter speed governor removal tool are full control of your vehicle, better driving experience, more speed, saved time, and saved money.


To summarize, the Mercedes sprinter speed limiter removal tool – SKF Coding Adapter is a very helpful device for the deactivation of the speed limit on sprinter 907, 910 manufactured from 2018. Its uniqueness lies in its simple installation; in other words, it is a do-it-yourself tool.  It gives you the possibility to regulate the speed on your own. There are a lot of options on the market that claim to accomplish the same task such as VEDIAMO VMAX and many others. However, the tool that we offer is of premium quality and we can guarantee flawless performance and unprecedented results.

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