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CarPlay Android Box: Features and Characteristics

Android Box CarPlay is a cool and fun device that makes your vehicle even more attractive. It’s a convenient module that enables you to enjoy versatile features right on the display in your car. Even though Apple CarPlay sounds similar, it’s quite limiting in terms of capabilities.
CarPlay Box Android combats all those drawbacks and delivers flexibility to your fingertips. You can watch YouTube, stream Netflix, activate navigation, or play various games with a single module.

What is android box CarPlay?

Android CarPlay box (a.k.a. Android Auto) is a multimedia device that connects to your car directly. It’s a superior substitution to the Apple CarPlay, as it has more features and seems to be more flexible.

CarPlay is essentially an AI box that opens up countless possibilities. You can watch videos or movies, listen to music, play games, search content in Google Chrome, open Maps, and do everything that you would with an Android OS system.

The device itself is rather compact and attractive. It’s composed of top-notch components and that’s exactly why you can feel the quality as soon as you hold it in your hands.

If your vehicle has a touchscreen, you can control CarPlay without additional accessories. But if the touchscreen isn’t included, you will be able to navigate through this module with remote control.

Apart from an optional remote control, CarPlay also comes with a GPS Kit. It’s an essential accessory if you want to use navigation apps on your CarPlay. However, this kit isn’t necessary for the rest of the apps to operate properly.

The USB cable that is included in the box is a convenient addition, as it lets you charge your phone with CarPlay.

What are the main features of the CarPlay Box Android?

CarPlay Android Box comes with several useful features, including various apps, games, customizable design, compatibility with a USB, screencast, and Wi-Fi.

Various apps

CarPlay enables you to access all the apps that are compatible with the Android OS system. These could be Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, YouTube Kids, Google Maps, Weather, or VLC.

You can download any app you want from Google Play Store – it works just like the one we find on Android smartphones.


Apart from watching an interesting video while waiting for someone, you can also play games on your CarPlay. Be it Candy Crush or Minecraft – you can simply download your favorite games from the Play Store.

Naturally, you shouldn’t be trying to complete a new level while driving.

Customizable design

Android Box CarPlay lets you select a design that you like the most. You can choose between various background themes and apply them in seconds. You can also select 9 apps that you use most frequently and display them on the home screen. That way, you’ll be able to access them quickly.

USB drive

If you have your favorite songs on your USB flash drive, you can easily connect it to your CarPlay. You’ll find the port on the module itself.
Moreover, you can view photos that are stored on the USB drive with your CarPlay.


Android Auto also has a screencast feature. If you have something on your phone that you’d like to view on CarPlay, you can share your screen in seconds. You’ll immediately see the screen of your phone on the display.


To make sure that all the apps work properly, CarPlay has Wi-Fi. All you have to do is activate a hotspot on your phone and connect the module to the signal.

What makes Android CarPlay Box so useful?

Additional features, such as Google Chrome, Google Assistant, Google Search, and Clean Up app, make CarPlay Box Android not only fun to employ, but also quite useful in daily life.

Chrome Browser

The ability to search content via a browser is a definite advantage. You can go to any website, scroll the page and follow useful links that you find right on your CarPlay.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is another useful feature. Instead of reaching for your phone every time you need to find something, you can simply ask Google Assistant on your Android Auto. It’s a convenient feature that will help you out a lot, especially on busier days.

Google Search

If you want to search for something quickly, you can use Google Search directly. It’s a faster way to find everything that you need.

Clean Up App

Finally, Android CarPlay Box comes with a Clean Up App. It’s not as fun as the rest, yet it’s certainly an essential feature. With this app, you can clean up cashed files to make sure the module doesn’t get overloaded with unnecessary data.


CarPlay Android Box is truly an intuitive device. Not only does it include amazing features (such as watching movies on your car’s display and playing games) but it also comes with useful properties.

It has never been easier to transform Apple CarPlay into an Android Auto. Simply connect it to your vehicle and you’ll be ready to explore all the characteristics in seconds.

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