Do Car Insurance Companies Check Mileage?

Do Car Insurance Companies Check Mileage?

Do car insurance companies check mileage? – this is probably one of the most important questions you should consider if you’re thinking about getting the car. Let’s be honest – you can’t survive without insurance, because you’ll be broke after your first accident. It’s always better to pay a monthly premium than be forced to […]

Car Insurance Mileage Limit Exceeded – What Should You Do?

Car Insurance Mileage Limit Exceeded

If you’re wondering what happens if you exceed mileage on insurance, you’re in the right place, my friend. The truth is – people usually start panicking whenever they find out their mileage has increased dramatically. However, the whole situation might not be that big of a deal. Your insurance company won’t refuse to pay you […]

How to Check Mileage on Car – All the Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

How to Check Mileage on Car

In a world where car-related fraud has become quite widespread, it’s become crucial to know how to check mileage on car. You have to rely on yourself and do proper research before investing in a vehicle. If you’re not careful, you might end up wasting your money, and let’s face it – nobody wants to […]

What Is the Average Air Suspension Price?

air suspension price

If you know how comfortable the Airmatic system can be, it’s only natural to wonder about air suspension price. Even if you don’t, you’ll have a hard time returning to other types of suspension after experiencing the Airmatic. It’s a system that adjusts your car to the rocky or smooth roads, making sure that your […]

Why Is Mileage Important? – All the Details You Need to Check Out

Why Is Mileage Important

Why is mileage important when buying a used car? It’s quite a complicated question, as it’s impossible to state one single reason. Mileage can be overrated in certain cases, and it can also be neglected. Either way, it is undeniable that it’s an important factor when we’re dealing with used cars. If you have all […]

What makes an odometer rollback tool inferior to a mileage blocker in terms of new cars?

Odometer Rollback

Odometer rollback tools have already gained a substantial amount of popularity among car sellers. They gave birth to an industry that quickly took a wrong turn and acquired a deceitful background. Car buyers felt relief when they found out they only worked with old, analog odometers. However, that’s not entirely true. Even though such devices […]

Can You Remove the Mileage from All Control Units?

Can You Remove the Mileage from All Control Units?

Mileage is an important problem for most people. Though it’s not a determinant factor, it’s still something we take into account while purchasing a used car. That’s why a lot of attention is directed towards the numbers on the odometer. If it’s too high, the vehicle costs way less. This has forced the sellers to […]

How to Check If Odometer Was Rolled Back?

How to check if odometer was rolled back

How to check if odometer was rolled back? – people ask this question quite frequently. As the market for mileage-related tools grows bigger, potential customers try harder to learn as much as they can about the vehicles. Odometer fraud has turned into a prevalent issue as it can be encountered even with trustworthy sellers and […]

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