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Is Odometer Scanner Tool Still Useful?

March 14, 2024

Odometer scanner tool is a useful car adjustment device that can read, reset, and change genuine miles in your vehicle. However, many types of gadgets are available and not all of them are helpful nowadays. Some failed to accomplish their primary purpose, while others have been partially successful. Despite the undesirable results, there is one tool available that perfectly performs its task and has an established quality.

What Is Odometer Scan Tool?

Automobile odoo scanner tool is a gadget that can read, check, and change mileage in cars. It scans and corrects miles information by connecting to OBD2 port. Once the connection is established, you can modify the mileage information. And where is the mileage data stored? The system saves it to the control units; however, the odometer displays it on the dashboard. It is placed in the dashboards next to a speedometer. There may be slight differences depending on the various models, but most of the manufacturers follow a similar layout. When you want to find out the miles on your vehicle, you should check the odometer showing on the instrument cluster.
It is important to know that scanner tools work both with digital and mechanical odometers. Digital odometers are common in modern vehicles. They show the total distance on the electric instrument cluster. On the other hand, the older cars use traditional mechanical odometers. According to these variations, different types of devices might be useful in specific occasions.
Therefore, vehicle odometer scanner tool helps you track, change, or reset the mileage in your automobile. However, remember that there are different ways to correct miles and most of them aren’t useful.

What Is Odometer Scan Tool

What Are the Ways to Correct Mileage?

Companies have tried to create a unique device that would flawlessly change the distance in a car. These are the most famous approaches to correct the mileage:

  1. Replacing the instrument cluster is a common practice in changing the recorded car mileage. When people want to reduce the odometer showing, they often replace the old dashboard with the new one. Hence, the control panel will display the data of a new dashboard. The disadvantage of such actions is that the original data is easily traceable.
  2. Rolling back odometers via rollback tools is another way of manipulating odometers. In this case, a person with malicious purposes reduces the existing data. However, professionals can detect it, and this may cause legal disputes.
  3. Resetting an odometer also affects the correct mileage. It removes all the information from the dashboard. Hence, it’ll start recording the distance from the zero. This device also has a big issue as others can track it.
  4. The best odometer scan tool is the mileage blocker as it doesn’t store miles data in control units and consequently, it’s untraceable. However, the mileage blocker is for only car testing purposes and is not meant for free roads.

Does Mileage Matter?

Mileage still has a huge importance and greatly affects the prices that cars have. The car which has covered more distance is considered to experience more wear and tear. For example, if two autos covered 30,000 and 50,000 miles respectively, the first car should be in a better condition due to its lower mileage. However, it is just one aspect, and the final decision shouldn’t be made solely based on this data.
The maintenance is vital for automobiles. It usually plays a key role in determining the overall condition. For instance, a car which has 70.000 covered mileage and was properly maintained, may last longer and work better than a one that was not operational often. The correct maintenance can significantly increase the vehicle’s lifespan.
Digital odometer scanner tool reads mileage and resets the original odometer showing. Individuals use scanner devices to change unwanted numbers and display. Changing this data will change the resale price as well. In most cases, increasing the income and rising the resave value are major reasons behind such actions. This artificial interference with the odometer demonstrates the importance the mileage has in the industry.

Should You Buy a Car with High Mileage?

If you see that an automobile is in good condition and the only questionable factor is the high mileage, you should buy it. The first reason for it is that manufacturers are constantly developing new methods and what was high in the past is not the same in current standards. Modern vehicles are capable of covering much higher distances with less deterioration.
Moreover, using the odometer scan tool to track vehicle mileage doesn’t always show a complete picture. It lacks details regarding the driving habits of the previous owner, whether he followed the maintenance guidelines or not, and how a vehicle was loaded. It would be great if you consider the terrain as well. Hence, the numbers on the dash don’t always show a clear picture.
In addition, if you are looking for a car for yourself, you will get a second-hand automobile a lot cheaper. This way you can save some money and use it for future maintenance or other expenses. Many have false beliefs about mileage and are reluctant to purchase vehicles with high mileage. However, as you know there are more important aspects, so you can confidently purchase a used car.

Is Odometer Scanner Tool Still Useful?

Yes, the odometer scanner is still useful because it can check and change car mileage according to your orders. It is a device that can help you track and monitor vehicle statistics. However, there are multiple gadgets and it’s important to know which one to choose.
One of the first options is odometer rollback. These devices work by physically connecting the tool to the control panel. As soon as you have control over the system, you can manage and roll back the desired amount of mileage. For example, if the original showing is 95,000 miles, with this device you can reduce the numbers and display 40,000 on the dashboard. It sounds interesting but remember that such gadgets are quickly detectable and it’s the major issue of these devices.
Another odometer scan tool is a digital odoo calibration that will program OBD II and change the original mileage. The calibration tool interferes with the odometer but it’s also easily traceable and isn’t popular for that reason.
The only device that can modify mileage and doesn’t leave any trace is the mileage blocker. It has the highest efficiency and is famous for maintaining quality over time.

Is Odometer Scanner Tool Still Useful today?

What Is the Best Car Odometer Scanner Tool?

The best auto scanner tool is the mileage blocker from Superkilometerfilter. This technologically advanced device stops the mileage recording process in an automobile and doesn’t remove, reset, or roll back already recorded distance. The great feature of this blocker is that it never stores the data in Control Units (ECUs) which makes the distance information completely untraceable.
Furthermore, the mileage blocker has different modes. Based on the selected modes you can choose what percentage of mileage you want to record. The SKF device is the only one which has its mobile app. As a result, you can monitor vehicle statistics from your mobile and even switch between modes while driving.
Besides, this tool works perfectly in any weather conditions as it consists of premium quality components. To make it easier to use it, the mileage blocker has a Do-It-Yourself manual. By following the installation instructions, you can setup the blocker all by yourself.
Even though it has multiple advantages compared to other products, the mileage blocker is meant for only car testing purposes, and it shouldn’t be used on free roads. It should be used only by professionals in a limited environment.

Advantages of the Mileage Blocker

The Mileage Blocker is a complete odometer scan tool that helps car testers program and tune vehicles. This device has a number of advantages.

  • Untraceable effect: the mileage blocker doesn’t save distance data in control units and the info is undetectable.
  • Possibility to choose from different modes: the device has various options and you can choose your favorite one.
  • Control via mobile application: users can control the mileage blocker from their smartphones through the app.
  • Plug-and-play system: simple instructions that enable everyone to install the device by themselves.
  • Premium quality cables: SKF cables are exclusively developed for the car industry and are not imported from China. All components of the device are assembled and produced in Germany.

The mileage blocker is the best device that halts the mile-recording process. The tool is available online and you can purchase it from the SKF website. However, remember that this tool is only for testing and shouldn’t be used on free highways. For further details please visit the support section or contact the support team.


Odometer scanner tool is a useful vehicle device that can check and change mileage. It is usually used for miles adjustments. Companies have developed multiple versions for that purpose but only the Mileage Blocker from Superkilometerfilter can stop distance recording without leaving a trace. However, keep in mind that it is only for auto-testing.

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