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Car Mileage – Exaggerated Or Truly Important Detail?

January 12, 2022

Car mileage is one of the outstanding details that every individual checks before purchase. For many drivers it is determinant of the lifespan of a vehicle. High mileage means more wear and tear. Due to that fact, low mileage vehicles always cost much more than others. At some point the importance of low mileage in a used car is understandable. However, many factors affect the overall condition of a vehicle.

There are many true and false opinions related to mileage data. In order to clarify whether its role is exaggerated or not, I’d suggest reviewing all the needed information. We can clarify the issue only after combining all the below-mentioned information.

Below we will discuss discrepancy of car odometer, and importance of its accuracy. What information we can get from the odometer data. Also, we will discuss how to avoid counting extra miles legally. So, let’s start the journey and explore all about the mileage!

What Is the Auto Mileage and Why Is It So Important?

Importance of auto mileage

I’m sure you, likewise to other individuals, were interested in clarifying what is a good mileage car before purchase. In general, mileage is the data that gives us information about the total, covered distance of the car. In other words, it is a tracker unit, with the responsibility to calculate and reflect covered distance in numbers.

For some individuals, it is just numbers indicated on the odometer. However, for most drivers, it is one of the main determinants of a car’s value. For instance, it’s a fact that with a low mileage car you can save a lot of money on monthly expenses.

To calculate fuel consumption on a car you should divide covered miles on used gallons. That way you get the MPG Miles Per Gallon. Low or high numbers of miles/kilometers on the odometer affect the value of the car while purchasing or selling. It is derived due to different reasons.

What determines the importance of mileage data?

First of all, auto mileage is the data that is pre-determined by a manufacturer for each released model. Auto manufacturers use the mileage data to portray the life expectancy of the car. They always provide information about the expected average amount of mileage that the car is capable of covering without any issue.

In other words, it is similar to a warranty that the car covers a certain amount of mileage without needing any technical assistance. Therefore, people always use mileage as the major factor while determining the remaining lifespan of the automobile. For instance, if you know that the model is capable of covering a certain amount of mileage, you would avoid buying a used car that is reaching the limit. In other words, it would be ignoring potential risks, to get an automobile that has already covered most of its predetermined mileage.

Another factor that makes car mileage so important is that, in many cases, high mileage means more wear and tear. However, there are many other factors that affect the reliability of a vehicle. Even though mileage still remains as the most important detail than anything else, when you inspect a vehicle. Especially if you are loyal to your car’s manufacturer, you will find it hard to believe that there are more important factors to rely on. Keep reading, we will try to clarify the controversial opinion about mileage data.

Can I Determine the Lifespan of an Auto with The Car Odometer Data?

The short answer is No. You cannot determine the lifespan of a car depending only on the car odometer data. Despite the fact that the odometer shows us the total amount of miles/kilometers, it doesn’t provide deeper information.

For instance, we don’t know how the distance was covered, in which driving manner, or what was the purpose of the vehicle. It is a fact that the lifespan of two same model vehicles with the same mileage can be totally different. For instance, if we compare a racing car and a vehicle, used for moving in the city center from home to work, we will see a big difference. The difference is derived due to the fact that no matter whether we are inspecting low or high mileage car, driving habits are a very important detail.

Still, mileage reflects the approximate condition of a car, and there are some tips and tricks to take good care of a car. However, it doesn’t take into account other factors, such as driving habits, road condition, location, regular checks, visiting service centers, oil change, petroleum quality, and many other factors. Those and many other details affect the reliability and longevity of vehicle parts. All in all, the life expectancy of an automobile depends on multiple factors, and auto mileage is not the only determinant.

How to Avoid Extra Car Mileage?

Prevent extra car mileage

Despite the fact that there are many other factors that determine the reliability of a car, mileage still remains one of the most important ones. Due to low car mileage importance, there appeared many different types of devices that offer to lower the actual data. That way some sellers can earn more benefit out of the selling.

Of course, changing actual mileage data for deceitful purposes is illegal, and depending on the state of residence, it may cause big penalties. Odometer fraud is prohibited under both federal and state laws. Besides, using adjusting tools is easy to detect. Hence, it’s unreasonable to use it. Paying for adjustment tools can just increase your expenses for the penalty.

Even though, there are cases when one might need to avoid counting extra miles. For instance, when you are checking the maintenance of a vehicle and making a test drive. Luckily, there is a legal device that you can use in such cases. Mileage Blocker is the tool that was created specifically for testing and tuning purposes.

Reasons to use Mileage Blocker

There are many reasons why I’d always suggest using the tool. First of all, compared to other odometer devices, using a Mileage Blocker is totally legal. It doesn’t change any existing data of a vehicle. It simply stops counting miles while in motion. After deactivation the car odometer continues working as usual.

Besides, it’s user-friendly. No matter your previous knowledge or experience in the auto industry, you can easily install the plug-and-play module. The DIY instruction is simple for any user. Installation might take up to several minutes. It doesn’t request cutting or soldering wires and is totally untraceable.

Hence, once you install the module and activate the mode, you can start the test drive and check the vehicle’s maintenance without thinking about extra miles. That way you can legally avoid counting extra miles on the odometer and lower the total mileage of a car.


All in all, there are many different opinions related to mileage data. On the one hand, it is an important detail that can give us a sight about the approximate life expectancy of a car. However, there are many other factors that affect lifespan and reliability.

Besides, there are many correction tools that can change the existing data on the odometer. With the help of such devices, you might see much lower mileage on the odometer than the actual one. Hence, it would be incorrect to take into account only the mileage data while purchasing a car.

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