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Mileage Correction As A Tool That Successfully Modifies Mileage-Related Data And Includes Some Risks

October 16, 2023

Mileage correction is changing the numbers on a car’s odometer. The main goal is to hide the correct miles and display the wrong data on the instrument cluster. A lot of people prefer to show less mileage than the original digits. However, such actions can be considered to be a fraudulent activity. Consequently, I may cause serious complications. This is why you need to know more about the topics.

What Is Odometer Correction And Why Is It Important?

Miles correction is altering a vehicle’s odometer. People reset or roll back mileage that is shown on the dashboard. This practice is usually done digitally. However, several tools can do it mechanically as well. Whether digital or mechanical, odometers play a crucial role in our cars’ proper functioning. An odometer is precisely the tool which measures the distance covered by an automobile.
While the odometer measures the distance, correction tools modify the data. Because of the fact that an auto does not have proper mileage information, several measurements can become misleading. For instance, your car calculates oil changes based on the covered distance. If the system doesn’t know what distance you have covered, it will never be able to provide you with the correct calculations. Hence, odometer adjustment mileage correction can sometimes become problematic. Vehicles need genuine data, and any discrepancy will only make things complicated.
Based on these, it is essential for vehicles to have trustworthy mileage. The system will calculate everything for you and display it on the dashboards. This is why you should always examine mileage carefully and make sure that there is not any malfunction.

Different Methods Of Mileage Correction

Mileage modification can be done in different ways. Some prefer to roll back and reset, while others may choose to alter the showing. You should also remember that they work for both digital and mechanical odometers.
1. Rolling back the mileage: it implies artificially reducing the miles or kilometres. As soon as the device or software is connected, you can choose the desired number of mileage. The numbers will be removed from the control panel, and you will no longer see the old digits in your vehicle.
2. Resetting the data: in this case, the whole information is deleted from the system. Hence, you will see 0 as the total covered distance. For example, if you have driven 100,000 miles with your car and you use odometer correction, which resets the odometer, the mileage will become zero.
3. Stopping the process: such devices simply stop the distance recording processes. They don’t remove or delete any numbers from the system. However, it has its flaws as well. If you regularly check your mileage for maintenance purposes, you won’t be able to do so, as the data will not be recorded.

About Various Methods Of Mileage Correction

Why People May Utilize Correction Devices

As you can see, people use different variations of correction tools to change mileage. Resetting, rolling back and altering the showing are the most commonly used practices. After all, a logical question arises: why do people even use odometer adjustment mileage correction? The answer is different based on the vehicle owner and the goals.
1.Increasing car resale value: owners may artificially change the odometer reading to increase the resale price. Cars with less covered distance appear to be in a better condition. Hence, it will have a higher price tag.
2. Insurance: different insurance companies calculate warrants and other agreements based on mileage. Reduced mileage minimizes your overall costs.
3. Personal preference: it might sound strange, but that’s right. Some people hate when they see mileage increasing on their vehicles. They have the feeling that their automobiles are getting older. Sometimes, it’s a major reason that pushes owners to interfere with the normal functioning of the odometer and utilize mileage correction.
4. Fraud: individuals usually change the information to cheat others and sell a vehicle at a higher price. This is not only unethical but will also cause many legal complications.

Why Are Using These Devices Problematic?

Everyone is curious about correction devices and wants to change the mileage information. At first glance, it really is appealing to make your automobile look less used. On the other hand, we should never forget that several important aspects cannot be ignored.

  • First of all, it may affect the security of your vehicle. Automobiles calculate the data based on the mileage and then make different analyses via algorithms. Once you use odometer correction, you will lose the genuine history of the vehicle. Hence, your car can’t provide you with the proper tips.
  • Maintenance also monitors the mileage information. For instance, you can calculate oil changes, engine check-ups and even tire replacements according to the distance you cover. Consequently, it is essential to have original information.
  • Many insurance companies use distance as a major aspect of calculations. When you change the mileage information artificially, you should consider the pros and cons of such action.
  • Odometer adjustment mileage correction does not always work correctly. There are many tools on the car market, however, not all of them are effective. Some completely fail to reach the goal, while others malfunction shortly after deploying it.

The Devices That People Use For Correction

As time passes, the world is becoming more digitalized and advanced in technology. Of course, the automobile industry is not the exception. This is why gadgets are no longer in a traditional shape. More and more things are done digitally in your vehicles, whether reprogramming, check-ups, analytics or something else. The mileage correction tool also has two versions.
The first one is the traditional version, which comes with a mechanical device. With physically connecting cables, you will get access to your vehicle’s data. After successfully establishing the connection, you can modify the data as you wish. While using the traditional method, remember that physical damage to the device will have a direct influence on the automobile’s performance.
Another method is correcting the data with advanced software. It will connect to your automobile remotely without a physical touch to it. The whole process is based on the algorithms and computer coding. The major disadvantage of this odometer correction is that you have fewer options compared to the traditional tool that physically connects to the OBD port. In addition, you should regularly check if the program works correctly.

Is There Any Other Complications?

If you think that you now know everything about the correction devices, you need to know one more thing. Utilizing different gadgets and software in your vehicle is not only a matter of your ethical usage or personal view. It has far greater importance. Precisely, using these tools may cause legal disputes.
In most countries, as well as in the United States, utilizing correction tools unless it is essential to your car is illegal. If you use odometer adjustment mileage correction on free roads or highways, you are going against the law. The same goes with the European Union, where most countries introduced a law against artificially changing the odometer showing. Based on the state or country you are in, the charges may differ and, therefore, have different outcomes.

When Should I Use Correction Devices?

In most cases, using unofficial devices is illegal. However, there are several circumstances under which you can use the mileage correction tool.

  • Urgent replacements – when you need to replace specific parts of the vehicle (such as the engine, instrument cluster or part of the dashboard) it may affect the odometer functioning. Hence, it may display the wrong data. In this case, you should modify it artificially and correct the information.
  • Changing units – if you import a vehicle from a foreign country, they mostly use different measuring units. Hence, you have to change the data according to the state regulations. In this case, you need to modify the mileage information as well.
  • Testing/Tuning – when you are upgrading your vehicle, you most probably go to the professional. They sometimes replace the dashboards and often use the odometer correction tool.

Remember, the unofficial use of those gadgets is illegal and will trigger more issues. Always double-check the information before making any decision and comply with the local guidance.

How Can Someone Detect A Trace?

A lot of people think that once they change the odometers, nobody will notice the change. In reality, it is quite easy to track your actions. Even more, OBD2 scanner tools can detect almost all corrections. Mostly, professionals use devices that easily track back to all actions. Do you wonder if you can check the data by yourself? Well, you can minimize risk by specific steps.
Most of the cars have electronic logs where the system saves the data regarding the mileage. When the changes occur, the car saves the information there. Hence, diagnostic tools will find you the proper recordings.
Moreover, people remove the dashboards when changing the miles via odometer adjustment mileage correction. This causes physical damage to the instrument cluster. Therefore, always check the external scratches first. In addition, verifying the report history and using Carfax will help you quickly identify any suspicious activity.

Untraceable Mileage Device

You will find a lot of gadgets that claim to change the mileage. However, they are either ineffective or they are easily detected. In order to resolve this issue, the SKF team has created a complete device – the Mileage Blocker. This device is unique as it does not delete, roll back or reset any mileage-related information. The blocker alters the distance recording process. Consequently, the system will not add extra new miles on the dashboard.
This tool has several advantages. Firstly, it is untraceable and no scanner or person can identify it. Mileage blocker consists of premium quality components that make it perfectly workable in any circumstances. Furthermore, the Super Kilometer Filter’s team has developed a mobile application for the blocker. Hence, now you can navigate and control the device from your smartphone. And if you are wondering about the compatibility, don’t worry! Mileage Blocker is suitable for almost all car models.
Fortunately, the device is available online and you can purchase it from the official website. Remember that you have to use this device ethically! For any further questions or information, please contact the support team.


Mileage correction is the process of modifying the mileage-related data in a vehicle. Changing miles via reset, roll back is not only a personal view, and it sometimes comes with legal disputes. The trace is easily detected, so think carefully before you make your vehicle tampered. In addition, there is an innovative, untraceable device – Mileage Blocker, however, you should only use it ethically according to the guidelines.

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