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A4/S4/RS4 - B9

9 Reviews

9 Reviews

Before ordering, please read carefully about the module activation and important notes on error messages and functions below.
  • The correct function of the speedometer and assistance systems will depend on your vehicle’s speedometer!
  • Speedometer and assistance don’t work with tank and temp display
  • The module works with or without temperature and fuel gauge
  • Premium-quality plugs and heat-resistant cables
  • The ability to purchase with or without an app
  • Do-it-yourself installation


Please note that if the returned items are not in the original condition, or show some signs of usage, this includes removing or damaging the casing and protective sleeve, you will not be entitled to a refund. Similarly, in case of returning the products after long usage, that goes beyond the testing of the properties and functionality, you will not get the full refund.


AUDI A4/S4/RS4 - B9 Mileage Blocker sometimes is mentioned as: Odometer Blocker, Odometer Stopper, Can Blocker, Mileage Stopper, Trip Odometer, Can Filter, and in some instances as a Mileage Correction tool.


Installation Videos


  • Has multiple modes to choose from
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Mating face and Ridges on the connector guarantee a smooth installation process
  • Easy to operate with several key combinations
  • Doesn’t leave a trace if you remove it: no soldering or cutting of cables required
  • The ability to purchase with or without an app
  • Comes with premium-quality plugs and heat-resistant cables
  • Chosen settings are saved unconditionally
  • After detaching the module, the mileage doesn’t increase spontaneously
  • No error messages displayed on the speedometer or navigation panel
  • Untraceable performance
  • As soon as this device is activated, the engine control light can appear on vehicles from the end of 2020
For the mode that alters the mileage entirely, we allow a deviation of up to 1% of the driven distance. Provided details about stopped mileage are only approximations, and there might be such minor differences.


If your vehicle has recently received an update from the manufacturer, the previous activation method will not be applicable anymore. Only mode one (full stop) and mode four (full count) will work. To activate the module, you must switch off the vehicle completely five times in a row. After the purchase, you will receive a PDF file with further details.

What kind of speedometer has your car

With Speedometer 1 and Speedometer 2 the speed indicator will work

AUDI A4 virtual cockpit 32 Pin

AUDI A4 virtual cockpit 2021 18Pin


Press the OK button for 10 seconds. Repeat the process to switch from mode to mode.

These activations are for Speedometer 1 and Speedometer 2.

Mode 1
0% of the actual mileage is recorded

After activating mode 1, the vehicle must be switched off for 3 minutes. Only then is MODE 1 activated.

Mode 2
Only 5% of the actual mileage is recorded

Mode 3
Only 10% of the actual mileage is recorded

Mode 4
100% of the actual mileage is recorded

With Speedometer 3  Speedometer, 4 and Speedometer 5 the speed indicator doesn’t work

AUDI A4 Analog cockpit 2016
AUDI A4 Analog cockpit 2016 32 Pin
AUDI A4 Analog cockpit 2018
AUDI A4 Analog cockpit 2018 32 Pin
AUDI A4 Analog cockpit
AUDI A4 Analog cockpit 2016 32 Pin


Change modes via smartphone app or press the OK button for 10 seconds. Repeat the process to switch from mode to mode.

These activations are for Speedometer 3  Speedometer 4 and Speedometer 5.

Mode 1 ON
The kilometers are stopped at 100%

The speed is displayed only for the first 10 sec.

Mode 2
25% of the actual mileage is recorded

The tachometer works continuously but displays quarter of the actual speed.

Mode 3
50% of the actual mileage is recorded

The tachometer works continuously but displays half the actual speed.

Mode 4 OFF
The kilometers are counted at 100%.

The speed and assistants work again as usual.

Audi A4 S4 RS4 B9 Kilometer Stopper tool keeps previously applied settings. For that reason, you don’t have to change the settings before starting a car next time.

What is Audi A4 S4 RS4 B9 Odometer Blocker or Mileage Correction Tool?

Audi A4 S4 RS4 B9 Mileage Blocker / Odometer Blocker is created for stopping the mileage in a car while testing its performance. At Super Kilometer Filter you can get the best module with unique details. The Mileage Blocker tool works flawlessly on a diesel-gasoline engine, as well as, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) and Electric cars. Even-if the digital odometer of your vehicle counts mileage in miles or kilometers (km), the device will work equally efficiently. Our programmers write software specifically for each maker and model to make sure that it works flawlessly. Install the module and use pre-determined key combinations to change from mode to mode.

Be informed, that we don’t sell Mileage Correction tools for Audi A4 S4 RS4 B9 as they are meant for fraudulent purposes and can solely remove the mileage figures from odometers. They are usually used to rewind / rollback the distance traveled. However, cars have multiple data storage units and roll back tools still fail to reverse the mileage altogether.

We offer a wide variety of Mileage Stopper devices for various vehicles. The installation process is the same for all the models and doesn’t require in-depth knowledge of a vehicle’s maintenance. Plug it between the port of the speedometer and the instrument cluster and you can enjoy all the benefits of this unique module.

Audi A4 S4 RS4 B9 Mileage Blocker is an extraordinary device, that allows you to test the performance of your automobile in a controlled environment.


The Mileage Blocker unconditionally removes the mileage. The mileage figures will remain unchanged even after removing the module from the car. You can use our Mileage Blocker to alter the mileage and remove it anytime. Stopped mileage will not increase spontaneously after removing the module. However, in most cases, error messages should be deleted after removing the tool. Can Communications save any interruption messages as error messages. These are sporadic errors that do not necessarily have to be deleted, but it is recommended.
As soon as this device is active and the odometer is stopped or partially halted, the engine control light may light up for vehicles from the end of 2020. As soon as this device is switched off, the engine control lamp goes out again after a few vehicle movements. While we stop or partially halt the odometer, we are manipulating some messages. As these messages are not transmitted, the “Check Engine” sign may appear. This is a sporadic error and it doesn’t portray any real problem either in the engine or in the transmission. This error can also be deleted at any time with a universal diagnostic device.


The Kilometer Stopper is only for testing and tuning purposes and should not be used on public roads. Unlike the speedometer calibration tools, our module is not intended for fraudulent purposes.

Bug fixed

The check engine light will no longer light up due to our device.

On many vehicles from the end of 2020, the check engine light would go on and off after a certain amount of time, this process would then repeat itself at regular intervals. This is now fixed.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Choose your Speedometer / Steering wheel

Speedometer 1, Speedometer 2, Speedometer 3, Speedometer 4, Speedometer 5

Cable length

Long cable, Short cable

App compatibility

With App, Without App

9 reviews for AUDI A4/S4/RS4 – B9

  1. English


    Fast support !

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  2. English


    Very good product

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  3. English


    I have received the product. Will the transmission computer mileage also stop at the same time? Model is 2020 RS4

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  4. English


    East to install. You need torx 20 and 8mm standard hex socket. Get a rubber coated 1/4 drive so not to mark dash. Took about an hour.

    Purchased the Bluetooth unit. Would be good to be able to change the percentage to say 25%. Or a custom level.

    It makes the MPG change. As you’ve used more petrol and less miles your cars computer shows low MPG.

    Overall it does what it says. With the Bluetooth you get an Extra plug that I’m assuming you can switch out the chip / brains of the unit to put back to standard for any inspection.

    Happy with purchase and unit..

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  5. English

    Dario M.

    Perfect !
    1 hour for finish montage.

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  6. English

    Ghassan F.

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  7. English

    Robert (verified owner)

    The product exactly as described, works perfectly. Very satisfied!

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    • English

      Anna (store manager)

      We appriciate your review.

  8. German

    Alexander (verified owner)

    Funktioniert einwandfrei, Testfahrt ohne Beanstandungen gemeistert. Nutze Version mit Bluetooth Modul, ist einfach in Anwendung und arbeitet wie entwickelt. Lob an Entwicklerteam.

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  9. English

    Maciej F. (verified owner)


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