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2 Reviews

  • Do-it-yourself installation USB-C Port connection
  • Video in Motion on all Carplay Systems
  • No Coding or Retrofitting of any Components required
  • Google Play Store, Youtube, Netflix, AmazonPrime,
  • Price Performance the best that is available on the Market
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Carplay Android dongle is a unique device that will allow you to unleash the full potential of your car’s carplay system. Even though such applications as Android Auto and Apple Carplay allow the usage of basic features of this system, they do restrict usage of most useful applications.

Android carplay dongle will allow you to watch Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime in your vehicle and use any application from Google Play Store. Simply connect the device to the USB port of your vehicle and enjoy a wireless connection to your smartphone.

Add a new Android System to factory radio by connecting this box. Built-in WIFI for precise navigation by using Google Maps, watch your favorite videos on YouTube/Netflix, download your favorite APPs from Google Play Store, etc.

Compatible with Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volvo, Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Peugeot, Citroen, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Renault, Kia, etc.

Will the device work on my car?

Our Android CarPlay YouTube box is compatible with all the makers. Despite the maker and the model of your vehicle, you can always enjoy the benefits of this marvelous device. The only prerequisite of using our Android carplay dongle is the availability of an inbuilt CarPlay feature on your car. If your car already has this feature, you can use our box without any issues. 

Unfortunately, it is impossible to list the cars that do have CarPlay function as it is usually an additional benefit, and many people opt-out of this feature to make sure that they don’t pay a premium for their brand-new vehicle. Hence, even among the same models there will be the cars that do or don’t have such feature. 

What if the car doesn’t have a monitor with a touchscreen?

CarPlay Android Box doesn’t have its own head unit with a display. It heavily relies on the monitor of your vehicle. However, even if your car doesn’t have a touchscreen monitor, our box has a USB port that can be used for plugging in the remote controller. This is usually a quite cheap and convenient device that will give you a better experience.

What if the car already has a wireless function?

If you have already made research about similar devices, you would have noticed that they don’t work on cars with wireless CarPlay (an additional benefit that allows the drivers to use an available limited number of applications without plugging in and out the phone). 

Our Android CarPlay dongle doesn’t have such limitations and works on all vehicles supporting either wireless or wired CarPlay features. This is especially important when it comes to BMW and Mercedes as these two makers always provide only wireless CarPlay feature. Hence, our device is one of those exceptions that works even on the cars from these automakers. This is why it is sometimes referred to as BMW android carplay.

Installation Videos

Installation Videos

Package Include

1 x CarPlay box

1 x USB cable

1 x GPS signal box and antenna

1 x User manual

1 x Remote controller for non-touch screen(optional)

  • ONLY compatible with Cars have Built-in Apple CarPlay
  • Easy to install, connect Ai box to car via USB, plug and play
  • Wireless connection: connect phones to Ai box via hotspots
  • Support Bluetooth Phone call and music play
  • Support touch screen, touch pad, rotate knob operate and steering wheel, Google’s voice control.
  • Functions installed: Voice Control, Google Maps, YouTube, BT music play, Offline Maps, Google PlayStore, USB Drive for media, Screen Casting, Google Assistant. Unlock higher definition picture and sound quality. NOTE: The third-party application does not support the factory car knob control.
  • With Mirror-link function for both IOS and android phones.
  • Support USB Flash Play, Video and Audio (Video: MP4, MKV, RMVB,AVI format/Audio: WAV, AAC, WMA,AMR,MP3,FLAC format)
  • CPU: Quad-core A53 1.8GHz
  • GPU: Mali T720
  • RAM: DDR3 4GB
  • ROM: eMMC 32GB
  • System: Android 9.0
  • Voltage: 5V
  • OS language: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew,
    Vietnamese, etc.

What makes CarPlay Android Box from SKF Special?

To overcome the automakers’ restrictions and use the full capabilities of CarPlay, many devices were created. The major difference usually is whether it unlocks IOS (Apple system) or Android system. CarPlay2 is the major producer of Apple CarPlay devices. However, it doesn’t even come close to android devices in terms of availability of applications and well-known superiority of Google Maps compared to Apple Maps in terms of precision. 

Even among the android dongles, there are major differences. MMB android box is the most well-known device on the market but it doesn’t even come close to our device because of its unique capabilities. Even those boxes that allow the usage of all the applications don’t give access to video streaming apps because of the risks associated with watching the videos while driving.

Our Android Box is much more advanced than MMB android carplay USB device or any other similar gadgets. Our device will allow you to stream videos and movies from Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. However, for your safety please make sure that you don’t watch them while driving.  


Plug with original USB port. Non-destructive system of original vehicle upgraded, enjoy the networking of the car life easily. Compatible with iPhone and Android Phone. Video applications such as YouTube and Netflix. Controlled by OEM touch function, or OEM controller, buttons. Video Smart Box on Android system for the Cars With OEM Factory Apple CarPlay.

Special Features and Benefits

Android CarPlay Box offers multiple advantages that make it superior compared to other modules.

  • Doesn’t void a warranty after installation;
  • Access to all Google Play Store applications;
  • Access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube;
  • Screen mirroring feature for both Android and IOS devices;
  • A plug-and-play device with USB type-c connection;
  • Neither coding nor soldering components are required;
  • Connects your Smartphone to the CarPlay system wirelessly;
  • Compact box that will fit anywhere;
  • USB connection for video/audio streaming from a flash drive;
  • Supports Bluetooth phone call and music play;
  • Support all kinds of controls: touch screen, Google’s voice control, touchpad, rotate knob, and steering wheel buttons;
  • Preinstalled applications: Google Assistant, Google Maps, YouTube, BT music play, Offline Maps, Google Play Store, Screen Casting
  • NOTE: You can install any third-party application, but they will not support the factory car knob control.
  • Supports the most popular video/audio formats:  Video: MP4, MKV, RMVB, AVI; Audio: WAV, AAC, WMA, AMR, MP3, FLAC;


Please make sure that your car has an inbuilt CarPlay System as it is an essential factor for our device to work. It is ONLY compatible with cars with built-in CarPlay.

Carplay Android Device works the best with cars that have a monitor (infotainment system) with touchscreen functionality. However, it can be easily controlled with an appropriate remote controller as well.

Please avoid watching videos while driving as this might put your life in danger.


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Weight 100 g
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Plug & Play, Soldering


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