NOW! Exclusively only in our Shop Super kilometer filter for many current MERCEDES models
Code: TT104
  • Menu language: English
  • 57 Information available
  • Plug and play – just plug in the OBD socket and get started
  • Crystal clear LCD display
  • Reading and deleting error codes
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This is how tuning is fun: Install new car parts, programm them and then monitoring the vehicle values in real time with the Lufi XF Revolution and/or evaluating the stored data on the Computer.

Supports warning functions like water temperature warning, over-speed alarm, shifting reminding, vehicle malfunction warning for safe and secure driving. You can also read out error codes and delete them if necessary.

For petrol vehicles with standard OBD-II protocol, especially for vehicles without water gauge, speedometer and fuel consumption meter.



  • Lufi XF Device
  • Dashboard Fixture
  • OBD Cable
  • 128MB Memory Card
  • USB Adapter for micro USB

Installation Videos


  1. Find the car’s OBD data interface, the common interface is usually located under the driver’s side dashboard.
  2. Start the vehicle and keep the engine running.
  3. Connect the vehicle OBD interface to the meter with the OBD cable.
  4. The product displays the boot animation, recognizes the protocol, and then the meter starts to display normally.
  5. Fixed the product and hides the trace and the installation is completed.


– IN-MF P. = Intake pressure
– TURBO A = Turbo A
– TURBO B = Turbo B
– SPEED AVG = average speed
– SPEED = current speed
– TACHO / RPM = engine speed
– OIL P. = engine oil pressure
– FUEL P. = engine fuel pressure

– Oil T. = engine oil temperature
– WATER T = water temperature (coolant temperature)
– WATER T.A = water temperature (coolant temperature A)
– WATER T.B = water temperature (coolant temperature B)
– EXT T. = exhaust gas temperature
– VOLT = battery voltage
– CLOCK = clock

– RUN T = runtime after engine start
– AIR F. = airflow (airflow sensor)
– F.R.P. = Rail pressure
– F.R.P.A = oil rail pressure A
– F.R.P.B = rail pressure B
– THRO P. = throttle position

– ACC P.B = throttle position B
– ACC P.C = throttle position C
– ACC P.D = throttle position D
– ACC P.E = throttle position E
– ACC P.F = throttle position F
– FUEL T.A = fuel temperature A
– FUEL T.B = fuel temperature B
– CVTF T. = transmission oil temperature
– AIR / FUEL = air-fuel ratio

– IAT = intake air temperature
– IAT.B1S1 = intake air temperature (cylinder unit 1, sensor 1)
– IAT.B1S2 = intake air temperature (cylinder unit 1, sensor 2)
– IAT.B2S1 = intake air temperature (cylinder unit 2, sensor 1)
– IAT.B2S2 = intake air temperature (cylinder unit 2, sensor 2)

– E.G.R. = Exhaust gas correction instruction
– ENGINE L. = engine load value
– SHORT T. = short-term fuel correction (cylinder group 1)
– LONG T. = long-term fuel correction (cylinder group 2)
– 02 B1S1 = oxygen sensor voltage (cylinder unit 1, sensor 1)
– 02 B1S2 = oxygen sensor voltage (cylinder unit 1, sensor 2)
– 02 B1S3 = oxygen sensor voltage (cylinder unit 1, sensor 3)

– IGN.T. = Feed angle (ignition)
– Fuel LEV. = Fuel gauge
– BARO = air pressure
– ACC P.P = accelerator pedal position
– CAT.B1S1 = charge air temperature (cylinder group 1, sensor 1)
– CAT.B1S1 = charge air temperature (cylinder group 1, sensor 2)
– CAT.B1S1 = charge air temperature (cylinder group 2, sensor 1)
– CAT.B1S1 = charge air temperature (cylinder group 2, sensor 2)

– FUEL C. = Current fuel consumption
– FUEL C.AVG = Average fuel consumption
– OUT T. = outside temperature
– ACC. = Acceleration (m / s)
– GEAR = gear indicator
– ODO = total mileage
– TRIP = subtotal kilometer


  • Operating voltage: 10-18V DC
  • Operating current: less than 80mA
  • Sleep current: less than 15mA
  • Operating temperature: -20 – 75C
  • Dimensions: 60mm X 50mm X 67mm

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 11,5 × 9,5 × 9,5 mm


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