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What Is Mileage Count, Why Is an Odometer Important, and What is Its Main Complication in Car Industry?

October 23, 2023

Mileage Count is the process of counting down the miles that a vehicle has driven. In today’s world, where transportation and travelling are a part of our daily lives, mileage has gained considerable importance. Mileage calculation is an essential metric, and it can help you plan your future trips and make informed decisions. This is why manufacturers constantly try to adopt new technologies and make this data precisely accurate. Despite a lot of effort, individuals nowadays attempt to manipulate the odometers and change the correct mileage. Although their intentions might not be harmful, this can lead to severe consequences. This is why you should know as much as possible about mileage calculation and potential threats.

What Makes Mileage So Unique?

There is no doubt that each of us has checked the mileage before buying a used car. This is not a coincidence, and such action has deep roots. The reason behind this behavior is the common perception of mileage. The total covered distance is considered the most critical aspect of an automobile’s condition. If you see the lower mileage, you should think it is better preserved. However, it is not always correct, and the mileage has numerous other advantages.

  • Mileage count affects on vehicle fuel efficiency. This data calculates the miles that a car can travel on a particular amount of fuel, and it is measured in MPG. This impacts both overall costs and the environment.
  • Range: vehicles with better mileage can travel longer distances with the same tank of gasoline. This is important for those who usually make long trips and have to drive often.
  • Maintenance: mileage information can help you plan different checkups and repairs on time. It is one of the first indicators that you need to examine your auto.
  • Customer preferences: based on the market, people know that mileage can affect the prices. Hence, they always take it into consideration.

What Makes Mileage So Unique

The History of Counting Mileage

The mileage is an unavoidable part of your life, but it’s not a modern phenomenon. Even though it may sound strange, it dates back to ancient times. The Roman Empire is famous for its well-organized roads, and they function properly even today. The Romans measured their road network. They used stone markers indicating the distance to major Roman cities. It’s one of the first signs of distance measuring.
In Asia, China developed mechanical tools during the early Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD). They can measure the traveled distance using this gear. As time passed, more developed devices appeared. For example, in the Middle Ages travelers used compass-based measurements.
In the 15th century, Leonardo da Vinci created a sketch for a device that would calculate the mileage based on the wheel rotations. This method became more popular, and later in the 18th century, mechanical odometers were developed.
From the 20th century, manufacturers developed accurate odometers as cars became common and mileage count essential. With technological advances in automobile industry, digital odometers gradually replaced traditional mechanical ones. The constant usage of GPS made mileage tracking more precise than ever before.

How to Count Mileage Today?

As mileage is essential to your vehicle, properly extracting such information is crucial. There are different ways to count your mileage and do analyses.

  1. Odometer reading is the most effective and traditional method of calculating mileage. It tracks every mile you cover and displays the overall data on the dashboard. Most odometers were mechanical, however, modern vehicles use digital odometer readings.
  2. GPS tracking devices are another way of measuring mileage. Those devices are installed in your vehicle and sync the data to your cloud.
  3. Mobile apps usually have the function to track your movement and calculate the overall distance you cover. It can sometimes be helpful when you need to calculate how much distance you cover.
  4. Original manufacturer’s apps are different from ordinary mobile apps. They offer mileage tracking, maintenance schedules and other valuable features for your car. Therefore, it is not concerned with only a single data.

If you want to measure your mileage but can use any of the above-mentioned approaches, don’t worry. You can still get the information you need. You can find your starting and last destinations on the map, search how far they are from each other, and that would be the mileage you will cover. However, take into consideration that this data will not be precise but approximate.

The Practical Application of the Mileage

As you already know how to calculate mileage, it is important to know why people need this information at all.
First, tech companies constantly working on improvement try to optimize their products and make them more precise. They use GPS technologies and different software for exact calculations and receiving uninterrupted data. Moreover, mileage count is crucial for auto drivers and delivery business services. This simple data can help them calculate their income, tax and payment. Mileage information can help them choose more efficient routes that will save their time and fuel.
More and more people are trying to change their habits and start eco-friendly living. For those, mileage data is another good option to monitor their carbon footprint, calculate how to minimize driving, and start a healthier and eco-lifestyle.
In addition, mileage is a primary concern for travelers. The long distance can completely modify the whole route and a plan for a traveler. Mostly, they have limited time and budget, therefore, they need to know exactly how long they need to go. Otherwise, the whole trip can become problematic.

Why Do People Manipulate Odometers?

As you remember, the odometer is the device that measures the mileage in a car. Despite its role in a vehicle’s performance, individuals still tend to manipulate it. Each case is different from another, and consequently, the reasons behind such actions are different as well.

  1. The most common practice of odometer manipulation is due to the resale price. The lower the mileage showing is, the higher the price of automobiles is. To make a profit, individuals roll back the odometer in a vehicle and manipulate the mileage count. They use various dongle or booster devices that connect to a system and change mileage.
  2. Physical damage to the odometer after the accident is another reason why people change instrument clusters. It’s common for odometers to start showing misleading information after accidents. Hence, owners need to modify the wrong data and change it back to the original numbers.
  3. Malfunction happens in rare cases but cannot be excluded. Sometimes, the system fails to provide you with the correct data. Consequently, your vehicle displays misleading data on the dashboard. As soon as you notice the information is incorrect, always check your odometer first.

People Manipulate Odometers

The Best Mileage Stopping Device

Over time, companies tried their best to create a device that would meet customers’ expectations. They wanted to develop a tool that successfully stops the mileage recording process and does not leave any trace. Their attempts failed until Super Kilometer Filter (SKF) started working on the project.
The SKF team developed a compact but highly precise device called a mileage blocker. The blocker stops all mileage recording processes so that no extra miles will be added to your existing mileage. Moreover, this innovative gadget does not remove, roll back or reset previously recorded mileage. And more importantly, it is completely untraceable. Do you wonder how? The secret is that the mileage blocker prevents the system from saving mileage-related data to ECU units. Therefore, the records will never be made.
Furthermore, the mileage blocker contains premium-quality materials. They guarantee that the device will work in any weather conditions. Compared to other available devices, this smart tool comes with the Do It Yourself (DIY) installation instructions. So, you can install the device by yourself without any need for others or going to the nearby garages for a service. Consequently, you will save time and money.

The Best Mileage Count App

The Super Kilometer Filter company is famous for its high-quality and flawless performance products for vehicles. To make customers’ experience even more comfortable, this young team has created the first-ever SKF Speed APP. This is an app for the mileage blocker that provides additional features. All you need to do is download the application to your smartphone. Connect your module to the app, allowing you to control your mileage blocker from your phone. It has a minimalist and user-friendly design, so you don’t need complicated key combinations or deep knowledge of software.
You will have access to numerous features as soon as you install the application. For instance, you can switch to different modules from your phone while driving. It will also show the speed in live mode and real-time information about the mileage. Remember that You can utilize all the apps’ functionality without installing a module. However, without adding the module, you will be unable to halt mileage. You may always activate the device afterwards and halt measuring your mileage whenever you choose. In addition, the mileage blocker is suitable for all car models, and you can always contact a support team for further questions.


Mileage Count is the crucial process of measuring the vehicle’s mileage. Thanks to the odometer, you can calculate allowance, taxes and other costs whether you are a US or UK national. In order to make the mileage analyzing process easier, the SKF team has developed a product – The Mileage Blocker. It effectively halts the mileage recording process. For your comfort, the device has a mobile application that enables you to control the device from your smartphone and use it without the module. Remember that the mileage blocker is for testing purposes, and you shouldn’t use it on free roads.

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