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How To Check If Mileage Is Genuine And Why This Information Is So Important?

April 20, 2023

How to check if mileage is genuine is one of the trickiest questions that come to our minds when buying a car. Recently, a lot of people try to artificially change the correct odometer showing and display faulty mileage on the instrument cluster. There are several techniques for determining accuracy. Verifying the mileage will be beneficial not only if you already own a vehicle, but also if you decide to purchase one in the future. Sometimes the odometer fails to operate correctly for a variety of causes, or individuals change or roll back numbers for their benefit. Regardless of the reason, you have to know how to check actual miles on a car and also be able to locate a method to access the encoded information about the auto. Sometimes this process is confusing and complicated, but the result is really worth all of your effort. 

Before we get into the specific recommendations and strategies on how to check actual mileage of a car, let’s define odometer fraud, what it is, how it affects an automobile, why people try to reset history, and what precautionary measures are against it. You will also discover why mileage is still so important nowadays, and what the most frequent source of inaccurate info is.

What is odometer tampering? 

Odometer fraud is the intentional disconnecting, resetting, or modification of a car’s odometer in order to modify the number of kilometers displayed. It is also known as “Clocking” which is the process of reversing mileage data so that it appears to have gone fewer kilometers than it has. There are numerous causes for this, and it has become standard practice. This is why you should know how to check if mileage is genuine in your vehicle.

You might mistakenly believe that this custom resumed in the aftermath of the 1990s when people manipulated mechanical odometers with a tool. However, traditional automobiles have given way to digital ones, and screwdrivers have given way to software and gadgets designed to alter data to your benefit. Even more, sometimes it is much faster and easier to manipulate electric instrument clusters rather than mechanical ones. This makes the whole process simpler for those who want to artificially change the original mileage. Hence, you have to know how to check actual miles on a car and check the history of the vehicle to detect an odo discrepancy

Everything about odometer tampering

Why do people roll back odometers?

Cars, as you are aware, deteriorate rapidly. The smaller mileage the vehicle has, the more appealing it is to consumers. This conveys the idea that such autos are well-maintained. However, changing the amount does not affect the fact that the parts and elements are worn out. As a result, this is a deceptive, risky, and illegal practice. Regardless, many individuals use it to their benefit. So, a lot of people alter mileage in order to increase the resale prices. They hope that auto leasing companies cannot figure out how to check actual mileage of a car.

Another explanation is still misleading. Some individuals attempt to avert leasing businesses’ fees for penalties. They put price marks according to the original mileage that is displayed on the odometer. Rents with high mileage are expensive, which is precisely why rolling back the kilometers is an effective option for numerous people to avoid penalties. The same is true for insurance firms that provide rates according to distance. Yet it is extremely dangerous since if they detect how to check if mileage is genuine through Carfax, history check, or the official report, consequences could be far worse than spending more for the business.

When changing mileage is necessary?

Mileage adjustment does always occur for deceptive purposes. In certain instances, it serves a useful purpose and seems an absolute requirement. For example, the most frequent case is when a wrong dashboard presents a wrong number. The following are some possible explanations for changing the miles: 

  • The battery had become drained – this means that the displayed information is not correct and needs correction. Otherwise, you will end up showing misleading information all the time.
  • An emergency restart is a common case when due to some unexpected circumstances you are required to change the mileage in your vehicle. To notice the difference you should know how to check actual miles on a car and change it back to the original showing.
  • Following an incident, it is more likely that the system will start showing incorrect data. Pay attention to the mileage data and if you notice something unusual or suspicious ask professionals for help. 
  • If the panel was broken, you should expect the odometer to malfunction. This will result in multiple error messages and incorrect miles on your control panel. 
  • Breakdown in the electrical network will cause systemic damage to the electrical grid. As modern vehicles are guided mostly by electrical systems, this will cause some inconveniences as well.
  • Motor substitution is one of the most common reasons for odometer failure. You may find someone who can tell you how to check actual mileage of a car and reset the mileage.

In such situations, updating is allowed. Legitimate actions are supposed to be always recorded. So, always pay attention to the normal functioning of your vehicle and use a reset tool ethically. 

How to check if mileage is genuine?

It is not easy to figure out how to check if mileage is genuine on a car. Especially if you have never had any previous experience with odo discrepancies and MOT check-ups. You may assume that the odometer is not displaying relevant data, which is not the cause of your issue. If you make the choice to modify tire size to enhance their look, be aware that the meter may show deceptive data. Furthermore, worn-out tires reduce the total distance traveled. As a result, preventing tire wear will benefit your vehicle in a variety of ways. We have several tips that will greatly assist you in the process of detecting real mileage.

Ask for service history

One of the fastest ways how to check actual mileage of a car is to request all service history. Automobile sellers always retain documents for MOT testing and other needed repairs if they carefully adhere to the upkeep plan while taking excellent care of the vehicle. Examine labels closely to see if they contain any mileage-related details. Ensure that it rises sensibly over time. You can also view the electronic MOT document. This will inform you of several facts: whether it succeeded or not, the testing date, what components failed each time, and when its next check-up time is.

VIN Check

Don’t neglect to obtain a report about one of the reliable online sources. It is available for free from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). When it comes to selecting checkers online, you have a lot of options. We recommend that you go with a trustworthy platform to ensure the best result.

Do a test drive

How to check if mileage is genuine? Take the prospective vehicle for a demonstration spin before making any decisions. It is not always essential to be a car specialist to reach reasonable findings. Soon after the drive, you will have a general idea of the real condition of the auto and will figure out if there are any issues with it. This is one of the most effective ways to detect discrepancies.

How to check actual miles on a car and are they so important?

It has become a common practice to roll back, reset, or delete mileage from the digital odometers. This is why everyone wants to know how to check actual mileage of a car. Correct mileage can be really important and contains a lot of valuable information. Despite all of these, we sometimes pay too much attention only to the miles and ignore more important aspects. 

Exact mileage is beneficial to control maintenance expenses, and overall wear and tear. It also helps you to plan your oil changes or other service repairs. As you can see, it is quite useful but the mileage is not the only crucial component. To guarantee that you are making the best decision you need to find out where and under what condition the car was used. Bad terrain and the constant load of vehicles can have a more negative effect than a simple mileage displayed on the dashboard. Of course, it is essential to know how to check if mileage is genuine, but remember that there are other important details as well. 

How to check actual miles on a car and are they significant?

What is the best device to change the mileage?

The mileage blocker from Super Kilometer Filter is perfect for stopping all control devices from raising extra miles. Do you wonder what makes it so special compared to other widely available devices? The mileage blocker is untraceable and no device or check-up can detect its trace. This is possible as this smart tool does not let the system save any mileage-related data to its storage units. 

A lot of people ask how to check the actual miles on a car to make sure that they can find proper solutions against the scanner tool. They try to change the odometer and roll back already recorded data; however, they are easily identifiable. The mileage blocker is unique in other ways as well. It has an easy DIY installation guide, that will allow you to set up the whole device without assistance. Plus, the German team of SKF has developed a mobile application. You can choose and switch different modules directly from your smartphone. And it is not all, the mileage blocker consists of heat resistance, and premium quality materials that guarantee its flawless performance under any weather condition. Luckily, it is available online and you can buy the mileage blocker from the official website. 

How to check actual mileage of a car is important knowledge to identify odometer discrepancy or unethical reset of the instrument cluster in a vehicle. However, there are emergency cases such as testing, when it is necessary to stop the mileage recording process. Car manufacturers and services should use a proper device to properly test your vehicle and not add any extra miles to it. This is why the mileage blocker was developed and nobody should use the device for unethical purposes. It is not only unethical but can also cause legal disputes. 


How to check if mileage is genuine is important and there are several ways to do it. Examining history records, MOT checks, requesting an official report, and doing a test drive are the most common ways to check the original miles of a vehicle. Always remember that mileage is important but there are other no less important aspects to consider. The mileage blocker is the most effective device that can stop the mileage recording process and is completely untraceable. Keep in mind that this device is only for testing and tuning purposes. For further information, you can contact the customer center or visit the support page. 

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