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December 31, 2021

Calibration of the tachometer is a term that is simultaneously associated with positive and negative associations. For some, it is a process that can help them save money. Sometimes, it is a thing that is not worth mentioning until they are faced with a large number of traffic tickets. For people who have never calibrated their speedometer, the concept seems very confusing for a short time. However, the topic is very important for every motorist.

Anyone who owns a vehicle must take care of every single part. Otherwise, it is impossible to drive a comfortable and reliable vehicle. Speedometers, much like other car parts, can get out of sync over time. If the part stops working properly, it can lead to a number of speeding tickets. On the one hand, you may see numbers on the dashboard that are far from reality. This will result in you getting speeding tickets and having to pay for speeding. Finally, the only solution is to look for a “speedometer calibration near me”.

Usually, an unexpected speeding ticket is the main reason why people are interested in getting their speedometer calibrated. Below, we will discuss in detail what the process means, the reasons for the inaccuracy of the speedometer, how to calibrate the speedometer and many other details. So let’s start exploring!

What does the speedometer calibration mean?

When searching for the meaning of tachometer calibration, you will come across many different types of tachometer correction tools on the market. Each tool has its own specifications and changes the old way of doing things. Some of them have application (app) support which makes it easiest to use. Sometimes speedometer calibration kits are associated with a mileage blocker tool. These two devices are differentiated by certain features. The mileage blocker is a device that allows you to stop counting kilometers when testing the vehicle’s performance.

Please note that when choosing a speedometer calibration tool, you should know exactly which device best suits your “best buddy” before buying one of them. Owning a vehicle does not mean knowing all the details of the mechanical parts. For this reason, I will try to explain the whole process in simple words.

Speedometer is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. With the help of this part, we can control the speed on the dashboard to stick to the speed limits. It shows us how many kilometers we cover in an hour. Not surprisingly, the speedometer, similar to other parts, can get worn out. If the part no longer registers the data correctly, you may unexpectedly get a ticket from a police officer. And there is no way to pay for speeding tickets with an inaccurate speedometer. The only way out of this situation may be to recalibrate the speedometer.

Simply put, speedometer calibration involves checking to see if the wheels match the reading on the speedometer. For example, if the wheels are moving at a speed of 60 km/h, the same data should be displayed on the dashboard. If you see a different number than this, you need to act immediately.

Reasons that can lead to a speedometer malfunction

One of the most common reasons for speedometer calibration is to adjust the speedometer to the tire size. Changing tires can mislead the speedometer. If you are using tire sizes other than those recommended by the manufacturer, you should calibrate the speedometer. Regardless of whether you use a larger or smaller tire size, you must adjust the speedometer to match the tire size.

Fortunately, there is a calculation formula you can use to determine the actual tire diameter in relation to the speedometer numbers you need. You can do it online by using the TCIAuto.

Another reason that can lead to a speedometer correction is driving a used car. There are many tips and tricks on how to extend the life of your car. However, after some time, it is advisable to calibrate the speedometer.

Reasons for calibrating the speedometer – Do I really need to calibrate the speedometer?


Calibration of the speedometer can only have positive effects. There are two main reasons why motorists calibrate the speedometer:

To avoid additional costs and unforeseen circumstances

Buying an old used car is quite risky. Even after a thorough pre-purchase inspection, there may be some details that can cause unforeseen circumstances later. It is always better to calibrate the speedometer and make sure that the wheel speed matches the speedometer reading. This way you can avoid paying extra speeding tickets.

To obtain admissible evidence

If you have received a speeding ticket, the calibration of the speedometer may be admissible evidence in a lawsuit. It allows you to prove that the speedometer was showing a different speed than the actual speed, which was misleading. This is evidence that you did not intentionally violate the speed limit. All in all, the speeding ticket was due to the fact that a speedometer correction was required.

After clarifying the reasons, I am sure you are only interested in the question “speedometer calibration near me, where can I calibrate the speedometer”. Read on, we will explore how to calibrate the speedometer in the simplest way.

The tachometer calibration process – how to do it yourself?

In the modern world, you can sort out many details without leaving your chair and visiting service centers. Online resources make it easy to solve some problems. Not surprisingly, the information below will help you learn how to repair a speedometer.

Please note that calibrating a speedometer can be done in different ways depending on the type of speedometer. Basically, there are three types of speedometers in vehicles: digital, mechanical and electromechanical.

Calibration of an electronic tachometer

Calibration of an electronic tachometer can be done in the following way. Press and hold the calibration button on the speedometer. Then start the vehicle and release the button. Press the button again and take a test drive. The recommended distance can be found in the vehicle documents. After you have covered the distance, press the button again and the speedometer will calibrate itself. This way you don’t need a speedometer correction tool, you can recalibrate the speedometer yourself!

Calibration of a mechanical speedometer

If you have a mechanical speedometer, the process is a little more difficult than with an electronic speedometer. You should open the hood and unscrew the speedometer cable and the screw that holds the gear cover. You should also get the required driver transmission for a vehicle. This way you can replace the old driver gear by pulling it out. Adjusting the speedometer to the tire size on a mechanical speedometer can be very complicated. For this reason, there are many mechanics who can do it for you.

How much does the calibration of the tachometer cost?


The cost of calibration of the speedometer depends on many factors. However, most often the average cost is between 50€ and 100€. The process takes only a short time. Mechanics can easily determine the accuracy of a tachometer. They check if the speed of the spinning tires matches the speed shown on the speedometer.

The advantage of visiting the workshop and adjusting the speedometer to the tire size is that they can issue a certificate about the previous inaccuracy of the speedometer. With this document, you can prove that you have not intentionally exceeded the speed limits while driving.


All in all, speedometer correction to avoid additional costs and unforeseen circumstances is very important for every motorist. There are many cases when the inaccuracy of the speedometer can bring a lot of trouble. No matter how detail-oriented you are, there is always a chance that you might not check some details. This can be the case either when buying a used car or when changing the tire size. In both cases, it is necessary to check if the speed of the tire matches the data on the dashboard.

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