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What Is A Mileage Blocker And Why Do You Need It?

August 28, 2020

What is a mileage blocker? The Mileage Blocker is a special tool that allows you to prevent the system from recording any data regarding the kilometers/mileage while a car is in motion. This device is usually called a Mileage stopper, Odometer Stopper, Kilometer Stopper, Can Filter, Stop Km, Km Freezer, or Speed Blocker. Despite the numerous names, they all serve the sole purpose of stopping recording mileage entirely from the vehicle’s memory.

The mileage blocker is a small microcomputer with smart software installed. This allows it to have control over different systems and numbers counted by the odometer. Hence, after properly installing the blocker in your automobile, you will be able to stop counting any distance. More importantly, you don’t need to worry about the brand of your car, as the device is compatible with almost all the best car manufacturers, such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, Lamborghini, and so on.

In addition, thanks to new technologies, the mileage blocker does not store information about the covered distance in any units. This means that nobody can check your actual mileage or kilometers with different devices. Therefore, all your data is well-protected and untraceable. Even with diagnostic testers, no one is able to trace the mileage that was stopped while using the module.

What are the differences among Mileage Correction tools?

What is a mileage stopper? The mileage blocker is a small device that is created to prevent car odometers and their modules from recording mileage. It stops odometers from storing the mileage data in the storage units. So, the system cannot track the mileage and display the original miles. Now, it will be useful to clarify what the correction tool is about. How can we distinguish between a mileage stopper and a mileage correction tool? As you may have seen, there are multiple modules with the same goal – Mileage Correction. In order to explain the explicit meaning, it is crucial to know the differences among all correction devices that are available on market nowadays.

To start with, the purpose of the module is the main difference. There are multiple speedometer calibration and odometer rollback tools that are meant for changing the mileage indicators displayed on the speedometer. They have multiple names such as Odometer Correction Tool, Speedometer Correction Tool, Mileage Correction Tool, Speedometer rollback device, etc. However, they all simply change displayed digits in your vehicles and are quite easily traceable.

The Mileage Blocker Tools communicate with the Can-Bus System. Therefore, it can also be called: Mileage stopper, Odometer Stopper, Kilometer Stopper, Can Filter, Stop Km, Km Freeze, or Speed Blocker. The purpose of this module is to stop recording mileage from the memory and not save it in any control units.

Is using a mileage blocker legal?

The simple answer to this question is YES. Mileage has a big importance for many people and car manufacturers always try to provide the proper information about it. Customers believe that the less distance a vehicle has, the better its performance will be. That is why they tend to buy an automobile with a lower mileage numbers. However, several tools hide or change the correct digits on the odometer.

Most electronic devices tend to reset mileage, roll back or remove previously recorded data, which is illegal. The only ethical and legal option is to buy a Mileage Blocker. It only stops counting kilometers/mileage and does not remove any already written information. You should know what is a mileage blocker all about. Always take into consideration that this tool is supposed to be used only for testing or off-road purposes, and using it on public roads is illegal.

Therefore, before you decide to buy some easily available tools, always check the features and the main purpose of that device. If it is illegal, it should have a special description under which conditions you should use the gadget. Nowadays, the mileage blocker is the only ethical option for customers and it is recommended not to choose other tempting but unlawful options.

Are miles on a car so important?

We have discussed what is a mileage stopper, but are miles really that important? The number of miles on a car can change our decision to purchase it. According to common belief, higher mileage indicates that it needs more maintenance costs, and lower digits on the odometer attract potential buyers. The reason behind this is that low- mileage vehicles are considered well-kept, and automobiles maintain higher resale value. However, the meaning of higher and lower differ according to where you live and how you drive

Putting a lot of kilometers on a car does not automatically mean that it is not valuable enough. They are meant to be driven, not kept in a garage. Hence, do not hesitate if you intend to use your vehicle at your will. Moreover, if you are a cautious driver who does not love to accelerate often, there is a good chance that you don’t put extra strain on your tires, suspension, steering, brakes, and other parts. Therefore, your automobile will be better maintained than other ones owned by someone focusing on unleashing the full potential of his/her vehicles.

So, should you stay away from high-mileage/km cars? The short answer is – no. The most important factor is the condition of the vehicle, not the numbers displayed on the dashboard.

Advantages of mileage blockers

Rather than being the only legal option, the system has several unique features that make it so special on the market. Since we have already discussed the mileage blocker, here are some advantages of this tool that you can use in your car.

  • Premium quality “Plug-And-Play” plugin – As for all the other products that we purchase daily, the quality of the Mileage Stopper is vital. If you wish to have all the features that are necessary for its functioning, you should choose the best one. There are multiple sellers who claim to provide you with high quality but cannot meet your expectations. They also failed to copy the full functionality of the original product. Superkilometerfilter provides premium quality products from Germany. Each product is tested before shipping. Hence, the chances of any unavoidable malfunctioning is almost 0.

  • Do-it-yourself (DIY) installation: When we think of Mileage Correction Modules, we imagine an exhausting visit to a technician. This might be true in the case of most of the tools that are available for sale. However, Mileage Blocker Tools come with Do-it-yourself installation instructions and are easy to install. The device from SuperKilometerFilter is an OEM original Plug-and-play connector. It simply has to be plugged in between the speedometer and the cable that was previously attached there.

  • Multiple modes to choose from: Mileage Blockers operate in different ways. You will have the option to choose among different modes based on your personal preferences. For instance, depending on the maker and model of your vehicle, you may have options to count only 10%, 20%, or don’t count mileage at all. The last option is quite useful for testing your car as it will not add unnecessary mileage.

  • Easy to operate with several key combinations: As you already know what is a mileage stopper and it has multiple modes, you may wonder how you can change these modes in your vehicle. This useful system is much easier than you would imagine. A single key combination allows you to change from one mode to another. The keys will differ based on the car producer companies. Therefore, you have to check the specific description to determine the key combinations that you need.

  • Turn ON and OFF the module while in motion: You can change between modes while in motion. A key combination can be applied while your automobile is stationary or in motion. You will be able to set a specific mode that you require during that specific time. When activated, the module will display the notice and you will always know what percent of the distance is recorded.

Which is the best Mileage Blocker?

Mileage stoppers differ significantly from other types of products. However, it is important to realize that there are multiple providers of these modules, and not all of them offer the same device. They have different names, sometimes they can have the same name but different functions. So, it is useful to have the exact answer to what is a mileage blocker and what this tool allows you to do with your car. Moreover, always remember that using an inappropriate system can cause you a legal problem.

If you would like to acquire the module with all the features that we have discussed above, it is vital to purchase the Tool from SuperKilometerFilter. Multiple other providers managed to mimic certain features of it. However, only SuperKilometerFilter provides the Mileage blocker modules that give all these capabilities. This is a premium-quality product at the best price available.

Caution: it is prohibited to use mileage stoppers on public roads. Don’t use the tool for deceitful purposes, as it is illegal. The module’s main purpose is to test your vehicle’s performance in a controlled environment. The Chassis Dynamometer or any other testing conditions will be appropriate for this module. You can find out more about what is mileage stopper and in case of any further questions, do not hesitate to contact the support team anytime.


As time passes and mileage is becoming more important, car owners want to understand what is a mileage blocker. The article provided appropriate answers about the function and the characteristics of this tool. There are a plethora of modules that deal with odometer correction issues, but there are significant differences among these systems. The mileage stopper device offers the best performance and has many advantages that you have already read about above.

This tool will help you with any mileage issues that you might face, whether related to testing or tire size differences. It doesn’t require too much effort and will enhance your vehicle, depending on its age and condition.

Visit the shop to purchase this module for your car. They are available for multiple models. However, if you don’t find your vehicle, contact us. We will let you know as soon as the device is available for your automobile.

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