Available exclusively at our shop from this week: The kilometer filter for BYD vehicles!


July 11, 2024
Is It Worth It to Change Odometer Reading?

Change odometer reading is a widespread practice; depending on the situation, it may have different...

July 4, 2024
The Most Reliable High Mileage Cars Worth Buying

High mileage cars were stereotypically not considered smart choices for many automotive enthusiasts; however, from...

June 27, 2024
What is Odometer Reading and Why You Should Care About It?

Odometer reading is one of the crucial elements in evaluating a vehicle’s value, as it...

June 20, 2024
Why Is a Vehicle Exempt from Odometer Reporting and How the Latest Update Changed the Exemption Conditions?

A vehicle is sometimes exempt from odometer reporting even though actual miles play a crucial...

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