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How Many Miles Can An Engine Last?- All You Need To Know About Its Lifespan

December 5, 2022

How many miles can an engine last? –  Generally speaking, most modern cars last more than 200, 000 miles without any important issues, in case of good maintenance. We know that, on average, a person drives 10,000-20,000 miles per year, which means the lifecycle of automobiles is approximately 15 years. However, we should not forget that these figures are general. Maintaining automobiles is a hard job and it needs the effort of owners. The more effort you invest the longer it will be at your service.

Despite the fact that there are other important components, we determine that the well-being of automobiles is related to the health of the engine. It is not strange at all, because the engine is the heart of the automobile. Major tips about the car and engine care are almost the same when you look through them. So, before we get to know the optimal longevity of the engine, let’s find out why it is so important, how can we take care of it and what’s wrong with high mileage. 

Let’s start!

What is an engine?

Everything about an engine

An engine is a mechanical machine that converts fuel energy into mechanical energy and moves the vehicle. There are different types of engines. For example, thermal engines, internal combustion engines, external combustion engines, and electrical. Now, let’s focus on the internal combustion type because it is the one that provides outstanding durability for more than 250 000 million highway transportation vehicles in the United States and not only there. We call it so because the fuel combustion process takes place inside it. Its main components are the followings: a piston, compression chamber, combustion chamber, fuel injector and a spark plug. 

According to the Department of energy, currently, there are two types of this engine: the spark ignition gasoline engine and the compression ignition diesel engine. mostly they are called four-stroke cycle engines. That means that four piston strokes are necessary to complete a cycle. The cycle includes the following processes: intake, compression, combustion and power stroke, and exhaust.

In order to function the engine, different types of fuel can be used. Petrol and diesel are the most common type of fuel, but nowadays technologies develop and there is a tendency to use renewable alternatives such as natural gas, propane, biodiesel, or ethanol. However, we know that combinations are also widely accepted. For instance, they can be combined with hybrid electric powertrains to increase fuel economy.

So, as you can see, the engine is a vital part of the automobile. It is a complex machine that works properly only when all of its components work flawlessly. The same works for the automobile, it functions well when the engine is maintained well. So, let’s find out: How many miles can an engine last? Then we can discuss factors affecting longevity in general.

How many miles can an engine last

Shortly, the internal combustion engine whether it is diesel or petrol lasts about 1,000,000 km/miles if it is maintained well. When we say an engine is well maintained we mean that we provide it with quality parts and motor oil. Motor oil is vital for engine parts, because it provides lubrication to them and therefore helps to avoid damage and keep it running smoothly. When the engine runs, by-products from combustion are Each time your engine runs, are collected in the oil. So, the oil serves several benefits:

  • Cooling. 
  • The magical power of cleaning. dust or combustion residue remains in suspension. . The flow of it carries them to the oil filter, where they are trapped.
  • Avoid corrosion. Fuel combustion produces corrosive acid that can damage metal parts in the engine. additives in motor oil work against corrosion.

In short, you should always pay attention to the level of oil if you expect those benefits. Losing control over it can have a damaging effect on its main components.

Driving styles matter

Importance of driving styles

Engine oil is not the only indicator for determining the lifespan of the engine. Mostly it matters who is behind the wheel and what’s his or her driving style. Needless to say, people who are more mindful at the wheel, go further. What does it mean?

For example, when it is cold outside, it is recommended to heat up the engine for a few minutes before starting. The engine also suffers when you accelerate quickly. When you travel downhill, do not drag the brakes. Apply light braking, then release the pedal to cool it down.

Hotcars.com offers the ranking of brands that have longest living engine:

  • Rolls-Royce L-Series: 1959-2020 (61 years) …
  • Rolls-Royce L-Series: 1959-2020 (61 years) …
  • Chevrolet Small Block: 1955-present (64 years) …
  • Chevrolet Small Block: 1955-present (64 years) …
  • Volkswagen Type 1: 1938-2003 (65 years) …
  • Volkswagen Type 1: 1938-2003 (65 years)

Hotcars.com offers the ultimate list of reliable engine makers:

10.Toyota 2AR-FE 

9 Toyota 1ZZ 

8 Honda B Series 

7 Honda K Series

6 Lexus 1UZFE 

5 Lexus 2UR-GSE 

4 BMW M57 Diesel 

3 Nissan RB26DETT 

2 Mercedes-Benz OM617 Diesel.

1 General Motors LS

Is high mileage so bad? 

One question is – How many miles can an engine last? And another is – Do we really want high-mileage automobiles when we shop for them? To tell the truth, the life expectancy of automobiles is determined by how well-maintained they are. With proper maintenance vehicles can reach 200,000 miles. If we focus on engines, nowadays they are designed to last over 100,000 miles. Needless to say, proper servicing plays a decisive role in this case.

Let’s move to another question: are those automobiles desirable on the second-hand vehicle market? – The truth is that they are not appreciated as they deserved to be. People make a big mistake when they pay attention to only odometer reading and ignore other details. Theoretically, a vehicle with 50, 000 miles traveled can be in worse shape than another with 100, 000 miles. You never say surely that low mileage is better. Let’s admit, automobiles are meant to be driven. Sometimes too much mileage becomes a reason to be proud. Moreover, we have seen records. Several years ago, Victor Sheppard’s 2007 Toyota Tundra pickup passed one million miles, with the truck still on its original engine, transmission, and paint. Irving currently holds the Guinness World Record for the highest mileage on a personal car, with over 3,000,000 miles on his 1966 Volvo 1800S.

So, as you see, the high odometer reading is not so bad, it can tell stories about your auto. Sometimes it is a matter of luck. 

How to take care the engine to last longer 

As we mentioned before, taking care of automobiles means taking care of engines. So, the recommendations are almost the same. It’s not surprising at all. How many miles can an engine last,? – How hard you try to keep it. You should consider the following tips:

Pay attention to oil. We have already talked about the importance of motor oil. It is a vital liquid for your engine. It provides proper lubrication for its parts. So, it should be high quality.  The major thing is to change it on time, because if you are late, it doesn’t make sense.

Be a mindful driver. Having a good driving habit benefits you in various ways. It has a decisive role in maintaining good physical condition. As it seems, your engine wants to be treated gently. don’t accelerate quickly; do not forget to heat up the engine, especially when it is cold outside; make gradual turns; avoid rough road conditions that can put additional strain on your engine. 

Do not forget the cooling system. Sometimes, temperature transmission doesn’t happen successfully. In some cases, when the liquid is too hot, the thermostat can’t isolate the engine from the radiator. If the radiator fails, the engine may overheat.  

Air and fuel filters are important. Damaged filters limit airflow which makes it harder for the engine to work efficiently, therefore it needs more fuel. It removes harmful particles in gasoline before they reach the fuel injectors. This process is very important for the engine to run smoothly.

Why do people correct mileage?

As we talked before, mileage determines the value of used automobiles. Some owners do not want to know the answer to the question: How many miles can an engine last? Because they often buy and sell automobiles.  So, lower mileage always indicates that it is younger, therefore more desirable for customers. Hence, people try to find different ways to make mileage appear less than it is. You should know that it is called odometer fraud. It is a criminal offense. Altering mileage-related information and hiding it from a potential buyer is illegal. For this purpose, people use various tools that are available on the market. Those tools are for testing or other justified purposes. 

One of the most popular is an extraordinary module, a Mileage blocker that can halt the mileage recording process from all control units. The module is really outstanding for its ability because we created the product that can offer reliability and flawless performance at any rate. However, bear in mind it is illegal to use it for malicious purposes. You can shop for the module and get unlimited technical and installation support. If you want to know more about us, visit costumer center and learn everything you want to know.


So, you have a full analysis of how many miles can an engine last. You also know what to do in order to keep automobiles longer. Taking care of the engine will give you a guarantee to keep the machine healthy. Despite the statistics, no one holds a calculator to tell you the exact time it lasts or the exact distance it travels. Sometimes all you need to have is luck, but try not to trust it fully and make a little effort to keep your auto longer!

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