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What Is My Car Worth In Reality? – All You Need To Know About Pricing

December 22, 2021

The question of what is my car worth is the outstanding one while selling a vehicle. The pre-trading process is time-consuming. It requests knowing and taking into account many details. We can divide the preparation process into three stages. The first stage is to check the vehicle and get it ready for trading and after this determine its value. The last stage is to conduct the negotiation. Each step requests a serious approach. For conducting a successful negotiation, it is mandatory to pass previous steps wisely.

Below we will discuss in detail how to clarify the true value of an auto, what is the trade in value of my car, why we need to correctly determine the cost, which sources will help us to achieve the goal, how to check the vehicle’s performance by ourselves, etc. After reading the blog, you will have answers to all those questions.

Reasons to determine what is my car value?

First of all, before exploring how to find out how much my car is worth, it’s mandatory to know the reason why we need to clarify the details.

Do we really need to determine the true value of a car? Why not indicate the highest available price for the model we are planning to sell? Does it really matter what cost will be indicated in the advertisement, as we will still negotiate it? Similar questions arise to many individuals, who plan to sell their “best buddies”.

At some point, it is hard to sell an automobile with which positive memories are associated. Besides, likewise to any individual, you want to get the highest profit out of the trade. However, there are several reasons why you should avoid overpricing. So, let’s explore those reasons before answering the question of what is the market value of my car.

To avoid losing time

Clarifying the fair resale price is the key before conducting the negotiation. Actually, it determines whether you will negotiate with a potential buyer at all, or not. Try to imagine yourself in a buyer’s place. Any potential buyer tries to get the best option with the lowest available price. Hence, if you overprice the vehicle, you might end up losing a lot of time, waiting for potential buyers. So, if it’s a priority to sell a vehicle timely, you should avoid overpricing.

To be confident during negotiations

Knowing what is my car value helped me a lot while selling a vehicle. Even though I didn’t have a lot of experience in negotiations, I knew the true value of a car. Sometimes, you are on a time limit and want to sell a car as soon as possible. As a rule, in such cases, individuals lose a lot of money. The shortest way to sell a vehicle is to address dealership companies.

In general, dealerships devalue automobiles, as they earn profit out of buying vehicles at low cost and selling them more expensively. Hence, knowing the true cost of your “best buddy” helps you to be confident while conducting negotiations either with individuals or dealers.

To save some money while trading in

Trade-in is a good option, in case you plan to sell a car and get the new one. As you already know, dealership companies tend to devalue vehicles. While trading in, you have to pay only the difference in cost between your old and new vehicles. Hence, knowing ‘what is my car worth’ can save you some money.

All in all, determining the true cost of a car shortens the trading process and avoids you losing some money.

How to know what is the trade in value of my car?

Determine the value of your car

I’m sure after reading the above-mentioned reasons, you are 100% sure that it’s worth determining the real value of a car. Now let’s move on to the next stage and clarify how to determine what is the trade in value of my car.

  • In the modern world, there are many online resources that help you to sell a car even without leaving your chair. You can evaluate the real value of a car by filling out several fields and publishing an advertisement online. There are several online websites that offer to determine the value of a car upon indicating several details. Those details are available for any individual no matter the knowledge of a car. It can be the manufacturer name, brand, year of the release, mileage data, VIN code, etc. For instance, with the help of ConsumerReports, Kelley Blue Book, and many other sources, you can easily answer the question of find out how much my car is worth.
  • Another source to clarify the value of a car is to visit the service center and ask a mechanic to check each detail thoroughly. After checking all its technical details, you will have sight of the condition of a car.
  • The third option to clarify the cost of a car is to determine the market price of the model. Similar to the first option, you can do it by using online resources. Try to check as many websites as possible, to review advertisements. Search the model you are selling to. Note the maximum and minimum prices of the model you are selling. That way you will know the approximate market value of the automobile.

What is my car worth? – How can you check the performance of a car by yourself?

What is my car worth? Check it by yourself

You already know the online and onsite sources that you can use to answer the question what is the market value of my car. However, besides all the above-mentioned information, there is a way to check a vehicles’ performance by yourself. Without visiting any service centers.

As you may already know, mileage plays a huge role in determining the value of a car. Manufacturers provide information in advance for how long the model can cover without any issue. For that reason, lower mileage is associated with a longer lifespan for a car.

Due to the importance of mileage data, there appeared many different types of tools on the market. Some individuals even try to adjust the existing data on the odometer to earn more money out of the sale. In case you plan to buy a car and wish to inspect it thoroughly, you will find the Mileage Blocker useful.

The tool was specifically designed for testing and tuning purposes. With the help of the tool, you can stop counting while in motion. Besides, notably, vehicles have multiple data storages, and adjustment tools are not capable of updating them all together. Compared to adjustment devices, Mileage Blocker doesn’t change any data. A Mileage stopper simply stops counting miles while you are testing the vehicle. After purchasing the module, you can benefit from technical and installation support. Costumer center is also available.


All in all, no matter how certain you can be in the reliability of your car, there are several reasons why you should determine its price. Answering the question of what is my car value, is profitable for several reasons. First of all, you can save a lot of time. Besides, you can be confident while negotiating and save some money in case of trading in.

Now you know which online and onsite sources can be used for determining the value of a car. Also, you have an unchangeable tool that helps you to check a vehicle’s performance and avoid counting extra miles.

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